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Featuring Fat Cow, The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City), Waa Cow! (National University of Singapore), Yuki Onna (Far East Square), Teppei Syokudo (Changi City Point)
Sylvia Low
Sylvia Low

Slightly aburi mentaiko on thin, sweet slices of hotate w occasional popping of ebi roes, I fell in love on the first taste of TSB's Scallop Mentaiyaki ($14.90) 💯 also try their kaisen chirashi don that is extremely value for money, slices of fresh, sweet sashimi (7 types!) on warm sushi rice


Easy lunch w this bowl of charred Wagyu Beef Don ($16.90) served w onsen egg and warm sushi rice. It tasted quite mediocre, but the staff sure put a homely touch to it. The experienced aunties worked harmoniously in the tiny kitchen, loved how one of them literally held two flame canister to grill my Wagyu bits!


Greeted by a friendly cashier, YO felt like a mini, homely fast food that serves great dons and Japanese fusion dishes. The Yakiniku Beef Bowl ($15.90) came w perfectly done beef that's evenly pink on the inside (I suspect sous vide) rested on a bed of pearl rice sprinkled w tasty furikake. Stirring the runny onsen yolk into the rice was both pleasing to eyes and tastebuds. YO 1, tanuki raw 0 🐮


I'm so glad they opened a branch in the east! This ma go to for affordable and fresh kaisendon ($16) + hotate ($3.80) to satisfy that Japanese craving. Somehow the Teppei Syokudo in Republic Plaza still tasted better imo, but plus points for freshly grated wasabi 👍🏻

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First post on burpple! Went to Fat Cow for lunch, and the charcoal grilled wagyu don was indeed a $45++ well spent. Each beef slice laced with hint of truffled shoyu and the runny onsen egg on wagyu sauce drizzled rice was a perfect touch 💯 (lunch set came with crab meat chawanmushi, salad, miso soup and scoop of honeycomb ice cream)

Finding joy in identifying every single flavor in the food I eat 👅

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