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Burpple Guides, Steak Best Steaks in Singapore 2017 A good steak — a choice cut that has been handled with care, cooked with thought and seasoned perfectly — is just about one of the finest meals to treat oneself to. Whether you're looking for a no-frills beefy dish that's full on flavour but easy on the pockets, or all ready to splash out on both provenance and ambience for a celebration, this guide has got you covered.
Burpple Guides, Steak 15 Best Steaks in Singapore This list is your answer for days when you just need a glorious piece of perfectly charred, succulent steak. Whatever you're looking for – a casual, affordable option or somewhere swankier to bring your special someone to, we've got you covered.

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Thick slices of medium steak doused in lip-smacking signature secret sauce with a side of unlimited(!) fries and green walnut salad — it’s easy to see why this is on almost every table here!

What’s more, they’re on #BurppleBeyond, so you can get 1-for-1. ✌🏼

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Hard to go wrong with the classic combo of tasty patty (they use dry aged beef – yum!), smoked bacon, cheddar plus pickles, (garlic!) mayo and yellow mustard. I really enjoyed the house-made ketchup that we just couldn’t stop mopping up with the crispy fries.

p.s. They’re on #burpple beyond so that means you can get 1-for-1! ✌🏼

Not in the mood for beef? This moist teriyaki chicken thigh burger with the works is a tasty alternative. A touch less teriyaki mayo would have been better.

A slab of tuna prepared a la tataki on a bed of zippily dressed arugula salad and spicy salsa. Yum yum!

Prawns in olive oil and garlic — this was my favourite when I first tried Sabio by the Sea eons ago. Easily the favourite dish during our meal.

Tangy guac and goat cheese tartine, perfect if you’re in the mood for a breakfast toast!

If you love kale, then this one’s for you! So much goodness in one bowl with amaranth, puffed quinoa, carrots, blueberries, goji berries, pomelo, sunflower and pumpkin seeds tossed in a passion fruit dressing.

This one’s super refreshing with its combination of gin, cucumber and mint with a sprinkling of chia seeds. Very easy to drink!

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If you like warm spices, this vanilla-infused tequila tipple might just float your boat. Nicely complemented by the pineapple and cinnamon too!

Lovely little sweet bites to end a meal. My favourites were the Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Swirls and the Ducley with Housemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

These include Veuve Clicquot Rich, Cloudy Bay Te Koko, Terrazas Single Vineyard, Cloudy Bay Late Harvest Riesling and the exclusive Ao Yun 2014, which will be delicately paired with an A5 Mizayaki Wagyu Beef Rib Cap.

We started off with these lustrous Foley’s scallops, pan-seared to golden-brown, served alongside with fondant potato, radish and crispy leek, all knee-deep in a bacon kombu dashi. The combination of the underlying umami flavors from the dashi and the sweet tones of the scallop, this was an instant hit! This dish was paired with Cloudy Bay Te Koko, made through wild fermentation and aging in old French oak. It has a fine, silky finish with citrus notes of fresh stone fruits and bright acidity that complement the scallops.

she came over to yew tee. so we drove down to bpp to abuse more entertainer goodness.

fire tenderloin medium for me, for nostalgia's sake and for the bo liao yet entertaining 1.5 secs . tenderloin medium with white asparagus for her.

both steaks were served in medium rare. with the meat still in medium rare doneness, we were able to use the hot plate to slowly cook the meat and micro to our desired doneness.

it was a swee swee mix of medium rare (acceptable by this noob) and medium. whole slab of meat was tender from start to finish. unlike the previous time i came here. and the charred bits at the end was the best part of the entire meal.
i also asked for their sambal sauce to go along with my steak. not that spicy. leaning towards the satay sauce taste. the white asparagus fell short of her expectations. it tasted off and sour. because we did not remember it being the same taste when we had white asparagus at botanico.

18 per pax with entertainer app.

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