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A great place with great food! The ambiance was elegant but the food was amazing. I ordered the Bah Kut Teh Risotto, Spicy Beef Linguine and Chicken & Foie Gras and honestly, the BKT risotto was easily the best. I absolutely love how tender the pork ribs were and how savoury the risotto was; an exquisite blend of Chinese and Western cuisine. The Spicy Beef Linguine was a lovely dish and the Chicken & Foie Gras was really delicious too; I like the touch of truffle. Overall, an amazing meal and I think it’s perfect for date nights or with family (portions are big enough to share) :))

Lovely atmosphere where you can relax and chill w others. The service there was good too as they were prompt to attend our needs.

Loved d food, especially the fusion bak kut teh risotto. The pork ribs were tender and yummy !! The rest was not so bad as well. The chicken and foie grass is worth the try too !

Grilled chicken was a little sweet but perfect with the garlic chilli

Really loved the scallops! Super tender and juicy! The pairing with the Hokkaido Corn Puree helped to bring out the natural sweetness of the scallops even more!When eaten with the Furikake Crisp, it adds another texture to the scallops, making it crispy and tender at the same time! Simply amazing!

Untrimmed 4-Day Aged Young Pork (a 9- to 10-month old young pig) Tomahawk Chop,sous vide for 14-16 hours till tender, glazed with BBQ sauce with hints of garlic and onion that special created by chef Heman
,served with Roasted Garlic, Caramelized Lime and Pineapple Compote.
Block 10 Dempsey Rd,#01-21.

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If you’re a fan of cheese, you definitely have to order this dish. I loved the crispy bits on top and the sauce was not too gelat - on the contrary, it kept me wanting to put bite after bite into my mouth. Loved the texture of the macaroni, it wasn’t soggy and there was still a little firm bite to it. 10/10

I have nothing but praise for the zabuton steak - rich flavor, tender .. each bite was an absolute delight. The steak came with four sauces and after trying them, I still feel that it is best eaten on its own. The sauces were good, but I just preferred to enjoy the original flavor of the beef. Definitely worth the price tag.

Went there for Valentine’s Day and had the set. The bar was definitely set high for that price point however the ambience was like a “cha Chan Teng”. It was so noisy. Hardly the experience I was looking for. The steak was great but I won’t go there for anything romantic.

We enjoyed both the Wagyu MS 8/9 Rib Cap and Wagyu MS 6/7 Zabuton, which were kindly described by our server. Admittedly, never heard of these cuts before, but melt-in-your-mouth is definitely an understatement to describe these beautiful steaks. The taste on its own is amazing enough, but there were 4 sauces provided that were their own unique pockets of flavour.

It’s really rare to find a cheesecake made from blue cheese, and I wasn’t disappointed. Definitely a must try for cheese lovers.

Meats were pretty good, very juicy and thick. Got the angus beef burger and spicy popcorn chicken. The popcorn chicken actually outshone the burger, I feel. The popcorn chicken had a good amount of spice and the dip complemented it well. Burger buns were a bit dry towards the end

Tried the Nutella, vanilla and Passionfruit ones the other time (check my previous review out!!), so I decided to get the Milo dinosaur donuts last Dec ☺️

The texture of the brioche donuts was immaculate as usual and they were super floofy ☁️!! The Milo cream wasn’t overly surfeiting or diabetes-inducing; and damn, she is thicccCccc 🤧🤩

The Milo biscuit was a lil soggy, albeit understandable since sg is humid. A side of Milo powder is also provided for you to go wild and sprinkle over them donutsss - the most impt component of Milo dino 🥰✨

Overall: I’d get an entire box of Passionfruit curd donuts as that’s honestly the BEST!!
Hence, my ranking for the donuts would be: Passionfruit >>> Vanilla > Milo Dino >> Nutella. (I haven’t tried the Pandan ones!)
PS: pls be prepared to wait a few weeks/months for the donuts tho HAHA