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Great place to dine and have dates! The steak paired with the red wine sauce is so good!!

Visited Meat n' Chill last week upon the recommendation of a friend. They served up authentic American fare such as steaks, burgers, ribs and chicken. I particularly liked the Mexican Quesadillas which are on the 'Appetisers' menu... these are light & cheesy and can best be described as Mexican murtabak! Portion sizes are more than generous and there's no excuse to go away hungry! Must give a shout out to the friendly & attentive service staff who were efficient & polite. Will need to do several repeat visits to try the rest of the very varied & interesting menu

Visited Meat N Chill on 29/07/2020 and thoroughly enjoyed my meal! I ordered their signature pork ribs with a rich chocolate milkshake and was extremely satisfied with their service. The ribs were so meaty and easily melted when placed in my mouth and the chocolate milkshake was so sinfully delicious that it was worth every calorie consumed. I would definitely love to visit this place again to try out their other dishes and would recommend this place to all the meat lovers out there!

The dinner set comes with an appetiser (portobello salad), a main (pictured), a dessert (vanilla ice cream with peach) and a drink (iced lemon tea)
Was really impressed by the main which consisted of seared cod fish, cray fish and scallops, all on a bed of mashed potatoes and assorted veggies. The seafood was really fresh and cooked well!

Low key one of the best steaks i’ve tried 😍 ordered medium rare and it was grilled perfect. It was very tender and seasoned just right. Mac and cheese was also v good! Expected it to be a plain side dish, but turned out to be really good!!Kuddos to the business owners & friendly staff 🙏🏻 will def visit again!

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I've been here twice, once for a business dinner and once with burpple. The burpple Promo is a real disappointment, the set menu is curated specially for burpple users and portion sizes are so stingy it will barely tickle your stomach. They updated their burpple menu in Aug to $98 for “5 courses", each one disappears in 2-3 bites, I'm not a big eater and I was barely full, my husband left hungry. You're better off ordering from the normal menu and paying full price.

PSA water is chargeable at 50c

I gotta be honest, this had a lot of promise and I was expecting my mind to be blown. However, it fell short of expectations, not cos it wasn't good

The good: chicken was deboned beautifully. Only cartilage left. Tender and well charred. Chive emulsion was very creamy and tangy, absolutely delicious. Daikon was sweet and a tad sour, perfect in between bites of chicken(real pretty too)

The disappointment: fermented chili glaze was v mild, the chive emulsion didn't really synergise w the chicken. Scallion oil didn't really do much for the dish, and the well charred skin could have been crispier.

Ultimately, this is a very good grilled chicken dish. But if they had played less safe, it could have been a phenomenal one

PSA Not able to order 1 skewer only. And for now it's momo only, no other yakitori cuts are avail

Light marinade, slightly crispy, and tender. Decent but not special.

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Had been eyeing this since the start of Circuit Breaker.

I still enjoy dining home at my own comfort with food delivered right to my doorsteps. The Fat Cow Donburi arrived with cling wrap wrapped and there was a burst of truffle aroma once I uncover the bowl.

Particularly love their Fat Rice, fluffy white rice seasoned with their signature “truffle shoyu”.

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $100 & promo code required)

The Fat Cow Donburi $48++

First time having a MEAL at Meat N' Chill, and it was a beautiful experience. Generous portions, delectable dishes... I can go on and on about how marvelous the food was. I had a well-cooked Flat Iron Steak (Medium), with the succulent and juicy Pork Ribs! My partner and I topped it off with some tasty Buffalo Wings too. Overall, a really pleasant and wonderful experience. I will definitely come back again!