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Ordered the Wagyu Rib Cap and some side dishes to go along, definitely did not disappoint. Steak was cooked to perfect medium rare and side dishes were unique and delicious.

Definitely will be back for more!

The original ribs was surprisingly quite filling. Highly reco to share! Meat from the ribs was relatively tender and the sauce complements the ribs so well. Could literally taste the potato from the 🍟 and wouldn’t mind ordering another serving of fries the next time I go. The salad could have been better imo with different types of veg like onions, purple cabbage etc

Also ordered the Chrizo Mac & Cheese which was quite decent. Doesn’t feel jelat at all as the sauce wasn’t too cheesy or thick. Good for sharing. Would’ve preferred if they topped it up with ham too 🙃

But realized that it doesn’t make sense as it’s cheaper to go ala carte.
Ordered the lamb starter at $12, octopus, beef tartare which was great.
Free Bread was nice!
But the main course 350g ocean ribeye was disappointing - looks medium to perfection but it is really lean and tough. Would have gotten the A5 wagyu instead.

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Besides the breathtaking view of the CBD skyline, the meal I had there was unforgettable. The great natural lighting of the restaurant makes the food pics look astounding. But what sets this restaurant apart from others is how the food actually taste as delicious as their appearance!

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dishes served very fast, unique taste, ingredients were very fresh, would come back again. pretty worth it for the price

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I brought my mom to this place on her birthday and she was super happy about it. loved the food, staff were patient and happy to make recommendations. amazing vibes too! will come back

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Black Angus Ribeye ($29) and Honey-glazed Pork Ribs ($29)
Famed josper charcoal grill dining experience, be wowed when you walk in by their semi-open kitchen where you can peer in and watch the chef's work their meat magic. Both dishes were extremely well done - juicy, flavourful, and definitely able to satisfy any carnivorous cravings one might have. The only complaint would be that they could have been more generous with the sides, and that the 'newspaper' on the wooden board tore easily when it's damp (sticking to my pork ribs) :(

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Juicy and tender chicken chop, nicely charred and accompanied with a surprisingly delectable glaze that wasn't overly sweet - this hit all the checkboxes. Crisp sweet potato fries completed the whole package.


v chill eatery w gr8 service and good food! ordered the chorizo mac and cheese + original ribs. I was quite shook because they were really generous w the chorizo. ribs were also p good w v a very moreish glaze, tho wish the salad we ordered as a side had more variety to better complement the meat.

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Nicely grilled and slightly charred on both sides of the fish which gave it a nice crisp texture. Fish was fresh and Hollandaise Sauce was good. Enjoyed this very much.

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A happy returning diner because their food is so good! Since it’s a steakhouse, I ordered their Wagyu rump cap (MS 7/8 btw!!) and it was such a treat. There were two sauces provided with the steak, but to be honest, just plain salt is the best because the meat quality is so good.

On top of the steak, I also had breaded pig’s head, baby octopus piperade, maitake mushroom and some spinach. I have no complaints about any of these dishes, but if I were to choose a favourite it would be the maitake mushroom.

I had their chocolate chocolate chocolate dessert and this was the perfect way to end an already great meal. Overall I’m yet again happy with the food and service here and I would come back again :).

Really great food. Especially loved the tuna crudo and beef cheeks. Everything was splendid, I want to try other menu items!

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