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The steak ($21) was tender and we both felt that it was well worth it’s price! Definitely one of the most value-for-money steak options around. The steak was coated with a buttery sauce and smoked salt which gave the meat a special flavour. We also ordered a gyu don ($14) and added on a generous slab of foie gras ($11) which we enjoyed as well. Great service & nice ambience. We would recommend this to those who are looking for steak that’s affordable yet doesn’t compromise on the quality.


Thanks to @ChefOlivia, C.E.O. of @BrandFitSg, I received four kinds of Premium Korean Strawberries to taste. This bevy of beautiful berries, which are available for purchase at @CulinaComoDempsey, is indeed a resplendent sight but let’s zoom in to understand each of their unique characteristics so we can appreciate each one better.

Pictured clockwise from top left:

1. Kingsberry - Also known as “The Emperor of Strawberries”, this is the largest of the four. It has a sweet scent that is apparent from the first bite. The season for this strawberry is between December and April, and it originates in Non San, South Korea.

2. MerryQueen - Hailing from Dam Yang, South Korea is “The Queen of Strawberries”. Extreme juiciness is the crowning glory of this firm and sugary-sweet ruby-red beauty.

3. Jukhyang - If you seek the perfect strawberry, this Dam Yang stunner known as “The Royalty of Strawberries” could well be the answer. On top of having an ideal shape and larger-than-average size, it possesses a bold perfume and fresh sweetness.

4. Vitaberry - Those who are more health-conscious will appreciate the highest level of Vitamin C found in “The Idol of Strawberries”, a firm-fleshed, juicy specimen.

To enjoy, the fruit should be soaked for about a minute in cold water, then gently rinsed under running water.


Ordered the New York Strip (medium rare) and Milkshake! Love the tender and succulent meat:") Would highly recommend anyone who's looking for an affordable beef steak place to visit Meat N Chill!

Marinade didn't penetrate v deep, and there wasn't much of a crust. Meat was q tender and pulled apart fairly easily, despite being on the leaner side. Generous portion of 4 ribs, should easily feed 1. Not too bad for a neighbourhood joint

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Upgrade from a normal side

There's a pungence, and it was q bland as well as lacking flavour. Portion wasn't v big either. Not recommended

Cornbread was dense and crumbly, well buttered with a sweet profile. Goes decently with the savoury gravy.

THE RIBS ARE AMAZING!!! They were tender, well-marinated and the spiciness was just nice. The popcorn chicken and fries also came in generous portions. The rice was a little dry but it was overall truly a fantastic meal.

Had a chance to try out Fat Belly at Serene Center. They focus on the not so common cuts of meat, so I wasn’t familiar with most of the menu. Had the 250 gram deckle and that plus the creamed kale was pretty damn good, more than filling for someone that came in hungry. Surprising to see a 52-seater place with about 30-40 people around on a Tuesday night, which is a good testament to the quality of their food. Had a good look at the kitchen because I was seated at a bar and chef runs a clean and efficient outfit, without much waiting time for food. It was a bit of a blast in the past to eat at that mall because I used to live in that hood 20 years ago and never would have thought they’d have a steakhouse at SC! It’s not crazy expensive either, steaks ranging from 22++ to 62++, and you can tack on an extra 17 for a side and dessert. I want to try their lunch menu next time I go, though, because wagyu beef cheek rendang also sounds like a real winner. Pretty curious about the pork collar main for dinner as well. Will definitely be back.

Solid NY steak, properly done medium rare and flavor is great. Rich creamy oreo milkshake. All at a reasonable price. Relatively nice place to hangout!

Ribs, were soft and well sauced, bone was easily removed from the meat. Well trimmed, with just a nice amount of fat. Cornbread side along with gravy was very tasty

There were two ice cream sandwiches: earl grey ice cream with chocolate chip cookies + toffee with double chocolate chip cookies.

The cookies were chewy and the ice cream had pretty strong flavours and was very milky! The sandwiches were from Geometry (an ice cream parlour also on Beyond). Though the cookies were good, they weren’t super satisfying as a dessert. Probably due to their size? I definitely don’t regret ordering it, but I probably wouldn’t crave it.