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I ordered chicken pepper rice ($7.60) w/o set meal at food republic. I felt that chicken topping got a bit less tbh when stir fried. Overall, I almost stir fried rice until char surface on the rice.

An unassuming outdoor BBQ place that serves up really good grilled prawns, meat, salmon, among a really wide variety of dishes. Went for the buffet option which was $49.90++ per pax; great for people who are looking to fill up their tummies at an affordable price in Bukit Timah. Staff were also so helpful, despite being busy. Appreciate the service!

Ordered the sirloin steak and honey mustard pork ribs, both were delicious. Really enjoyed the chili cheese fries and coleslaw, worth the try!

Ordered the new york striploin with red wine sauce and honey mustard ribs, preferred the latter. Topped up for the chilli corn fries, was pretty good. The mash potatoes side was kinda cold though. Overall the portion and taste were good for the price!

We ordered a 220g wagyu steak under 1-for-1 mains, and it was quite a disaster. The mashed potato tat came with it tasted bland and the texture was completely off. The steak was tender but with lots of tendon. The truffle fries was rather plain too. The fried wings tat we ordered was soaked in oil and left us with a queasy tummy. Personally I feel $64.50 is way too expensive for this quality and I will not come back again.

The Mac and Cheese is definitely not your usual dish where you get sick of the cheese after a while. This is SOOO good and you can literally taste the different cheese that goes into making the dish :)

Love the appetiser which is the chilli crusted bone marrow topped up with sourdough. It was so delicious and this is a MUST have that I will order the next time I go :)

Decided to go for dinner at bbq under the stars at turf city. It was pretty near the entrance with a few signages to tell you where to go so it was quite easy to find. The place had a chill cosy vibe and served ala carte buffet. The items were made to order and came out in tasting portions meaning we could try a wide variety of their food. Some of my favorite dishes were the grilled prawns - smoky and well seasoned without being over cooked, the grilled salmon - flavorful and juicy, calamari - hot, crispy and so tasty! Really enjoyed the food here and the service was excellent! Will definitely be back!!

For appetizers, we had tendon and escargot. The tendons were soft, and the escargot were tender and slightly chewy. For the mains. We had the onglet and shirt rib which were both top tier! Well marbled with fat for flavor and tenderness, was done rare, juicy pink on the inside and seasoned with sea salt. Tasted rich and savory. We also had the smoked mushrooms for our side. And finally, for dessert, the tiramisu was mindblowing! It has a flavorful balance and a great way to end the meal

The elements come tgt well, the basil wasn't too strong after you combine everything and eat in one bite. Rockmelon sorbet was quite pleb, a bit sour and not v sweet, and actl taste like a slightly icy sorbet.

I'm sure there's no additives but there's also no mindblowingness

Not overly salty anymore. The original price was way too much anyway for the quality.

This was more medium well, it's quite a bit more cooked than the previous one. Surprisingly the edges are less charred, only the edges have the nice charred lamb flavour, again the rest of the lamb didn't have any particular flavour.

The black olive sauce the dish came w didn't really pair well either

Asked for medium rare and they delivered, but the centre is chewy still so probably medium is better

Te mana is high overrated, it's not particularly tender and there isn't any particular flavour really.

Also this was too salty but they were very nice and offered a new portion

Decided to go with the ribeye steak and it was a good - came with truffle mustard sauce and beetroot puree to pair. Broccoli could had been slightly more charred for a better crunch. Went on a weekday evening so it was rather empty. Service was great and staff were helpful. PS; I love the truffle fries 👍