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Old school steakhouse. Jack's place has been in Singapore for ages. I still recall all the advertisements back in the 90s.

Their steak is still one of those affordable and food.


Had these meats all by myself today.
The 250g ribeye was well worth the price of 24 dollars, and came with my favourite cafe de paris sauce. Was done medium rare and well seared which ensured a crisp texture. It was pretty good. Tender, flavourful, juicy, but nothing too amazing.

The 250g Flat Iron on the other hand, was really so- so, I suggest you go without it, even though it's cheap ($18). Since flat iron steak is one of the tougher cuts, its hard to do it well. Unfortunately for MediumRare by Saveur, they failed to meet my expectation of a good steak. It was robust in flavour no doubt, but extremely hard to chew on. Trust me, you'd have an aching jaw by the end of your meal. You'd be better off ordering their Sirloin ($18) for 200g. Really hope MediumRare gets their Flat Iron steak sorted out.

The sides were done decently, nothing special. The creamed spinach was light on the palate, and the coleslaw ensured freshness and was a nice contrast to cut through the richness of the steak.

Overall I'd rate : 3.5/5. Service was excellent definitely. However, it's rather unlikely that I will come again.

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baby squid served with eggs and chili.
And pair it with signature mocktails “ Hellooo Pomelooo” (picture number 2). 📍Cavemen.
1 Jalan Dusun #01-09.

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✨ I love how they served an assortment of bread to us instead of the usual basket of bread by the corner in most restaurants. The selection was amazing & thank you for giving me extras 🤤🤩🤩👏🏻⁣

✨ The beef steak certainly did not fail to impress & it was done perfectly. 👏🏻 I added a Maine lobster to my steak & it was a lovely addition to my main course. ⁣

✨ What really blew me away was the elegant bowl of white corn soup which looked so ordinary but it was the most flavorful corn 🌽 soup that I’ve ever tasted everrrr. Kudos to the chef for concocting this bowl of soup. 👏🏻👏🏻⁣

🍽 is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue B1-71 S(018972) ⁣

🕰 Opens daily (5.30pm-11.30pm)⁣

📝 This Early Cuts menu is available till 7.00pm and it’s $95++ per person.

The steak was simply seasoned with salt and served with my choice of whiskey mustard which was really nice. After enjoying two starters and the pita bread with roasted garlic (yums!) and butter, the four of us could not finish our own portion of steak. The service staff promptly offered to doggy-bag our remaining steak which was a nice touch.

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While we enjoyed this very much, at $32 for 2 crab cakes, we could have a very nice main course somewhere else.

Besides regular steaks, Cavemen also serves up various types of dry-aged steaks! Their butter-aged steak is really popular & you have to pre-order to avoid disappointment! I've yet to try out the butter-aged but I did manage to get my hands on a whisky-aged one! The whisky is said to be able to give the beef a more smoky flavour & I was super excited to try it out!

I've never had dry-aged beef before so I honestly didn't know what to expect. We got to try some appetisers like the Texture of Tomatoes & Liver Mousse. The creativity & thought that goes behind them should definitely be appreciated!

For Texture of Tomatoes, they've managed to use one ingredient in 3 ways. First, all natural, next, dehydrated & last but not least, tomato juice is extracted & then made into a jelly-like texture! It's even got 'soil' over it which is actually dehydrated olives that are ground up till it becomes a soil-like texture.

For the Liver Mousse, in order to tone down the strong flavour of the liver, they brought along unagi to accompany it, along with some brioche toast and apple. When you eat it all together like intended, the sweetness from the unagi, toast & apple went really well with the liver! I was pretty mindblown. This has got to be the most interesting combination I've seen in awhile.

Moving on to the dry-aged steak, it has hints of blue cheese to it & the smokiness of the whisky is subtle but there. I personally feel that it should be shared because it's got quite a strong flavour to it that might be too overwhelming after awhile if you were to eat it by yourself. Besides, it'll be a great conversation topic between your friends, don't ya think? 😉

I had such a wonderful time dining at Cavemen, it's definitely gonna be added to my faves list. 💕

Crushing on the looks of this converted Colonial building with its huge double doors, high ceiling, deep teal-coloured walls completed with gold and bronze furnishings. Elegant and inviting without being overbearing.
Meet Chef @alysiareynechan’s recommendation (also right now, my favourite dish on the menu), the super juicy Roasted Hokkaido Pork Loin with Vanilla Cauliflower Purée, Raisin & Pinenut Agrodolce and a Fennel Nashi Pear Salad.
At first I was skeptical on the addition of vanilla to the purée, but it added an extra dimension of creaminess to the dish, especially when you have it with the raisins and vinegary mustard seeds. Damn, that’s delicious.
Can’t wait to be back!
Only available during dinner.



The mussels were small, but the really generous portion made up for it. The sauce was on the saltier side but it made a great dipping sauce for their charcoal grilled bread.

The seafood risotto had so much goodness packed into it - scallops, mussels, prawns and sea bass - cooked in a rich seafood & white wine broth.

Very value for money! Can't wait to head back and try the prawn capellini.