When East Meets West

When East Meets West

Fusion. Interesting creation of flavors.
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

We had their Crispy Pig Ears ($21), as opposed to the usual braised cooking method which we are familiar with, was crispy and savory which balances out well with the red date sauce and pickled ginger flower. A little sweetness and citrusy to it. The key to it is have everything in a bite! Then you could taste the varying flavors.

The other dish I had was the Banana Leaf Sea Bass ($29) grilled in banana leaf and interestingly served with banana purée and shrimp sambal. Sweetness in a dish which you least expected it and the shrimp sambal wasn’t the spicy kind, but more of aromatic from the hei bi.

Very interesting concept with creative dishes.

The flavor was rather gao for this Laksamania. Wonder if because it’s takeaway, so the fettuccine has soaked up all the sauces. It was rather lemak and seafood was pretty sweet and plump. Good for sharing!

Homemade fresh pasta with a touch of asian flavors. The colors from the pasta come from ingredients such as blue pea flower, beetroot, activated charcoal etc. What I had is their ‘Chicken Rice’ pasta cooked with chicken broth and accompanied with chicken rice condiments such as the chilli, minced ginger and slices of cucumber. Not forgetting the slices of thick cut hainanese chicken. It’s not the 1 for 1 replicate of chicken rice if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s definitely a good rendition at much milder flavors.

It's kind of Asian fusion here at Hawkerman. Bringing to you local delights with a twist and with this Bao Kao Liao set, it allows you to try abit of almost everything! Pretty like the Hokkien Mee, which was leaning towards the wetter version with a bit of wok hei and filled with rather generous prawns and squids. Another that impressed me was the fried muah chee with kimchi slaw. It was a creative creation of the duo, chewiness paired with intriguing refreshing kimchi flavors. And the best way to end the meal is none other than having a bite into the calamansi watermelon with sour plum powder. Literally cleanses your palate from all the greasiness!


Wagyu ShortRibs Claypot Rice with an additional slab of fatty foie gras! Good replicate of the traditional claypot rice using rice crisp as the 锅巴 taste and a twist of fusion with the ever tender and melty shortribs. It's a pinch to add on the foie gras, but wells! It just completes the meal perfectly (;


Another restaurant with an asian touch to their palatable plates of cuisines. One of their chef recommendations would be this Prawn & Hae Bi Hiam pasta. Upon dishing the plate of pasta to your table, the pasta perfumed with the fragrance of hae bi hiam whet up your appetite almost instantly. Al dente tagliatelle tossed in spicy shrimp paste gave the dish a local oomph and kick with the creamy spicy base. Portion was just nice, not too little and not too overwhelming.

Irony to the name, the wanton served wasn't at all fantastic but the well marinated char siew was flavorful and obtain a melt in your mouth texture, roast pork was not too fatty and its crackling! Noodle was springy as well! Create your very own taste by concocting your own noodle's chilli sauce! Another gem find in the CBD area!


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