If you’ve been to any of their previous establishments (The Humble Loaf/Gastrosmiths), you’d be able to trace the origins of this dish. Here we’ve got perfectly poached eggs seated above some tender spinach, then smothered in a luscious blanket of pickled shallot beurre blanc tszujed up with some jamon serrano and olives. Quite the mouthful, but take a bite and man it’s an utter fireworks of flavours. I love the acidity brought across by the pickled shallots and olives! It gave the creamy beurre blanc a fantastic brightness that works fabulously with the rich molten yolks and nutty house-baked multigrain bread.

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Brotherbird’s Eggs Benedict ($16) is as classic as it gets: toasted homemade brioche, ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise. Eggs are poached perfectly, albeit not in those cutesy spherical way (if you cook you’d know this flat-looking poached eggs are the way to go for yolkporn consistency haha); hollandaise is rich and creamy with just the right touch of acidity; and my oh my that homemade buttery, and slightly sweet brioche 🤤 Nothing fancy, just your basics done right. And if that’s the kind of brunch you like, this’d definitely please 😉


Many burpplers’ serenading of Artichoke’s date pudding got me set on visiting, but man their savouries were what sealed the meal for me — most notably their Steak & Eggs (S$28++). Soft scrambled eggs that are perfectly seasoned, silky and buttery as hell, paired with 150g of tender and juicy flank steak cozily blanketed in a nutty, moreish pistachio pesto. As if that’s not enough, they throw in the yummiest (I kid you not) za’atar croissant. You’d never have tried the classic steak and eggs like this, that I can promise you; and for this it’s well worth the trip (and wait) down.

As with every Crab Cake Benedict, the star's usually the crab cake which, I'm glad to say, The Bird totally nailed. It's a sizable patty of ONLY tightly packed crab meat and chives (no fillers here!): perfect when the plump chunks of crab taste absolutely sweet and fresh. But what's especially impressive about this dish is every element plays a role, and is holds equal weight in the success of the dish. Southerner's quintessential fried green tomato as the base here helps lend a lovely crunch to the dish, as well as some acidity to cut through the richness of the yolk. Same goes for their burnt lemon hollandaise: a bit of smokiness, a hit of citrus, and just enough butter and cream to hold everything together.


A faultless dish of scrambled 🍳 on 🍞, made luxurious with plump scallops and mentaiko. Scramble was significantly (I'd bold+italicise+mega highlight this if I could) better than the first time I visited, and I must say this is a brunch item I'd be happy to down any time. Scallops could've done with lesser time in the pan and the mentaiko element can definitely come across stronger, but 4 big scallops at just $18? I got no complaints man.


Mentaiko Eggs Ben: complete with perfect molten yolks, well-toasted slices of brioche, and thick slices of smoked salmon, this makes for a pretty decent brunch item. A pity what pulled it down was the mentaiko hollandaise. The only thing mentaiko about it was the salt content; beyond that, there was nothing really outstanding about it.


Croissant was nothing special, eggs weren't as silly as I'd like (though definitely not grainy), bacon was chewy and a little limp, and shrooms were...well, a tad too plain. Nothing fantastic, but nothing too terrible either. An ok option for brunch if you're around the area, but not something I'd make the intentional trip for.


Two poached organic eggs, jamon Serrano, hollandaise, spinach, and a chewy toasted mentaiko muffin. Serrano ham was fantastic, wilted spinach was perf and a really generous portion too, eggs and hollandaise were flawless. It may sound quite fancy, but is really just quality ingredients in a dish that's ultimately unpretentious.


I usually spend lotsa time thinking of the next brunch spots to visit, but so far I haven't been able to keep my mind off my last visit to Noshery. Just look at this crabs benny: two crisp crab patties made solely with crab and none of that floury starchy fillers, two perfectly - I mean PERFECTLY - poached eggs, and curry hollandaise. But what sealed the deal for me, were the buttered and well-toasted English muffins. Most of the time, these are sidelined cause why? Flowy eggs more important. But here, they're paid as much attention to as the other components. So crisp, so fluffy, so fragrant.


If food were the only criteria, they'd have won my heart hands down. These crab cakes came piping hot, packed with lots - I mean loads - of sweet crab meat caked in crispy fluffy batter. They were well-seasoned, and served with a simple yet amazing salad and absolutely fab sautéed shrooms. Unfortunately, food's never the only criteria, and I simply can't understand why we waited 40 minutes for one dish when there was barely anyone else in the café??


Perfect - I mean PERFECT - scramble, topped with crispy mini balls of has browns, lovely fried kale, shrooms, and some good ol' bacon. Then, a generous drizzle of hollandaise. It's a classic well rethought, one that got us begging for more.


Seriously spoiled by ATLAS. After them it's like I can't muster the effort to try elsewhere! The food's really that good. The Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough here is a perfect example: simple scramble done well, topped with umami creamy shrooms laced with sweet roasted cherry tomatoes.

Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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