Yogurt to be kidding me, weekend is over again 😭πŸ₯²

This activated charcoal Dark Side (~PhP 250, ~$6.5) is enjoyable, even for non-yogurt fans like me. You can choose to add 1 crunch, 2 fruits, and 1 sauce to go with it


πŸ“BLK 513
Ayala Mall UP Town Centre, Katipunan Ave., Brgy, UP Campus, Quezon City

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Got this Double scoop for $8.50 (just $8, +0.5 for premium flavor). Chosen Blue Milk out of curiosity (and cause the color is calming lol), together with my ice cream flavor go-to 73% Dark Chocolate (premium). Blue Milk which is some milky goodness flavor and has some salty surprise in every bite, which actually paires really well with the Dark Choc - I had salty, sweet, milky, chocolatey and bitter flavors in every spoonful. Enjoyed it 😁

It seems it’s always crowded though, so if you’re looking for some place to hang for a bit, this might not be it. Can opt to have their tubs delivered instead (saw them on Grabmart)

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Oh crepe, it’s Monday again! 😴😴πŸ₯± a little throwback to our 2020 Tokyo trip wherein we tried all the touristy stuff, including the ever famous crepe stores in Harajuku. We got the Mango Whip Cream Crepe from Santa Monica Crepe Harajuku (Β₯430, 2020 price). Stall is very pretty in pink with all the crepe displays making it easy for you to choose. Ours was as expected, full of cream and with teeny bits of mango (not too enjoyable) πŸ˜… can’t expect too much given that it’s a tourist street.

It was my first time trying this Turkish dessert, and it was a pleasant surprise. This Kunefe with ice cream ($17.90++) has a fried noodle-like texture for the pastry dredged in a sugar-based syrup, layered with cheese inside, and topped with nuts. The pastry itself is warm and it has the perfect balance when paired with the ice cream.

Overall taste is quite reminiscent of some hometown dish (which we cannot recall lol). 2 photos to show the pastry. 1 dish is enough for 3-4 pax :)

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Had this Tiramisu ($15++) for our dessert. Serving is quite huge, could be shared. It’s a tad bit sweet to my liking, was waiting for the oomph from the espresso/rum component but sadly was lacking a bit on this. Not the best dish of the night, but still enjoyed my AmΓ² visit and will definitely come back :)

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(Excuse the photo lol) I have this huge liking for coffee buns since I was in sec school as it smells so good (my mom used to buy from KopiRoti EW whenever she’s in the area). I’m not a coffee person, but the coffee smell mixed with butter is just really salivating.

Same good memory goes for the ever famous Rotiboy coffee bun ($2.50) when I was working in Malaysia. I remember it’s one of the stores that will welcome you to KLCC (along with Famous Amos) with the inviting aroma. And I just had to try it. I missed it a lot when I started working in SG, and sometimes I had buy some in JB (pre-pandemic).

Now, having it here, with the same quality - taste and smell-wise, I just couldn’t be happier lol. I know it’s been here for a while, but have only managed to try it again recently.

Will surely buy again if I’m in the area :)

Thinking of this Matcha Soft Serve with Shiratama and Azuki Sauce ($7.30) because today’s stuffy weather. The ice cream’s flavor is subtle, which I find really good cause I’m not a fan of overpowering matcha taste. Didn’t expect red bean to go so well with matcha too. The mochi balls were a little tough, but good for textural contrast.

Got this from SweeT.Rex for just $5 - inclusive of 2 pancakes, maple syrup, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This is a very good deal, so cheap yet very fluffy and tastes good. (I think it’s even fluffier than the soufflΓ© pancakes I’ve tried in some other cafes πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š). The vanilla ice cream goes well with the pancakes too. Not sure which brand they’re holding or whether it’s their own, but it’s also very good. Ordered a separate serving topped with chocolate syrup ☺️

Suggest to order as soon as you reach the hawker centre as queue can sometimes be long and the waiting time after ordering is around 20 minutes. Will be in time post your lunch πŸ˜‰

Had this Sausage Cheese Swiss Rosti set lunch for $18.90++ (comes with iced lemon tea). Rosti’s seasoning is a bit salty, though I don’t think it had to do with the cheese cause I enjoyed that part a lot πŸ˜‹ sides were just normal, including the sausage, making it a bit overpriced for me. There were other cheaper set lunch options (from $13.90++) which might be more worth the price.

Ordered a scoop of Earl Grey Lavender as well ($2.90++, special price if you order a set lunch). This has a strong early grey taste which I really liked. Very creamy too.

Place was packed when I came, but it still had a very charming and homey cafe ambience. Would probably come back and stay here for a long time and just eat loads of gelato πŸ˜‚

*this is part of the Lobby Lounge high tea set ($35++)

My fave among the sweet treats. The only item which is not too sweet. This has a hint of bitterness so extra points for me ☺️

Had this set at The Lobby Lounge for our friend’s surprise bridal shower. Offer then was at $35++ per person - very affordable for a high tea set (others were ranging at 60-80++). Place is very quiet and not crowded as well. Good place to hang out with friends :)

I enjoyed the savoury pieces a lot (arranged based on preference lol)
(1) Dill Gravlax with horseradish cream cheese and tobiko pinko - this is a classic combination which didn’t disappint
(2) Beef pastrami with figs and thyme cheese spread - a little salty but balanced by the bread
(3) Cream cheese mushroom and sundried tomato tartlet - actually tied with #2 for me lol. I find the sundried tomato very flavourful but balanced by the pastry as well
(4) Creamy egg and avocado with truffle salsa on brioche

The sweet treats were a tad bit sweet to my liking except for the first one:
(1) Chocolate Royal Hazelnut - love love love this. A bit biased as I really enjoy bitter chocolates
(2) Baked Golden Banana with manjari ganache
(3) Almond peach crumble tart
(4) Raspberry white chocolate mousse

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear β€œtahooooo” from the taho man? πŸ˜‚ Enjoyed this (PhP 10) by the beach! This is very similar with Tau Fu Fah/Tau Huay except that it has pearls and it uses brown sugar and caramel as sweetener rather than white sugar syrup. Both are good nonetheless!
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