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Best Tze Char In Sg

Best Tze Char In Sg

Local food, seafood places, hidden finds
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng

Sik Bao Sin may not have the variety in many tze char stalls, but the quality of their dishes is commendable! Ordered the prawn toufu that was drenched in a sweet umami flavour gravy-So delicious! Pairing this dish with white rice was belly comfortable food. Went there on a weekday, so we were blessed to avoid large crowds and snake queues.

This is the most interesting dish at chin huat for me. It is a blend of normal and crispy fried kway teow drenched in egglicious hor fun gravy - Think sheng mian, but a hor fun version. The wok hei in this dish was really amazingly flavoursome. Highly recommended dish to order.

Visited D'Beer for dinner at their jurong east outlet after they shifted from sunset way. The signature dish at D'Beer, unlike typical tze char places, is a whole chicken placed above a steamboat filled with chicken soup, mushrooms and vegetables. The whole chicken will be set on fire with rose alcohol in a spectacular display as pictured. The chicken was superbly tender and milky chicken broth with hints of alcohol was very delicious.


Going to Zion Rd Siang Hee Seafood has been a long time coming. When we finally got there, we ordered sambal kang kong, har cheong gai and bbq stingray. Ordered takeaway pumpkin fried prawn, their signature dish which comprises of a sweet creamy pumpkin gravy topped over crispy fried prawns. It was a sumptuous tze char experience.

It has been many years since I have visited ban leong wah hoe for zi char and the exteriors of the shop still looks the same! Ordered their signature dishes: the prawn paste chicken and hot plate beancurd. The fried chicken was well fried and not overly oily whereas the beancurd has a spicy aftertaste in the hotplate gravy that resembles a very mild chilli crab sauce that requires more sweetness and savoury flavours to enhance the dish.


We were fortunate to reach the restaurant early: it was full house after 6.30pm and people were told that they have to wait at least 30 minutes before there will be seats.

We ordered 2 of their signature dishes: fried mee goreng (pictured) and the claypot chicken. The fried mee goreng was fried with peanut sauce which reminds me of mee rebus. The peanut gravy, wok hei and spicy flavours together makes this dish very delicious and palatable. The claypot chicken was cooked with curried leaves and tomato gravy of sweet and sour pork. Both dishes were outstanding and we definitely will come back for more.

Long heard of the legendary salted baked crabs. Today we made our way to the original outlet in sembawang. After eating this signature dish which takes a much longer amount of time to arrive than the rest of the other dishes, we are fully convinced why THIS IS their signature and why THIS IS legendary. Wok hei and saltiness were fully immersed into the meats of the crabs - fantastic marriage of smoky and savoury flavours. Flower crabs are not the most meaty of crabs, but the great taste compensates for the lack in crab flesh. We regretted ordering only two after the meal. So you know what to do when you are there :)


JB ah meng is truly one of the best tze char places in singapore. Their chao tar san lou bee hoon (pictured) has all the wok hei yet retain the moisture and not at all dry. It comes with good portion of ingredients: eggs, vegetables, pork and cuttlefish. Their other signature dish is the white pepper crab which we ordered and is absolutely awesome too.

Heng hwa lor mee has always been fascinating because of its atypical white broth that retains the dark broth's 卤味. Opened since 1933, ming chung has been serving heng hwa cuisine such as the signature lor mee and bee hoon to avid diners. Extremely affordable for the portion given: I had my bowl for only $5

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We waited one hour for our dinner. They were processing a lot of takeaway orders hence the waiting time. Did not expect much from a small coffee shop but the food amazes me. I would encourage spicy food lovers to try their curry fish head. They have a good portion of vegetables together with the fish. Other must-orders are the fried squid, prawn paste chicken and sweet sour pork ribs.


This place is so under rated. It is located within the bukit batok industrial estate. Love this bee hoon dish that includes a generous portion of all sorts of ingredients! The verdict: I am so impressed the tze char here. We thoroughly enjoyed most of the dishes ordered. Will definitely come back again for more!


This is comparable to that famous stall in ghim moh. Love love the wok hei of the kway teow. The beef is sooo smooth and chewy. Damn worth it.

Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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