All Time Favorite Spot

All Time Favorite Spot

My favorites in all of Singapore.
Peichin Lelz
Peichin Lelz

Side by side comparison between the 21” XXL pizza and 9” Medium pizza.

The XXL pizza is perfect for sharing and it is only $55 nett for the classico and $62 nett for speciale. Got the half and half (+$3.50) - prosciutto di parma & carne and and it was simply delicious, though the parma pizza tasted a bit too salty towards the end. Carne was meaty (meatballs, bacon, pepperoni) and paired well with the rocket leaves from the parma side. The pizzas are super thin crusted so if you’re big eaters, 2pax is enough to polish off the XXL size 😎


Extremely juicy and flavourful pork chops with sautéed mushrooms and potatoes on the side. This is just SO GOOD.


2nd time here, and so far I haven’t tasted anything that sucks here. Their mac and cheese is pretty good and decently priced (actually everything is very decently priced, with most mains averaging at $14-$15. Other must trys - oreo milkshake, porky egg waffle, mushroom soup, and this cauliflower cheesy mashed potato. It’s SO GOOD!!! ~ $20/pax only!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their raspberry lychee I can literally eat the entire metal tub of it because it is so light and refreshing yet creamy at the same time with that refreshing lychee taste 😍😍😍😍 Some flavours which I like as well - white chrysanthemum, midnight (smth smth) and pistachio. Premium flavours + $1, usually I’ll spend around $7 - $9 for 2 scoops.


Chanced upon this place during lunch time @ Liang Court. Tried the pork udon in regular ($9.80) (there’s a large size too) and it was delicious. Plenty of sliced pork and the soup was super flavourful. They also serve a variety of tempura to go along and they costs only $1.50 to $2+ per stick. I kind of expected the chicken karaage ($1.80) to be dry but surprisingly it was juicy and crispy, and it was even tastier when dipped into the udon soup. This is definitely my favourite lunch time spot.


Cheese steak looks smaller than other sandwiches but it was superb nonetheless. Generous amount of beef mixed with molten cheese sauce.

Crispy fried chicken (bottom right) was generous with their chicken thigh meat. And turkey classic has turkey breast, bacon, mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. ($16 each)

Wanted to try cubano (pulled pork) but it was sold out so I guess I’ll be back in the future.

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52 Sandwich Shack, a grilled cheese sandwich kiosk, is a new concept by @dear.nesuto that will be taking over the space of Koki Tamagoyaki!

Here you’ll find different versions of the comfort food. Apart from the classic, simple 52 Grilled Cheese that I personally prefer, the Sliced Beef with Onsen Egg is a pretty hearty option. With three types of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar and fontina), sweet, tender and juicy shabu sliced wagyu beef, balsamic onions that helps to cuts through the heaviness of the dish for those who aren’t huge fans of cheese. Served with a side dip of onsen egg.

Not the best around but I love grilled cheese sandwiches, tho I’ll be sad to see the tamagoyaki go. 😞 Grilled cheese tamagoyaki sandwich please?

Honey butter chicken comes in normal chicken parts or tenders. The chicken is really crispy, juicy and tender and sprinkled with generous amount of honey butter powder ($12) It's realllyyyy good! The chicken served are always piping hot and crispy, which is definitely a plus. Kimchi pancake ($8.50) is not bad, worth the try if you're a kimchi pancake lover. And the army stew ($13.90 for 2-3pax) is not too bad as well. I would say the highlight here is definitely the chicken. 👍🏻oh and mozerella cheese sticks are going for $5 for 4 pcs, which is pretty tasty as well. (How wrong can cheese sticks go?)


This cosy little space serves superb authentic Korean food. My friends absolutely love their spicy chicken feet (the sauce is really delicious and their chicken feet has no bones). Beef bulgogi was also damn good, as well as their "season pancake" - which is half kimchi and half seafood. They also serve soju and soju tower (which is really cheap btw I think $30+ only) so if you want to avoid the drunkards you should avoid 11pm+. All time favorite spot to drink or just to eat or both!

~ $30 to $40/pax


Possibly the best lasagna ever! It's super cheesy and value-for-money and the portion is bigger than some other restaurants. Every spoonful you'll get thick chunky beef and loads of melted cheese. Totally worth every cents! 😍 This is my go-to item whenever I drop by. And the best part is, the tomato sauce is not sour. (Like y'know some places serve lasagna with insanely sour tomato sauce?!??? How do you even eat that ugh)

The wings and nachos are great too. But I do not recommend their pizzas. And root beer float is fantastic as well (served in a large mug!)

~ $20-$25/pax?


Oreo milkshake, carbonara and pizza. Oreo milkshake was thick and full of oreos. Highly recommend!

Carbonara was really creamy with perfect consistency. I really dislike it when my carbonara is too watery or just WAY too thick. This is really perfect and has LOTS of chunky bacon inside.

As for this pizza, it was super cheesy and meaty which was really good too. This has pepperoni and sausage. You should try this one if you're a meat lover.

~ $35/pax


Super cheap and good bowl of don located near Jalan Besar. The egg was perfect and the wagyu was tender and flavorful. All for just $12.90! Mentaiko salmon don was delicious as well and it doesn't have the fishy taste at all. (Coming from someone who absolutely hates fish)

Also tried the garlic parmesan chicken and literally no regrets! Chicken is crispy and juicy and generously coated with garlic and parmesan powder. Decent portion for only $6.

Will definitely be back to try the massive Kyodai Don!


No point eating shit food right, & I'm carnivorous IG @paezz

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