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Featuring Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar), Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Joo Mak Korean Restaurant (Beauty World Centre), Pizza Maru (Northpoint City), Tae Woo Korean Restaurant, Woorinara Korean Restaurant (Lorong Kilat), Mahota Kitchen (Kitchener Complex)
Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Very value for money, a lot of ingredients inside including prawns, crab, mussels (there were 32!!!), squid, instant noodles, tteobokki, etc. It's good for sharing between 3-4 pax. For the price point, it was very worth it, and comes with free soup refills as well. However the broth gets very salty, especially with the ingredients added inside, so drink more water.

A very homely Korean restaurant that offers a HUGE variety of dishes for each category: hotplate, pancake, bbq meats, stew, noodles, etc etc. This was the large black bean sauce noodles ($25, good for 2 pax). It was filled with flavour and the sauce was appetizing, with a generous portion of potato, onions, prawns and squid.

Set Lunch comes with a salad, main (pasta/roast chicken/pan-seared barramundi), and dessert. While this was tasty and flavourful (fries had a nice crispy texture as well) I felt that the portion was a little too small, maybe in future I'll order the ala-carte dishes which seem to be more substantial and more special.

This was an interesting dish, a thin crust pizza with sweet potato puree and cheese on top. I love how the sweetness came from the sweet potato and the cheese made the pizza slightly more savoury. It came with a small bowl of whipped cream (not pictured) and I found the whipped cream to be unique, never tasted sth like it before. I liked how it was fluffy, airy, and not too sweet and somehow really matches well with the pizza. However, this pizza is probably good for sharing, the whole thing might be too sweet for some.

Featured here is the Duck Duck Goes Quack Quack but I know there are many many other flavours and type of pizzas there. They have different bases such as green tea dough, cheese stuffed pizza, etc. For all the pizzas there was a generous amount of topping. The dough was soft and nice to chew. Perhaps there could be a thin crust option, but otherwise, a very pleasant meal.

Original price was $17.80 but there was an ongoing buy 2 at $12+ each deal so this was pretty worth it! It's basically noodles with a thick creamy sauce (the tomato adds a little tanginess so it doesn't get too jelat), topped with cheese shavings which really would be a treat for all cheese lovers out there. I liked this one as the texture of the noodles was chewy which suits such a thick sauce like this. However it IS really quite heavy so it would be advisable to share it with someone or eat it with a more soupy noodle dish.


Kimchi stew, served with a choice of tuna/pork/spam/sausage/saury, and you can pay an additional charge to top up ramen! Although it isn't really necessary as glass noodles are already provided. I would say this is good for 2. Verdict? It has a good mix of ingredients, with kimchi and tofu and mushrooms and onions and other vegetables! There isn't a lot of meat provided, but still shiok enough to get our approval! The soup was definitely spicy, sour and salty, a bit too intense for me, but good for people who want that kick! Better still, they do top up the soup when it's depleted. Overall, I would say it's worth the money!


The noodles were really good. Chewy, soft yet doesn’t get soggy in the blackbean paste. The thickness of the paste is just right too, it spreads itself out evenly onto every strand of noodle. It’s deliciously sweet, yet not too concentrated and overpowering! Best part? The onions. HOW ON EARTH did they cook the onions? It’s really so soft! And the tiny cubes of meat – not huge chunks that you have to eat one by one and distracts you from the taste of the sauce and noodles. The combination was just amazing. I am not one to finish soups and gravy and sauces, but I did this time round.


just another avenue for me to post things cos I bored af lol

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