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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Fragrant milky soft serve with the cutest swirl from Hokkaido Milk Labo at Japan Food Matsuri (till 20 Oct)! Melts pretty fast (or I’m a slow eater) so I think I can imagine how the milkshake might taste like. I liked it enough buttttttttt it’s $7 😛

Enjoyed the doughnuts from @haritts_singapore, which wasn’t too oily nor sweet. The earl grey one was absolutely fragrant and I liked the slightly bitter filling of the chocolate! Other flavours available include our local delight kaya, cream cheese, original.

Do your own glazing of @boufesg’s signature cake with a special red-and-white edition; and try the super adorable jiggly Rabbit tart (soy milk pudding rabbit on a matcha mousse tart with azuki on a light tart crust)! Plenty of beverage options, and a healthier one too, at @teapulse. Loved the chestnut pearls! Or if you love coffee - try the cold brew tonic at @madecold_coffee !
If you’re a sweet tooth, @dohkie.sg’s cookie doughs are for you! While I found it a bit too sweet for my liking, the Bandung flavour was light and fragrant. Made with no egg nor raw flour so it’s safe to consume and great for those who like sneaking bites while baking cookies 🤣

In line with Singapore’s 54th birthday, The Pantry is also serving up Ondeh Ondeh Latte available for the whole of this month. It was surprisingly light, with a nice coconut flavour and not too sweet. -

I EAT DESIGN II is available only today and tomorrow (3-4 August) from 12pm till 7pm.

Thank you Naiise for having us and #burpple for extending the invite! 😊


Needs no introduction - favourite, pretty intense, bittersweet uji matcha/ hojicha is back again, this time with more options for toppings!


yearly favourite affair is back 😭 (mix, $7)


Ongoing now at Suntec Halls 401-403, till 17th June 2018.

Great for budding entrepreneurs looking to start a f&b business, or families and friends looking to spend some time over the weekend - with over 160 booths, you can be sure there’s many food/ drinks and interactive activities!

Got the chance to try the cutest ice cream cookie cups from @ccup.sg,
assorted tiramisu (think kuromitsu with kinako, matcha, earl grey etc.!) from @after7bakery;
very refreshing bird’s nest drink from @realfit.sg (loved the red date!). &I really enjoyed the haebeehiam kueh from @kueh_ho_jiak!

Bought a tub of melt-in-the-mouth salted egg cookies from @adibeecookies cos I couldn’t resist😂. Also got earl grey cookies with very intense flavour (made from premium tea leaves) from @teaideas.sg - which was a big hit with the family! I liked the idea of a tea wand from them too - the tea infuser makes it even easier for a lazy person like me! 😂
Was very tempted to get a pint of pistachio/ yoghurt from @papitto.gelato (smooth, true to flavour and not too sweet) but they were not selling them on the spot - they’re taking orders/ you can also order from their website + there’s free delivery for 2 pints and above! -
Thank you @gnohznaij for extending the invite!


It is baaaaaaack! Got myself the best of both worlds with uji matcha & uji hojicha nama soft ($7) - which was just as I remembered but the bitter undertones seems less intense, ie slightly sweeter, but still good. And there’s matcha sauce! Looks like they’ve taken up a larger shopfront so yep more selections of cakes😌


With 13 food kiosks to pick from, there are plenty of creative options like the gorgeous mirror-glazed cakes (had the chance to glaze them ourselves - so much fun!), the cutest cake pops from @shaunteocreations, fun-sized character macarons from @angel baker; crazy huge ice cream s’mores from @thewickedcream.sg, pretty drinks from @rbteasg, an o-t-t unicorn milkshake from @rainbow_works_, just to name a few. Really liked the Thai Milk Tea from @alley_sg and Chendol Snow Ice from Mei Heong Yuen that makes great in this weather. Savoury options from Putien, Seoul Garden and Watamago (think colourful tamagoyaki) and local favourites of mee siam, assam laksa from Tingkat PeraMakan are also available! (Swipe right to see just some of the many many food available)

Thank you #burpple for extending the invite!


As part of their 2nd birthday bash, these are going for $7/dish! Loved the Huli Huli Chicken, roasted and tender; and of course their 15h slowcooked beef brisket - very worth it for $7, flavorful with a good bite but not annoyingly tough. Not a lamb-person but this Crispy Salt Cured Lamb rib thankfully, didn't have an overpowering gamey taste, paired well with the yoghurt. Decent but slightly disappointing texture was the coffee, cumin & chilli pork belly. I really liked the marination but a pity that it wasn't crackling enough.
Grabbed a beer and suffice to say, happy lunch happy tummy! They've also just launched 4 new brews (& are offering 20% off for top-ups of their tap-cards for today)! #burpple


This Okinawan steam bread is eggless, prepared without any dairy products just good 'ol flour, brown sugar, steamed. $4.50 for 1, $12 for 3 seems slightly pricey but it is quite a massive steamed bread. Sweetness comes entirely from the brown sugar, fluffy and best to eat while hot. Long queue here cos it's freshly steamed!


Last day of Savour Christmas 2016! Can't go wrong with fried chicken and mash but Team Bird Bird has taken this up a notch in Slayer ($12) with the taterly awesome, creamy black truffle mash. The Old Bay fried chicken was crisp while retaining its juiciness, with the tasty blend of herb and spices, topped off generously with country sausage gravy. Talk about the ultimate comfort food!😌 So of course.. #LYDvoteFiona



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