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JB Best Bites

Featuring The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen, Restoran Kam Long (阿福街金龙咖喱鱼头), IT Roo Café, Koone, Restoran Kin Hua (锦华餐室), Restoran Ah Piaw 亞標雲吞麵 (Taman Sri Tebrau)
Cs K
Cs K

The soup was flavorful (albeit a little too salty) with a generous helping of fishball, meatball, prawn and abalone. However the noodle was quite a disappointment. Didn't like the texture of the noodle.


Nice breakfast place in JB. Particularly liked the kaya toast!


KONE sits amongst the cluster of cafes in Jalan Dhoby and it'll be hard to miss KONE if you are there for the famous banana cake or one of the other cafes there. KONE sells just 4 different flavors of soft-serve ice cream: dark chocolate, yogurt, matcha and watermelon. My personal favourite would be the yogurt one which had the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. It also had an authentic yogurt texture. Matcha and watermelon flavors were also rich and authentic. But the dark chocolate one was slightly lackluster as it wasn't rich enough - perhaps dark chocolate is simply incompatible with 'soft serve' type ice cream as it is light and fluffy by nature - gelato-type ice-cream is probably more suitable.

Plus point: dry ice theatric - they put dry ice below the cup to create a mist which is quite interesting to watch.

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Price: ~17 RM.
Salty. Really salty. That was the first thing I thought to myself when the chicken chop touched my taste bud. Although the chicken chop was rather tender and it had a well fried crispy exterior, the chicken chop could really do with less salt! The mushroom sauce only further aggravated the saltiness! Was in desperate need for water afterwards.
The wedges and coleslaw are really run off the mill and nothing to be raved about.

Strongly suggest that you get the fried chicken chop instead of the grilled one if you were to visit IT Roo. I heard that the grilled chicken chop is sub-par (though I have not personally tried it).

Trivia: IT Roo's cafe's was once awarded the 'best chicken chop in malaysia' title in 2003 iirc.


Price: RM ~35 for medium size. The medium size is alright for 3 people if all 3 are small eaters. Otherwise get 1 medium for every pair.

The is one of the best (if not the best) curry fish head I've ever had. The curry was fragrant and it had a strong and yet not overly oppressive curry taste. The texture was also perfect as it was neither overly thick nor overly watery. The amount of curry given is also extremely generous - we kept scooping the curry over and over onto our rice and curry never seemed to run out! They also fried tau kees in the curry, which added a good alternative texture to this dish.

My only gripe is the rather small portion of fish given. I guess that's somewhat expected though since fish is expensive by itself.

Would totally visit this again if I'm in JB for another food trip.


Price: RM14.90. Verdict: will visit The Replacement again, but not for this. This churros with salted egg sauce is a bit of a disappointment. The churros were overly oily texture-wise, taste-wise and smell-wise. The salted egg sauce was also not sufficiently sweet. As a result, this dish just fell below (quite far below in fact) what I expected. Nevertheless, the other dish that we tried tasted good, and the other dishes that we didn't try looked good. Another plus point for this establishment is the ambience -- it had nice decor and it was obvious that much attention was paid to it. Would visit again for the other items if I'm in Jb for another food trip!


Cs K

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