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Recommended lists of Best Italian Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Italian, Burpple Guides, Pasta 15 Best Places for Pizza & Pasta in Singapore There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without these two staples? Oh, the horror! Whether it's for an extravagant Italian date night, a swanky business meal, or a fun DIY pizza session for group meals with those picky friends of yours, there's definitely something for everyone in this guide!
Italian, Date Night, Western A Passion For Italian Italy is number one in my heart amongst the European cuisines. However, Spain and France put up a hard fight for that position sometimes.
Italian, Burpple Guides, Fine Dining Best Italian Restaurants In Singapore “Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers), eat your heart out with our guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore, by Mandy Lynn of Gourmet Adventures.

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Top 10 places for Italian

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Al-dente rigatoni is served with a delicious San Marzano tomato and Capsicum sauce. topped with a glorious ball of creamy burrata.

Despite the lack of meat, I really appreciate that San Marzano tomatoes are used as it really makes up for it. Compared to regular tomatoes, San Marzanos are sweeter, meatier and almost beefy.

📍: Waterfall Ristorante Italiano
🚂: Orchard
💰: $50++
⚖️: Will return. Honestly it's this isn't the place you'd wake up craving but you know the food will always be good

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Lovely Italian joint .great ambience and friendly staff . Fantastic pizza & dessert selection

The highlight is the thinly-sliced 24 months aged parma ham with a full-bodied flavour that tastes really fabulous! 😍

Thank you @atmastelsg for hosting.




Sold by the delectable browned & blistered crust? That is the biggest pay-off after extensive research and trials, fine tuning of ingredients and meticulous preparation process which was invested. Paying attention to every single nitty grits, Amó’s pizzas are baked to perfection in an Italian-made stone wood-fired oven using specially-imported almond wood.
Make your own artisanal pizza at home with the best starter ingredients made of the highest quality! Exclusively available for purchase at our restaurant.
The DIY kit contains:
• Pizza Dough
• Homemade Chilli Paste
• Homemade Pumpkin Sauce
• Homemade Tomato Sauce
📸 & 📝 @whatjeanneats
Location: Amò 33 Hongkong St, Singapore 059672
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Yummy for anyone who is a fan of 黑糯米 (pulut hitam). Instead of coconut milk, it's topped with coconut icecream, making this really refreshing. The caramel crumble bits was good too, adding sweetness to this dessert. (not really sure where was the pistachio paste hidden in this dish) Got this dessert as part of the 3-course set lunch they have for weekday 12-3pm.

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"Mamma Angela" is in town this week, and I've had the chance to taste the homely dishes she used to prepare for her son, Chef de Cuisine Daniele Devillanova back in Italy.
This is also in conjunction with the Italian tomato festival, where San Marzano tomatoes will be the staple ingredient used in their dishes. Some signal dishes prepared by Mamma Angela include:
* Bruschetta di Mamma Angela ($18), which she cooks for breakfast and snack time at home for Chef Daniele;
* Pomodori Secchi e Ricotta Fritta ($27), homemade semi-dried-tomatoes served with a nutty fried ricotta cloud pesto sauce;
* Insalata Spagnola con Crema di Bufala ($27), which is what Chef Daniele misses the most when he is away from his mother;
* Melanzane Ripiene ($31), which is eggplant stuffed with beef and roasted in San Marzano tomato purée. Mamma Angela and Chef Daniele will bring this dish whenever they go on a picnic on Polignano beach near the family house;
* Rigatoni al Pomodoro di Stagione, Peperonata e Burrata Pugliese ($33), a classic summer south Italian rigatoni pasta in chunky fresh San Marzano sauce topped with capsicum stew and creamy burrata, typically served during parties and special occasions.

I went for the San Marzano tomatoes, and came home with the warmth of their family tradition and a slice of Italian culture.
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Possibly the beginning of my love affair with burrata cheese, Publico Ristorante’s made-to-order Burrata Pizza ($25) was simple yet stellar. A straightforward mix of ingredients, it combines classic homemade tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, burrata and Italian basil. Oozy, gooey, and creamy, the generous blobs of soft cheese were really light on the tongue while the piquant sun-dried tomatoes provided some tartness. The fresh tomatoes too, supplied bright colours and burst of sweetness to the wood-fired pizza. Of course, best eaten while its hot, don’t forget the exquisite vessel. Their crisp crust was well-executed - savoury, sufficiently thin, slightly charred edges, with pleasant hints of smokiness.