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There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without th...
“Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers)...

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Topped with feta cheese, honey baked ham, rocket salad, sunny side up and mozzarella cheese, this pizza is said to be their bestseller. Well it has the standard ingredients that make a good "local pizza", and I don't deny that it's tasty too. I like that their handmade crust is thin yet still retaining some chewy bite to it.

That translates to pan fried rosemary chicken with white wine mushroom rosemary sauce. The chicken was tender, the asparagus was a nice surprise (since it wasn't mentioned in the description), and the sauce was pleasant and not too creamy. Decently delicious though not extraordinary.

Wonderful service staff that took note of our reservation comment about our anniversary and gave us an amazing dessert! The lamb loin was also cooked to perfection and deliciously succulent :-) Would definitely recommend especially with Burpple Beyond!

Having their DIY salad and Oh So Decadent coconut banana pie😜 The Rhubarb Strawberry cake was a tad too dry though.. missable if you should come here

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This place has a very nice ambience. Very homely and very friendly staff.
Free parking as well!!

[Available on Burpple Beyond] This was some excellent cheese-only pizza. It’s so flavourful and creamy without being too rich. I had this with 4 other friends and truth be told - I’d not share this if I was given the opportunity to. 🥰😂


Latte - $4.50
Not particularly the best coffee bean used but it was good enough as an average latte.

Pocoloco is a place that have been in my list for a period of time. Known for serving quality Italian food for very affordable prices, they have since expanded the business and have a few outlets islandwide. We went to the snow city outlet and pictured is one of our orders: the mentaiko pasta. Being a fan of mentaiko, this was the perfect pasta for me to savour the carbonara creaminess, salty and umami-ness together at a go.

Garlic pizza was 🔝, nothing like i’ve tried before. Tom yam pizza was good too but a tad too spicy for my liking. Nonetheless, great ambience for a reunion with a pal!

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This was really good, smooth texture cheese & sweet tomatoes. I like it!
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For my main, I opted to top up $15 for Grilled Iberico Pork Loin with Heirloom Carrots, Apricot Compote & Cherries. The pork was tender but I would like it better if it was more flavorful
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For dessert, again a $10 top up for Affogato - homemade bourbon vanilla gelato drowned in Italian espresso coffee. Yum!
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For Gelato fan, you could order a scoop for $10, 2 scoop for $16, 3 scoop for $20. Yes, very pricey indeed and I must say - not that fantastic & not worth the $$

My To go place for pasta. Pasta texture is always al dente, sauce is always flavourful and the sausage they use has herbs in it and it just adds to the flavour.

It reminds me of the pastas I had back in Italy; the same al-dente doneness and savoury taste of original aglio olio.