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Recommended lists of Best Italian Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Pasta, Italian 15 Best Places for Pizza & Pasta in Singapore There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without these two staples? Oh, the horror! Whether it's for an extravagant Italian date night, a swanky business meal, or a fun DIY pizza session for group meals with those picky friends of yours, there's definitely something for everyone in this guide!
Italian, Date Night, Western A Passion For Italian Italy is number one in my heart amongst the European cuisines. However, Spain and France put up a hard fight for that position sometimes.
Burpple Guides, Italian, Fine Dining Best Italian Restaurants In Singapore “Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers), eat your heart out with our guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore, by Mandy Lynn of Gourmet Adventures.

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Top 10 places for Italian

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[4/5 👅] .
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Need we say more than that you don’t need a knife to eat this but just your fork? Peppers were also nice and sweet, and this was just a complete dish with the creamy mash😋

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They don’t have this on the menu, it’s Coconut Pie with Salted Almond and Caramel Fudge. It ain’t sweet at all, apparently the sweetest from the caramel were very well balanced with the thick Coconut pie. Loving this dessert! 😋

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Cooked With cherry tomatoes , garlic , white wine and chilli.
Generous of lobster meat, sauce taste really good, but the pasta overcooked.
Overall good dish. 💙
All pasta are made fresh daily in house.
@publico_sg currently have promotion for lunch set :
💕2 courses for $30.
From Antipasti, Bruschetta, Insalata, Zuppa, Primi/Pizza and Dolci.
💕3 courses for $35.
Choose one item from Antipasti, Bruschetta, Insalata, Zuppa, One item from Primi/Pizza and one item from Dolci. 💕
1 Nanson Road, Singapore.

Thank you @foodgemsg For bring me along.

Their other stuff is so so but pastas are above average at it's price!
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In my book, this is one of the better casual restaurants in Singapore.

The ambience is incredibly private and cosy; whoever designed the layout did a brilliant job with the lighting and seat / barrier heights specifically. They train their service staff very well; I've never had the same server twice, yet all of the staff I have interacted with serve professionally with a smile, and are prompt and accommodating. In these respects Mad for Garlic outperforms many fine dining restaurants that I've been to.

Food is consistent in quality, rich and flavourful, and certainly very unique due to the generous amounts of garlic they put in everything. The Garlic Snowing Pizza ($24++) is THE must-order, with a perfect crust and excellently balanced, intense flavours. Even if someone in the party doesn't fancy prawns or is horrified by pineapple on pizza... get it anyway! I have had friends remove those and eventually admit that their modified pizza slices were the best thing we ordered that day.

The other standout is the Lemon Calamari Cream Risotto ($23++) - sweet calamari meat, rich cream, lemony tartness to cut through it. Once again, intense yet balanced.

Biggest food disappointment was the Crab and Lobster Pasta ($24++), it sounds good on paper but something just doesn't quite work with this dish. And it's not that they're extremely stingy with the meat; I would think perhaps it just does not pair well with garlic.

Two negative points - they do not take any reservations, and they charge for water; and even if you are willing to pay for water, they only sell bottled and will not warm it for you. Hopefully management will consider changes to these policies in the future.


Can't wait to head back to try their lunch menu on free days to come.

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Rich, flavourful and not over powering.
Great filling to pasta to sauce ratio. If you're a seafood or pasta lover this is definitely something to try.👌🏻

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Love the ambience of the restaurant, as for the Pizza it could've have been better. Soggy in the middle.
In comparison to 2 other restaurants that serve pizza... this is considered average. 3🌟