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There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without th...
“Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers)...

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Offered on the day of our visit, my friend's order of their Squid Ink Mafalde was simply delicious and slurp-worthy. She had built her pasta ($9.90/100g) with Salmon Caviar (ikura) (+$3), plump Sauteed Prawns (+$4), Extra Virgin Olive Oil prepared with Aglio Olio. Not expecting the deep earthy and slightly briny flavour of the housemade ribbon-shaped pasta, I think that the choice of aglio olio was surprisingly complementary as the seafood-y taste was not overwhelmed by the sauce. The ruffled edges of the pasta were also able to capture some of the light garlicky sauce.

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My new favourite pasta place, Tipo Pasta Bar’s menu was compact yet versatile. With a constant rotation of flavours, the kinds of pasta we tried were all really good. 

Having the Dill & Lemon Campanelle, I decided to build my own pasta ($9.90/100g) with grated Parmesan, Truffle Pate (+$3), Alfredo sauce and fresh-tasting Sauteed Prawns (+$4). Buttery and oh so creamy, the dish was thankfully not swimming in sauce and had just the right amount so that it felt decadent without being cloying. Mixing in the generous dollop of pate, the sauce was elevated by the earthy fragrance. The texture of the handmade pasta was also chef’ kiss - perfectly al dente. What’s more, the delicate yet sturdy shape was able to catch much of the cheesy cream sauce so every mouthful was superbly flavourful.

I enjoyed my first-time experience dining at Kucina. The ambience was pleasant for a casual dinner date - it wasn’t too noisy and we had a cozy space to dine in. The staff and their friendly service left a good first impression when they first greeted us. Beyond that, the menu did not disappoint. The Pesto pasta we ordered was appealing and was appropriately flavoured. The tomato-based Gnocchi was my ultimate favourite. The generous amount of potato dumplings and chopped salmon complemented the overall nice tangy taste to it :)

Juicy clams with parsley. For the price, there’s not much complain. The clams were still fresh and definitely cooked thoroughly. The broth has a slight clam taste to it which was good.

Have to say they’ve improved their grill. Chicken skin was crispy and the sauce had pepper kick to it. Flavourful yet not salty. Their wedges was served hot unlike previous times I’ve visited.

Sponge cake with sweet whipped cream, mascarpone, brandy and marsala wine, with cocoa power.
When you visit an Italian restaurant, tiramisu should be first on the list to try and this did not disappoint.
The alcohol was evidently unlike other places which serves tiramisu. The cream was light and not jelat and it definitely leaves you satisfied.

Came here for my birthday celebration in March and wow was so hyped because of all the reviews I heard... my little sister ordered the Bolognese and honestly even I was shook I had around 5 different people replying to my Insta story saying they could cook something similar to this lmfao

this was 20 bucks? Or so? Can’t remember was the small portion get the large if you want to be full....... but yeah was really underwhelming. service was meh too bought a cake from Olivia nearby before they changed the recipe (you’d know how fast it melt) asked the service staff if we could eat there (Ofc it’s okay for her to refuse because outside food policy) but she said we could ONLY if we purchased another dessert damn.... son... our bill was already 400$ there about. From a CRM perspective would totally have let the customer have the cake in the resraurant.

But taste is really average. And for the price.... La Nonna hands down anyday.

We had a sumptuous meal from caffe cicheti. We ordered-pollo alla diavolla, branzino, iberico pork, truffle fries and 2 pastas: pesto and arriabata. The highligght for me would be the pollo-Grilled chicken in devil style that is salty and strongly herbaceous. The pastas were also equally delicious.Not pictured is the tiramisu which was one of the best desserts that I've had from an Italian establishment.

Ordered the Spaghetti Vongole and Truffle Carbonara. The Vongole was decent, Morettino was very generous with the clams. The Truffle Carbonara had a heavy, overpowering taste of truffle. If you love truffle, thisight be the dish for you.
Also ordered a Guinness which tasted very bland, almost like water.

Grilled chicken and mushroom risotto ($25) a must have - risotto not overcooked, general serving of mushroom. The kale was added for good measure. Good dish in general.
Sizzling garlic rice ($23) also very flavourful, and the fish roe added a delightful crunch. Thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. Not my first time here. Can't really go wrong with this place. The only thing is that they are quite understaffed, so you may need to wait to bit to be seated and/or served. They also only provide bottled watter ($1 per bottle Dasani), no complimentary tap water.

Pictured above: Prawns & Smoked Salmon pasta and Seafood Aglio Olio

Waiting time for the food was a little long despite little to no customers in the café. The food was exceptionally great though! The cream base for the Prawns & Smoked Salmon pasta is not too salty, very fragrant and prawns were springy. The Seafood Aglio Olio did not disappoint either – strong garlic taste with the spiciness at an adequate level. Pasta is al dente and both dishes are aesthetically very pleasing. Would definitely come back again for good authentic Italian food!

I absolutely adore gargantuan, ripe, juicy melons. I just love the weight and feel of plump, sweet melons in my hands as I give it gentle squeezes while I admire the beauty of them. I could and probably would eat them all day. Yes, rockmelons are amongst my favourite melons.⠀

How do you make melons even greater? Why, you slap your meat on those melons, of course. @linopastabar offers the classic Italian appetiser of melon & parma ham as one of the sumptuous starter selections. Better yet, it’s also an option from their unbelievably value for money $22++ 3 course set lunch. The set lunch is even available on weekends, which is wicked sick in all the right ways.⠀

I’ve already professed my devotion to big, bouncy melons, and these majestic melons are ravishingly ripe and sinfully sweet. The seemingly odd combo of sweet & salty is a simple spell, but quite unbreakable. The sweetness of the melon is a fantastic foil to the meaty satisfying saltiness of the top quality parma ham. And of course, it wouldn’t really be an Italian classic if you didn’t pair it with a glass of crisp, bubbly prosecco.⠀

This appetiser is a stellar start to a smashing set menu, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t indulge in @linopastabar 3-course lunch at least twice.

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