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Very friendly staff. Food took a while to arrive but worth the wait! The ribs fell off the bones and the coconut complemented the ribs perfectly. We also had the Spit Roasted Butter Chicken as we were using the Burpple Beyond 1-1, and it was so good as well. I particularly enjoyed the briyani, it was so delicious! Will be back to try their Crab Briyani for sure. Note that the service staff asked if we would like still or sparkling water. My guess is that if we asked for the still it would be bottled and charged later on. However we declined and were offered iced water later.

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There is naan like you 🎵

Total damage: $10 and two happy tummies 😋

I love the naan here at Tekka Market! It is worth it for the price. Crispy on the surface and nice floury centre ❤️ and the uncle always very happy haha.
Love my carbs hehe.

Two garlic naan ($2 each),
butter chicken ($3.50),
aloo gobi ($2.50).

Had a spread of vegetarian dishes including masala thosai, garlic naan, fried cauliflower and some smashed veggies roll.

Overall, food was affordable and good

Terrific truffle mushroom linguine, generous amount of truffle oil used here unlike some places that do truffle pasta. You can taste the truffle very distinctly. Mushrooms were seared to perfection and were very fragrant like how mushrooms which are done properly should taste like. Chicken briyani was just pretty okay, the papadum tasted the best in the dish, crispy with the right amount of bite. Dahl and briyani was a bit flat, and could have been more aromatic.

This was so so.

Looks so so

Taste so so.

5.5/10 for food.

Heavily lacking in flavour. No wok-hei, limp, gluey and clumpy. The mutton bits were scarce. It’s a really disappointing meal at this joint!

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Ordered this garlic prata for $2.6 at midnight around 1am. It is good.

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$4.50 for a really bad take on roti john. We couldn’t taste any minced meat within the roti john. The fillings were spread unevenly- we had a significant portion of plain, empty baguette which wasn’t even toasted/grilled. The roti was doused with an overload of mayo and ketchup which were unnecessary, especially when there’s a lack in taste of the eggs, chicken and onions?! Bad food with horrible service too. Slow with dirty cutleries stained w food marks and even food bits (what on earth!). We ended up washing the cutleries ourselves in the toilet. This place is too overrated. Either that or the origins shopfront had gotten too cocky from the media features. Haven’t been to any prata shop worse than this.

Introduced as a mainstay on the menu following some aware during the Hawkerfest 2017? It’s essentially eggs benny on top of prata, drizzled with a blanket of hollandaise which was too mayo-ish. The pale yellow hint of the hollandaise was a big giveaway to the authenticity of hollandaise sauce. It didn’t help that the ham was supermarket-ready (& possibly from a housebrand) as well. For $5.50, there shouldn’t be much complaints nor expectations for higher grades of ham but the hollandaise was kinda unacceptable?! Not sure why this even made it into the hawkerfest list. The only saving grace was a runny yolk in the well poached egg. Tho unfortunately didn’t integrate well into the prata cos it’s crispy and doesn’t soak up the yolk. Never trying this again! Let pratas be pratas and bennies be bennies please!

The prices here are a bit higher than most similar type of eateries but it is spacious, bright and perhaps because it is relatively new, looks quite clean.
Besides an egg prata with sliced green chilli, I decided to order a plate of fried beehoon to share. Because I had requested for tomato ketchup to be left out, the beehoon came out white and tasted quite peppery. Which I didn’t mind as it was quite tasty and worked with the fluffily fried noodles. But for $5, there was really not much ingredients. Not counting the fried egg on top, I only found canned peas, small pieces of potato, a bit of egg, cabbage and white onions.

It is clear that the egg pratas are made with attention. I like that compared to the average one out there, they are slightly bigger in size and not oily. I like to order mine with sliced green chilli as I feel its fresh, almost-fruity spiciness is a nice addition to the fried dough.

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Wide variety of food. The seafood (lobster, prawns, crab, oysters, sashimi) is the best - quite fresh. The Indian selection is also commendable. The local food is mediocre, far below the level at StraitsKitchen at the Grand Hyatt: bak chor mee, laksa, roast meats, carrot cake. Service is friendly but not terribly proactive - we had to ask for water refills all the time. Surprisingly, the cashier agreed to give us parking redemption tickets only if we signed up for (free) membership of local MO eating club.