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Thasevi's chicken murtabok was a little disappointing tbh considering that we decided against dropping by The Prata Place midway though a hike at Lower Seletar Reservoir and Springleaf Nature Park.

The shredded chicken was dry, tough and tasted meeeeeh but you can't go wrong with egg cheese and mushroom prata thank goodness.

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Teh Hahlia with just the right amount of ginger and sweetness

This has to be the most popular Indian rojak in Singapore, for a dish that's not usually mentioned among favourite local eats. I agree the hot, crunchy, refillable sauce was good, but the rojak was so-so. Granted, my options were limited. I selected prawn cake, two dough cakes and a vadai.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the “Laksa Lobster Burger”!
Available NOW, this limited edition, saucy seafood sensation is a collab between myself and the team at @meatsmith.xpress.sg. Shocking, I know since I don’t cook 😆 But after intense brainstorming, R&D-ing and taste-testing with Head Chef @kurt.sombero and his team (thank you guys for being so patient), we’ve come up with a burger that I hope you will enjoy. Allow me break it down for you:

1. Customised brioche buns by Head Baker @tart-tatin and the @burntends.bakery_sg team with a smear of chilli butter.
2. Laksa sauce made from scratch - There’s plenty of it.
3. Tandoor-roasted lobster tail - The smoky, springy and succulent chunks give a really satisfying mouthfeel.
4. Crispy cubes of pork fat because I love me a little lard.
5. Basket-grilled bean sprouts - Often found in a bowl of #laksa, the vegetable is prepared in an alternative way to complement the burger.
6. Laksa leaf and marinated cucumber - More laksa ingredients represent! And they add oomph and a refreshing crunch.

On the side is a heap of crunchy-fried rice noodles seasoned with laksa leaf and prawn powder, plus a belachan aioli dip to use as you please.

Get your hands on this limited edition burger today by tapping on the link-in-bio on Meatsmith Xpress’ or my Instagram account:


P.S. I am not making money out of this. It is purely my honour to be invited as a Guest Chef and besides, I knew it would be fun creating something really tasty with Chef Kurt and the Meatsmith LittleIndia / Xpress team 😄


Elegant dining room with great service. The menu has interesting and unusual dishes, especially among street food and appetiser offerings, but the flavour is extremely mild, too tuned down for western palates.

Another well executed dish; 14++. Stayed crispy until the end and accompanied by a lime mayonnaise. Safe option but recommended.

Crispy Duck pancakes, 18++. Asian fusion restaurant with a relaxed ambience in an upstairs cocoon. A decent dish, well presented. Duck was indeed crispy and sufficient quantity and pancakes to make a well sized starter.

Today is V day. I cant believe writing a love letter to springleaf prata instead of my V.

Late for morning openings - waited 7mins before they opened their doors. Waited another 30mins for food (i was the second customer, the first customer only ordered for a family of 5, 3 kids). I ordered 3 pratas too...

Processed delivery orders while having customers waiting in shop

Cold teh tarik. Rubbery prata like eating my own car tyre.

Had another group of aunties complained about the cold tea and had the tea remade. The tea came back cold again... they told the waiter don’t bother changing liao lol.

Been only going to this restaurant cause it’s near my place. But after consistent bad service I have restricted my trips to get tea only from there. Today, while getting tea which should be one of the easiest orders to fulfil the person firstly looked super displeased when I asked for it to be served in a cup instead of plastic container and also looked super upset that I wanted a second cup which I had already stated at the start of the order. The service is just getting worse. Hope they improve soon!

Get into the Mamba Mentality with the maniacal Mamba Burger ($19) from @meatsmith.xpress.sg. A colossal collab between @meatsmith_sg & @parkbenchdeli where the madlads from both sides took a fantastic cheeseburger from Meatsmith, and shoved in a massive mound of meat in the form of smoked beef pastrami AND corned beef. Because, y’know, more meat makes meat even better. Science, bitch!⠀

I have fawned over Meatsmith’s fantastic cheeseburgers before, and it’s the same here. A 100% brisket patty has 2 slices of MURICAN cheese melted over it. Before the top half of the dense & soft potato bun comes in to seal the deal, the pastrami & corned beef are heaped atop the patty, a helping of homemade coleslaw joins in the orgy, said orgy is lubricated by redolent Russian dressing, and a pair of pickles quietly slid in through the backdoor and are just trying hard to blend in.⠀

Yes, it’s a maelstrom of meat, but it’s a goddamn magnificent maelstrom of meat, and you WILL love it (or else). The normal smokiness of the cheeseburger patty gets upped by about 200% due to the charming corned beef & pastrami, which are supremely smoky & satisfyingly salty. Oh, and they’re pretty tender too. The corn in the ‘slaw is hopelessly out of place, but hey since it’s here might as well.⠀

The Mamba is a massive, meat-laden burger that requires you to make like a snake to fit the entire thing in your maw, but it is unadulterated & greatly gratifying gluttony at its best. Unfortunately, it’s a takeaway & delivery only exclusive, which means that it will almost never be enjoyed at its hot, fresh off the grill prime. They should make this a permanent fixture at both @meatsmith_sg & @parkbenchdeli, so that everyone can gorge themselves on the glorious creation.⠀

Currently it’s only available till Valentines Day, so fellas... give your special lady the gift of your massive, meaty Mamba on the 14th and she’ll love you 3000 5ever.

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One portion of the free-flow rice and veggies. It may be free-flow but it's $4.