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Good food but serving just took way too long. Good vibes but bit overpriced as well.

Nice presentation. Great portion size. Great to taste

Chicken was a bit dry and felt like it was not fresh.

Would not recommend this dish. All other food was good.

2 on 5 for this dish

Brilliant. Great value for money.

Portion size perfect for 1.

Taste is authentic bombay. Must try 5 on 5

Great fish for the price. Portion size is small but taste and quality is nice.

I suggest order with some gravy and rice to enjoy the best way

5 on 5

Rice noodles + mixed lettuce + mixed cabbage + bean sprouts + Japanese cucumber + cashews + sunflower seeds + fried shallots + coriander + sesame oil + crispy rice paper + almond dressing

The fried shallots was the sin in this otherwise gloriously healthy dish. It’s an Asian salad that wasn’t mind-blowing but it was truly very Asian tasting. The plating was pretty too.

This café has a cosy ambience and it serves up many other healthy meals too!

Handcrafted stack pan fried Roti John with chicken.
Deliberately drizzle cheese over.
Satisfying portion.
Happy place to dine.

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One of the popular items available here.
Satisfying portion of Egg Masala Thosai.
Another round of service with a smile.
Happy place.

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Wow. Just look at that egg. Matched with their famous prata. Probably the best plaster I've eaten.

This new concept by the Burnt Ends Hospitality Group will be different from their ala carte menu offering in the first level as diners opting for this tasting menu will embark on a multi-course culinary journey starting with appetizers such as the Biryani Nigiri whereby the well-spiced biryani rice takes centerstage this time round followed by a trio of snacks that has been deconstructed and presented in a contemporary manner such as the Fish and Chips, Chicken Satay and Lamb Satay, these appetizers paired with a refreshing Honey + Tea cocktail.

What came after was another cold dish of Curried Granita and Carabinero paired with a Mango + Coconut champagne before the Grilled Squid that’s cooked in dhal and served with poppadum. The latter is probably one of my favourites of the night as you crack the poppadum into small pieces and mix in to the dhal and squid before eating. The differing textures and flavours go so well together that you will mop clean the plate. Another dish that probably could wrestle the spotlight away from the squid is the Brisket and Beets; smoked brisket sitting on top of a toasted bread and cheese, topped with pickled beets to balance the flavours perfectly so that you will not feel surfeited after eating it.

The next course will be the mains, and on that day, we got the Tandoori Roast Duck and Butter Chicken Deluxe each to share, and between both, my vote goes to the roast duck as there is absolutely zero gaminess from it. The meal ends off with a Pandan Ice Cream with Honey Corn Flakes and a trio of Coconut Caramel Cake, Chocolate Ganache and Gunpower Milo. If you wish to try a different dining experience, Meatsmith Little India Level 2 is where you should book as the flavours and pairing are something that you will not expect.
✨ Meatsmith Little India Level 2
📍 21 Campbell Lane, Level 2, Singapore 209894
🛵 https://meatsmithlittleindia.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Tasting]

This tasted more like a combination of cereal and powdered milk. Is Horlicks like this? I don't think so.