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With several outlets around, this is one of the most convenient places to get this dish.
It's also one of the cheapest, with the drawback being the lower ratio of crunchy cauliflower to tender potatoes.
But the flavour is properly mildly spice sweet savoury, with a little bit of heat. Nice.
Aloo Gobi
ABC Nasi Kandar Restaurant
@ 67 Desker Road
Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours
More details:

I usually don’t order idlis because as a non Indian who didn’t grow up eating idlis for breakfast , I find it bland n tasteless. But these idlis with their inhouse blend of podi seasoning really revolutionised my concept of what the humble idli can achieve . Every week they add in a special secret ingredient into their podi mix n ask diners for a taste test , which I failed miserably at identifying . The chutneys were delicious ( tomatoe , eggplant & coconut ) . The food here is “clean” tasting , quality ingredients like home made cooking done lovingly by ur grandmama . Totally opposite from the heavy ,oily ,overly spiced up Indian food u encounter in typical Indian restaurants. I loved everything we ordered.

bought the chicken burger & hawaiian pizza with burpple 1-for-1 for dinner. the ambience is great especially with the sunset and nature surrounding the restaurant! the chicken burger is of a generous serving and flavourful, definitely worth getting! however, the hawaiian pizza is rather mediocre and tasted like microwaved pre-made ones, so would recommend giving that a miss instead.
would definitely come back again for their burgers and the amazing location!

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A very colourful stall front that usually attracted long queue, even they located a the back of the coffee shop.

Most people would come here for their super crispy plain prata.

I do find it a bit hard to cut them into pieces as it seem pretty easily to break into more pieces. But I do like how crispy it is. $2.40 for 2 pieces

Despite being on the pricier side, they are generous with their ingredients and portions! Prata was crispy as well.

This was umami in every bite, and it tasted so good on its own we went without the extra sauces provided. For $32 this was a bit steep for 4pcs tho

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Decided on Thai from the many cuisines they offered and WOWOOWW this was downright delicious- from the intricate fried omelette to the tender chicken breast to the piping hot tasty Thai kuay teow. Love that they provided extra chilli. Very authentic and delicious!!!

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Nice crisp on the exterior, not oily at all. Cheese was decent as well.

Served w chickpeas in tomato puree and a mild green dip w hints of mint and a little bit of heat.

A good Prata, but this is way too expensive for 1 piece

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Honestly tastes exactly like a naan stuffed w potatoes. Very normal and their naans are super expensive

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Supposed to be veggies in spinach gravy but doesn't seem like spinach to me. It's creamy but not greasy or too heavy. The veggies were cooked extremely well, particularly the French beans had a perfect texture


Roasted eggplant mash

Slightly peppery, the eggplant taste is present and it's basically you scrape roasted eggplant and mix it. Quite a mild flavour save for a tad of heat

(Sorry for the bad photos, couldn't wait to dig in)
Top picture:
Plain hopper @ $4
Egg hopper @ $6
Lamb curry @ $24
Wattakka kalu pol (butternut squash curry) @ $16
Wambatu moju (preserved eggplant) @ $8

Bottom left: crab cutler @ $16
Bottom right: dallo baduma (fried calamari) @ $22

To be fair, I've never had Sri Lankan food before but every dish tastes good so does not matter if it is authentic or not.

Service staff was great and we ordered everything that she recommended and they are really awesome. She also mentioned to go for the hopper instead of rice which really makes sense 'cuz we saw rice served at other tables and it looks very filling. Which means there won't be space for all these delicious food.

Portion isn't very big, so recommend to go in slightly bigger groups, can order more stuff and get a few bites of everything.

Would be back to try the other items on the menu!