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From Al Jasra
Teh Tarik
Nicely executed hot brewed pulled tea.
Not bad indeed.

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From Al Jasra
Quick breakfast of fried noodle.
Added fried egg and fish cake.

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Not a tea person and I felt this place the tea abit thin, and not much tea taste either. Can only taste condensed milk, but somehow still v addictive. Maybe I'm just pleb lol

There's something in there which dehydrates your mouth a little tho, making you crave it

Seeing a few articles about this place for their contemporary Indian meal.

The daily special comes with various choices, including the 1 cold dish, 2 vegetables, 1 chargrilled chicken and butter pilaf.

While the meal itself was comfortable and not so heavy, but the portion seems too little for me. As I started to feel hungry soon after. $6.80

Hands down best thosai/ dosa in Singapore! The skin is thin and crispy, and the potatoes flavourful - a new favourite!

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Not gonna lie I haven't had too many dosas, but I'm glad the ones I tried were all winners. According to Irene, this one is better than MTR. Not sure how good MTR is but this was amazing so I'm inclined to believe

Super crispy but the thin interior was slightly doughy, basically perfect texture. Easy to tear, and the exterior was v thin and shatters. Dips were full of flavour too, from the umami powdery sauce on the left, to the sapid chickpea curry in the middle, as well as the mint spicy dip at the right. Unbelievable at this price, and evidently super popular w locals

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Juicy beef patty. Bun super flavourful 👍👍 no regrets

4. Chong Qing style spicy chicken 重庆辣子鸡. Again I usually don’t like spicy food, but this dish tasted really good. The deadly spicy look of this dish might scare non spicy lovers away, but you can be sure that it will not burn a hole in your mouth. It was not too oily and the small bite-size chicken meats were “crunchy”. I just wish that the chicken skin could be removed before cooking. Just me. Haha.

I woke up with this huge craving for a savoury crepe and what better than a masala Thosai .

It is the embodiment of an Asian crepe and in my opinion , better than the French crepe due to its tangy note , health benefits and economical piece point .

You’d have to pay 18 to 20 dollars for a French crepe which is typically just sparsely filled with condiments but for this - you’d only pay 2.50 and you get bang for your buck with creamy spiced potatoes and a 3 accompanying sides of sauces .

Can’t ask for more .

All the way to Sin Ming Road for one of my fav Roti Prata place.
Location: Sin Ming Roti Prata, 24 Sin Ming Rd, #01-51, Singapore 570024
#sinmingrotiprata #rotiprata #burpple #burpplesg #sghawkerfood #sghawker #hawkerfood #sinmingroad

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Came here on the day before Deepavali to satisfy our cravings for curry - and this place didn’t disappoint! The food here was really delicious and fragrant. The restaurant was very generous with the meat and servings - the servings were a lot bigger than we expected. Definitely worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Service was good, the restaurant staff were very friendly. We even got restaurant-specific cashback for dining to use at our next visit!