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Featuring Folklore, 5 Little Monkeys Cafe, IVINS Peranakan Restaurant (Binjai Park), Peranakan Flavours, The Blue Ginger (Tanjong Pagar), Tingkat PeraMakan (Owen Road), DuluKala Peranakan Restaurant, Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen & Gallery
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Rather light in taste, but rich in mouthfeel from the coconut milk, the sweetness of the banana was enhanced by the coconut milk. First time trying this and quite liked it

P.S. they're a family restaurant so the service isn't all super attentive, make sure your requests are clearly heard and understood

P.S.A. don't remove their paper menu, it's there for easy cleanup since there's gonna be zhup all over the table

Rather mild, rlly generous portion though. Topping was hard and not crunchy, best to soak it in the broth to soften it.

They chose a slightly gelatinous cut, so it was v tender and easy to pull apart. Sauce was slightly sweet and rather umami, nothing too crazy, just a superb home-cooked dish!

Really strong tamarind, the buah keluak was more muted. But still v good, v appetizing. Chicken was a little dry, quite tender

P.S. their portions are q generous, probably 3-4 dishes to share between 2 pax will do, esp if you're getting drinks and desserts. 5 is too much

Unbelievably crunchy and fat, and the sambal was amazingly shrimpy and chewy to such a degree that it almost felt like a featured mini ingredient than a mere paste. The petai wasn't particularly stinko - perhaps thanks to the charms of the sambal, its controversy was reduced to a slight bitterness. This was $6.50 (!) without any imposed GST and service charge (!!) in a comfy and spacious cafe setting (!?!). Recommended for sure. 4/5



Yeah nah this isn't the full portion lol there's 3 of these pieces. Didn't think it's gonna deserve a post on its own but boy was I wrong(thus the late picture with only 1 piece left). Crispy on the outside yet not too hard, and delightfully fluffy in the middle, it's the perfect vessel for the myriad of scrumptious sauces


Generous portion of fish maw and lightly flavoured minced meat. I prefer stronger tasting soups though so this was the only dish we didn't finish

Bean paste taste wasn't very strong so it was like stewed pork ribs. Pretty tender pork ribs though so it was quite good

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Sour and citrusy, the soup was almost drinkable and I really liked it. Nicely balanced with sweetness, it wasn't too spicy. Fish was extremely meaty as well, 3 generous fillets

Quite a comforting rendition and my friend who was ill absolutely loved it

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Tender pieces of beef in a decent gravy. Thick and not too spicy


Good decision to leave this to the last as it's rather filling. Came in expecting something exciting but got a really pleasant, mild, homely version which I had absolutely no complaints about. Extremely tender especially considering the cut of beef, but it's a rather mild version so do mix in the sambal at the side

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Would travel for food

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