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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Minimum order.

Quite average, skin was very soft and not stretchy which is fine but filling was pedestrian

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We came at 930am when the dude just came so he gave us frozen coconut. It sucked.

The ondeh ondeh itself was not bad, shredded coconut w gula melaka inside. But not as impressive as their other kuehs

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Very good. Soft and mochi-esque in chew. The coconut flavour was reasonably prominent too

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The pulut hitam lacks sweetness but the coconut Panna cotta was fine, so overall it could have been a little more sweet. Texture were good for both.

Overall it's a decent dessert but no surprises

Kueh Bingka ubi, but very different from the usual

This one is much more smooth, bouncy, and has a complexity from some sweet source. It's good, more like mochi than bingka ubi, but it's way too pricey. I wouldn't get it again given this price(really small portion btw)

Best peranakan place I've had so far by far as of 2/2/22. Rlly ex tho think of it as fine dining pls

I really recommend this hot tea. Made of dried longans and red dates. Rich deep flavors made me feel that they didn’t scrimp on the ingredients. Not sweet at all. Felt very nourishing. They kept topping up the tea pot. The tea cup was a bit weird. Very difficult to hold. Be careful not to drop it.

The duck was alright but the sauce is stellar. It's my virgin experience but I feel like my standard for this is unreal if this is my benchmark. It's got a tinge of sourness but there's an intensely satisfying quality to it, while being extremely addictive. It doesn't taste of the usual coriander flavour though.

Apparently an unreal amount of effort required to make it but I'd say it's worth it. Rlly hard to draw a comparison but MUST TRY for sure

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For 2 halves. Ridiculously ex but help me if this isn't BY FAR the best otah I've had as of 3/2/22. The aromatics are heavenly and the texture was great, having some bounce and a bit of bite. You can tell it's not crumbly despite it not being a homogeneous paste. The surprise comes from there being a crispy thin portion at one of the ends, which is rare.

Should try at least once

It's costly but it's pretty perfect, rlly hard to fault this. Theirs is so unique yet so easy to love, it's super aromatic and there's a bit of sweetness, along with a slight kick. You better get another portion if you're sharing between 3 or more, it's a must try due to its uniqueness and easy to love nature

Their version here is actl abit different from the norm. It has medium body and is quite sour. It's more aromatic than umami. It goes pretty well with rice but it's extremely pricey for the portion

3 small pieces, it's extremely tender and quite aromatic but the sour slant instead of spiciness from the Malay style is something that I took a little getting used to. As you can tell this is extremely pricey though

Their portions are fit for 1, the peranakan decor is immaculate, so best to treat this place as a fine dining restaurant(portions aren't rlly meant for sharing tbh)

Banana cake has a decent flavour and it was less dry than the chocolate cake. An above average rendition!

Would travel for food

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