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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The sorbet was interesting w hints of ginger and predominantly lychee, not too strong though

Dried pineapple was interesting too, but the cookie crumble lacked crunch.

MSW puree was pretty sick but there wasn't too much of it at all. Otherwise it's a decent bowl of chendol, each component was passable but none really stunned in particular. Kidney beans were not bad. There's a lot of gula melaka at the bottom and it's very sweet so make sure u don't stir it

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What an interesting apom, it's nothing like the normal apom (visually obviously but taste wise as well). The texture is akin to some kuehs instead. It's soft yet has a slight bite, and comes w slight mochi-esque bounce. Not to mention it comes slightly crispy(completely annihilated by the pengat though)

The pengats were fine but felt too restaurant-styled, even though it's intense enough it doesn't have that sinfulness lol. Still pretty decent overall, but really pricey.


Another great one. It wasnt out of the usual league like their bakwan kepiting or prawn chili garam, simply because many places make a mean one as well, but this was superb execution.

There's an acidity in the sauce that forms a large component in the overall taste profile, but blends well with the buah keluak. You can smell it yet it's not too overwhelming when you're eating it. Fantastically adjusted so that people who are new to it can appreciate and those who love the taste are satisfied too. obviously the chicken is tender(we had 2 drumsticks and 1 thigh)

The nut though, that's something else. I think it's my second time trying it? And this is by far the more intense one. For people who love the taste only, there's quite a hint of chocolate and a tad of fermentation aroma


The prawns were not bad but the killer element is the chili. So humbly fragrant, giving off a mild sweetness and some fruitiness as you chew, while still remaining clearly savoury. My girl was utterly impressed

Price is abit sick for the portion but haishhhhh, soup's not in the league of any other version I've tasted. The meatball was okay and full of seafood, but the well-balanced, umami soup is where it's at. Add on elegantly fried garlic and it's a real test of selflessness, especially considering the portion

PSA The ala carte order comes with crabmeat automatically, unlike the set lunch

Obviously it a lot more stuffed than the normal popiahs, and there's quite a few more ingredients inside, which changes the flavour. It's quite different from the norm, but not necessarily that much better. Understand that you're paying for the seafood, not necessarily a superior product overall, even tho it's quite disparate in taste

Unfortunately, there were crab shells in this. They promised to be more careful next time tho

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Interesting texture. It is closest to jelly, but it is like of like Chee Kueh also. Pretty good, can have more corn

The kuehs are all 3bucks, the Christmas cakes go for A lot more

Gula melaka layer wasn't as good as Kueh salat, but the sticky brown rice layer was better than the sticky rice layer for Kueh salat. Overall again not too shabby

And if I'm not wrong it's cash only or sth

The Kueh selection is like market liddat, literally just take and pay, whether you're alr eating or not lol

Their pandan layer was interesting, it really was souffle texture. Unfortunately rice layer was just a tad thick, because the pandan layer was so light. Overall still not bad though, but of course it's ivins lol

Tiny tiny portion, taste is pretty decent. Looks fiery but actl ok, a wet version w focus on spices rather than hae bee

I would say it's pretty unique, there's a certain watery tang about it, with the preeminance of peanut. Quite good, maybe can try if you're in a big group or its your second time here, because there are other signature dishes

Would travel for food

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