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Local Delights

Local Delights

Featuring Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju, Foo Hing Dim Sum (富兴点心), The Daily Fix Cafe, Thong Kee (Sea Park), Happy Meal 开心小食店, Madam Kwan's (Mid Valley Megamall), Raj's Banana Leaf (Bangsar), Maliki Nasi Kukus, KLSMC - Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre, Putien (The Gardens)
Calie Tang
Calie Tang
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I would say skip this and go for the kaya butter instead. Eggs were under seasoned and made the croissant quite soft.

Don't miss out trying the 1+1. A mix of coffee and tea, it was one of the best I've tried.

My first time trying and I kinda liked it. Spot the Aunty selling a selection of traditional Hakka food and kuih just outside of The Daily Fix Cafe, Melaka.

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My must order each time I dine here. Sweet and sour pork with lychee (RM22). Reasonably sized pork pieces that is crispy and tender on the inside.

We ordered a medium sized portion and is just enough for the 3 of us. The dish is had plenty of flavour in the stock of salted egg and century egg. Highly recommended to order.

Silky and chewy noodles in a rich creamy broth. Comfort food at its best.

All time favourite dish in Madam Kwan’s featuring Chicken Curry, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Dried Shrimp Floss, Hard Boiled Egg and a side of Acar. Typically served with fragrant coconut rice but I opted to change mine to Bojari rice instead which is a tri coloured spiced rice.
Service was super friendly and quick.

Came by at 11am for their durian puff. The puff was soft and the durian filling is pretty solid so it's like ice cream. Highly recommended! They have heaps of other pastries and cake as well.
Apparently they sell out pretty quick, so get there earlier.


A new banana leaf restaurant located at the ground floor of Wisma Perintis (near Help Uni). Owners of Sahana aims to help refugees by offering them jobs and a place to stay.
In frame: Banana Leaf Rice (RM9.50) and Chicken Varuval (RM10). Sahana practices self service whereby you order and choose your dishes at the counter. You can opt for white rice or briyani. Once you collect your banana leaf, self add on dahl, fish or chicken curry. A tad bit pricey for banana leaf rice but portion was big. I had a mango lassi as well (RM6), quite sweet for my taste.


Instead of the usual Nirwana banana leaf rice, we decided to try Raj’s banana leaf just around the corner.
Banana Leaf Set (RM8) - taugeh, pumpkin, cucumber, fried bitter gourd. Mutton Varuval (RM10.60) - Chucky pieces of meat, perfectly cooked.


Recently discovered that Maliki has a shop in Mentari. Used to buy this famous nasi kukus from a stall in PJS8/14, and there is always a queue during lunch and dinner. If you are dining with a a couple of friends or you would like to avoid the queue, going to the shop might be a better option.
In frame: Nasi Kukus (RM7), comes with a big serving of rice, spiced chicken, curry sauce, sambal and acar. Rice was fragrant, chicken was moist with crispy skin and the curry was so flavourful and addictive. If you're around Sunway area, this is worth trying out.


Notably one of the popular banana leaf rice in Bangsar. Chances are there would be a long queue outside the restaurant.
Banana leaf rice w/ three types of vegetables (cucumber, cabbage & bitter gourd), papadum, rasam, pickle and a choice of curry or dhall. The fried bitter gourd is my favourite! Charges apply for additional serving of vegetables.
Side dishes I always order would be the mutton curry - tender, chunky, flavourful meat and the chicken masala.
Satisfying meal and was worth the wait and price paid.



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