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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Finally back at Food Barn at One North for their sandwiches and it's as good as ever! I had their beef BLT sandwich ($12 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and there was a substantial amount of meat, together with really fresh vegetables within. I really enjoyed the chips as well as they were pretty moreish! The coleslaw hidden behind is refreshing as well. Recommended if you are around the area for lunch!

Wanted to try this cafe for the longest time and I am glad that I did. We got the Fry-up ($23), which was a heaping amount of food and had a great variety! All components were sautéed well and I especially loved their beans as they were homemade! The Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($23) came with a huge portion of scrambled eggs that had a good truffle fragrance. Paired with the toast underneath, it's a comforting breakfast! The Brekkie Burg ($19) had a good amount of eggs inside too, but what impressed me was how thick and succulent the patty was! Lastly the Eggs Benjamin ($21) was good but was normal as compared to the others we've had. The best part is that we saved so much via the use of #burpplebeyond 😍 Definitely coming back again!


Finally tried this cafe! I had the Rosti with Bratwurst ($19) and although was disappointed that the bratwurst were pretty small but they were indeed juicy. The rosti was very well done with a good crispy exterior and soft interior. Love the flavours! However I was very disappointed by the bulletproof coffee ($5.5) because honestly it taste like coffeeshop kopi gao 🙃

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Although hidden in a very secluded area, this is one bakery I will recommend. They do not have the tables for you to eat on, but at least they have a couple of seats outside to enjoy their bakes. The Pain Au Chocolate ($7) is very well done, with crispy buttery pastry and bold luxurious melty dark chocolate hidden within and on top. This is one messy pastry to eat! We also tried the Almond Croissant ($7) which was stuffed with a good amount of ground almond and very fresh almond pieces on the top! Definitely recommended for nut lovers! Will be back 😍

If you are looking for a chill place to study, work or just talk, this might be one of the place you will be interested in. The cafe has a modern cozy feel, and the food here are pretty good! The Iced Latte ($5) was thick, bold and came in a huge cup! The Dark Chocolate Tart ($8.50) was very impressionable, as the lovely chocolate aromatic notes came strong together with its very crunchy outer tart crust! It went so well with the inner raspberry jam, as it made the tart less surfeiting, especially when it's rich. Definitely will be back!

Heard much about their cakes and pastries and had to come! We got their Iced Mocha ($6.5) and the Iced Latte ($5.5) and we were impressed by how rich the chocolate was in the Mocha and how aromatic the Latte was! We ordered the Matcha cake ($8.50) as well, and it was not too sweet and had a good earthy flavour from the Matcha! We first tasted the yogurt, then the matcha, then the white chocolate and almonds coating! It was a beautiful combination of flavours 😍 however, we felt that the cafe was abit out of the way...

Have been wanting to try this cafe for a long while. With the #burpplebeyond, we got the Orh Nee Tart ($8.50) that was smooth and creamy. Though the yam taste wasn't too strong, I still appreciated the tart pretty well. The Bandung Lychee Tart ($8.50) was rather disappointing though... As the tart was soggy and it was too sweet. I liked the bursting lychee balls though 🤣

As for the drinks, we believe that the Crack of Dawn ($7.50) is a must get as its so instagrammable and is very very refreshing especially on a hot day. The Kopi Jawa ($7.50) can be really sweet so do ask them to cut the sugar by half or it gets way too surfeiting!

Love how the 2nd floor has great chill vibes, and will be great if you are studying!

Recently I've been on a coffee hunt, finding the good places in Singapore, and this is one good hidden gem. We got the peppermint mocha ($5.5) and their seasonal drink, the dirty Matcha ($7.50). The peppermint mocha is very pleasant, smooth and aromatic, with rather strong peppermint taste! The dirty Matcha is really a pretty big cup, and the matcha, chocolate and coffee flavours really do blend well together. Not too grainy, it has really good, bold and aromatic flavours. One of the better coffees from cafes I've had!

Oh and we had their yuzu cake ($5) as well and it was very good too! The citrus flavours are tangy yet fragrant, but one thing we didn't like was that it had too much cream, too little cake 🤣

SYIP cafe is a recently opened place that is gaining popularity and I can see why! From the aesthetic looks, to the interesting drinks and the very friendly staffs, this place has it all. The SYIP White Coffee ($6.50) is honestly one of the best white coffee or Latte that I've had. The coffee itself is very smooth and aromatic, and the whipped cream on top makes the drink bold and creamy. Surprisingly, I didn't find this coffee having too much milk in it. The Matcha Strawberry Latte ($7) is very interesting, as the strawberry added a fresh critus dimension to the fragrant matcha latte, making it pretty refreshing. Definitely will be back 😍

First thing you probably will notice, is the HUGE portions provided by this cafe. The Deluxe Breakfast ($14.80) came with such a huge slab of fried chicken that was crispy, flavourful and definitely very succulent. The scrambled eggs were done very well as well; it was cooked just right with a good amount of creaminess. The Avocado and Egg Sourdough ($14.80) was very good as well, as the sourdough was well made. What a great find within the heartlands of Yishun! Definitely be back again 😊

This is a cafe I was eyeing to go for some time, and I am glad the food is superb. The grilled cheese sandwich ($11 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) has different cheeses all melted down to form a beautiful cheese filling that goes really well with the caramelised onions. The mushroom toast ($12 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is great as well, especially the sautéed mushrooms! Definitely a nice brunch place with good food. Will be back again!

Haven't had a good burger in a long while, and I'm glad I had this. The Wagyu Burger ($25.90) had a soft patty that is nicely charred on its edges, with a good mild cheddar cheese that is melted into the patty. The truffle aioli, combined with the caramelised onions really added a new dimension to the burger, with the umami coming through strong. The fries were amazing too even after its cold!! No regrets having this sinful meal at all 😂

Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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