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Impeckable Places for Chicken

Impeckable Places for Chicken

There are so many ways to enjoy the humble chicken, so we thought what better way to wish you lovely Burpplers a very delicious Year of the Rooster than with a guide to all things chicken? Think places for cheap and good chicken rice, addictive chicken skin, har cheong gai, Indonesian chicken satay, a hidden soya sauce chicken stall and many more. Peck away!
Burpple Guides
Burpple Guides
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At just $11, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better whole fried chicken. Please don't order the pieces, the whole bird fares best. Instead of waiting for a table, just order takeaway and eat it anywhere, seriously. Ask for extra gravy to dunk the skin in!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim


Yes, come for the tummy-warming black chicken herbal Kidney Mee Sua ($5), but stay for the unexpectedly fabulous Har Cheong Gai ($12).
Photo by Burppler Peichin Lelz


Take Burppler Alvin Wang's advice and order their Abalone Noodles with no abalone (save a bit of money) and a super silky, tasty Salt Baked Chicken Leg ($5.50). You can get this at ION, Marina Square, Parkway Parade and Causeway Point!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Felicia Sim


An underrated spot in Japan Food Town, come here for karaage that's marinated in buttermilk and fried to perfection. These juicy morsels are even more addictive with cod roe mayo on the side (choose from 15 sauces). Get the Simple Value Set ($10.90), or go crazy with the All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken ($48/hour) which includes free flow alcohol!
Photo by Burppler I makan SG

Come on a cool day and warm yourself with the Chicken Drumstick Mee Soto ($5), where the drumstick is huge, noodles springy and the soup comforting and savoury.
Photo by Burppler Qing Xiang


As Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong puts it, the chicken is "encased in wonderfully spiced, golden brown, crunchy, craggy batter, the brined meat within is mouth-wateringly moist". Take his advice and pour the sausage gravy over the cornbread waffle!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong


At just $2.50 (regular) and $3.50 (large), this might be the most value-for-money chicken rice you'll ever have. This lesser known stall serves rice that is fragrant and light, and chicken that is tender and flavourful — it gives many famous places a good run for their money.
Photo by Burppler Dixon Chan


These crispy, de-boned wings stuffed with fragrant fish paste ($10) are especially amazing when dunked into the accompanying chilli sauce, and perfect with any one of Lepark's craft beers.
Photo by Burppler Muriel A


Try the deliciously grilled Hatsu (heart, $3.50), Otafuku (neckmeat, $4) and Kanmuri (cockscomb, $4) at this Robertson Quay izakaya. Don't miss the comforting Toritama Don ($13) that every diner orders — rice topped with chicken skewers, seasoned minced chicken and a wobbly poached egg.
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo


Silky smooth, the chicken itself is hard to beat. Slap on the addictive ginger sauce (you can also buy a bottle to bring home!) in a crunchy lettuce wrap ($19.90 for half a chicken) and you've got yourself an epic dinner.
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo


Less commonly found, this Indonesian-style Sate Madura ($9 per stick) promises big chunks of super satisfying, tender chicken slicked in a sticky kecap manis glaze. Yes it's pricey, but so, so yummy.
Photo by Burppler Muriel A

Daredevil you must be to try these Molten Wings ($8 for three). Ask for the sauce on the side so you don't burn your mouth. Sweat you will. Wash it down with as much beer as needed.
Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan

The top picks, popular finds and newly opened places in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, curated by Burpple editors!

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