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Best Desserts in KL

Best Desserts in KL

There's nothing quite as divine as the sweet satisfaction of a good dessert to make things all better. Here are 10 places in town for decadent delights when your sweet tooth acts up. Ready to indulge in moist, airy souffles, Chinese desserts rich in heritage and history, and exceptional French pastries!
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A passion for sweet bakes landed Jaslyn Rangson and her cake shop in Jalan Telawi 2 two years ago, and the hole-in-the-wall bakery has flourished since. The black-and-white honeycomb tiles welcome you to an array of freshly baked goods sitting at the counter, and you can count on the quaint china cups and saucers to cheer you up. Come after a light lunch, because desserts here are a dining experience of their own. The dark Salty Valrhona Brownie (RM10.90) and Butterscotch Blondie (RM10.90) come in contrasting colours and you should order both. The brownie wins points for its gooey centre and sea salt-topped crust, whereas the blondie delights with a buttery bite. However, what lures most into the store is a classic bake, the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake (RM14.50) — light and fluffy, it hits all the right notes that a good cheesecake should. Enjoy Jaslyn's bakes guilt-free, as all are made only with wholesome ingredients like kampung eggs, organic flour and rye grain.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Muriel A.

Away from the hustle-bustle of TTDI in an alcove above the Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi shoplots, this fine dessert parlour is a haven for those seeking sweet solace in the night. The friendly service and thoughtful recipes also render it a top spot for quality time with the girls, or for sweets with your date after dinner. With plated desserts on the rise, innovation is king and Foo Foo knows it. Chef Foo makes it a mission to revamp the menu periodically, and in the past year, 10 volumes have already made their mark. Winsome desserts that once adorned the menu like the red wine-poached pear with chrysanthemum ice cream and the irresistible crispy profiteroles with salted caramel ice cream have established their prowess for creative desserts done right. You will notice that the menu lacks visuals — the founders believe that when they get the opportunity to explain the dessert, it builds anticipation and enhances the entire experience. For now, come for the decadent Ginger Date Toffee Pudding with Guinness Stout Ice Cream (RM26) and keep your options open for what you might find on the menu!
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burppler Utopia Choo

Spot the crowd by the roadside along Jalan SS15/3B every afternoon to find Subang Jaya's favourite local dessert, cendol. For a budget afternoon respite, have this rich yet refreshing RM1.80 bowl. An Indian uncle works the whirring machine to churn chunks of finely shaved ice, as another tops it with palm sugar, coconut milk, red bean and the jelly-like green delights known as cendol. The streetside stall lacks proper seating but part of the charm here is enjoying your cendol among the many other standing patrons. In case you're hankering for more to munch on, there is scrumptious Rojak (RM4.50) worth joining the queue for and also, traditional Indian snacks — these light bites garner less fame than the former, but we guarantee they're just as good minus the queue! Get the spiced Onion Pakora (batter-fried onions, from RM2), an insanely addictive snack that you will keep reaching into the brown paper bag, as well as the tasty Dhal Vadai (dhal fritters, RM0.50 per piece).
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Yuna P'ng


A neighbourhood cafe at heart, Owl's charm lies in its dreamy vibes and delicious waffles, which are equally dreamy. The pleasant cafe beams with plenty of natural light, and there is much to see (and photograph), from hand-painted coffee murals that deck the walls to adorable owl-themed decorations. Large in size and pretty in presentation, mum will approve of their value-for-money dessert waffles — take her here for brunch! Rebecca (RM18) and David (RM18) are both crowd-pleasing classics that you shouldn't miss, but we believe the edible flowers and earl grey ice cream tip the scale in Rebecca's favour. While mum tucks into the delicate flavours of the former, you should try something different. A fairly new name in the menu, Midori (RM21) pairs matcha waffle with Mandarin oranges and black sesame and coconut ice cream. The distinct flavours of each component melds surprisingly well for a fresh change from the other waffles. Linger over the fragrant Rose Latte (RM10), served in a finely-painted cup.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Esther Setelyn Chai


Fourth generation dessert maker Ricky Kan takes pride in his traditional Chinese dessert recipes that have withstood the test of time. Adorned with old photographs and lion dance decorations, this spot is prime for when you want to impress a date or show a friend around town. Stone mills passed down from Ricky's great-grandfather sit in the centre of the shop, and are used daily to grind black sesame and peanuts for their Chi Ma Wu (black sesame soup, RM3) and Fa Sang Wu (peanut soup, RM3). Aromatic with a smooth finish, both bear a mellow sweetness provided by the addition of boiled rock sugar. These sweet soups can be quite filling so if you can't decide which one to get, jazz things up with a Cha Wu (RM4) — a yin-yang combination of the two. Finally, there is their Tang Tan (steamed egg custard, RM3). Restoran Ruby is one of the only places in KL that still makes this old-time dessert from scratch. Available both hot and chilled, the smooth egg custard strikes the balance between firm and wobbly in a ceramic bowl. Pro tip: Ricky recommends the hot tang tan.
Avg price per person: RM5


To beat the heat on weekend afternoons, hang with a few friends at this cool cafe and share a kakigori — a mountainous bowl of syrup-topped shaved ice. The cafe exudes cool industrial vibes, like an ice factory, and there is also a garden centrepiece amidst the wintry wonderland that allows patrons to climb white steel steps and sit surrounded by greenery. Kakigori flavours here are loyal to their Japanese origins, from Kyoto-sourced Uji Matcha (RM17) with mochi and red bean to Hojicha (RM17) with candied chestnuts and soy milk. A marked characteristic that we feel sets this apart from other icy desserts is how uniformly the syrup seeps into the ice for sweet spoonfuls everytime. Be warned that this is a messy eat with ice constantly dripping down the bowl, but it's all part of the fun so roll your sleeves up and enjoy! If you're not in the mood for a cold dessert, turn to the melt-in-your-mouth Kinako Warabimochi (RM14) — tasty bracken-starch mochi dipped in soybean powder.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Kae Ling


In a hidden corner of Plaza Damas sits Rubberduck, a cafe worth tracking down for great bakes and breakfasts. The alfresco area is spotlighted by a pink neon sign and a coconut tree on the wall that provides pop-meets-tropical vibes as you people-watch — perfect for a restorative day of alone time. There is healthy breakfast — smoothie bowls and granolas — for the early risers and yummy sweet treats for teatime. Freshly baked daily, their Madeleines (RM3) may be one of KL's best attempts at the French tea cake. Have these petite, buttery pillows with a cup of tea or coffee. The luscious-looking Carrot Cake (RM9) and Beetroot Chocolate Cake (RM10) are moist, tasty and great contenders too. Although we are devoted fans, the cakes are second to their real crowd-favourite, the Lemon Meringue Tart (RM12). Take time to savour the sweet, airy meringue and zesty lemon curd in its crumbly tart shell.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Sara Soon

Along Jalan Bukit Desa 5 in a secluded part of Taman Desa, a lone row of shophouses thrive — and that's where you will find Palmier. Formerly known as Encore, a spin-off of the Australian cafe of the same name, this patisserie is home to unique French pastries that aren't commonly offered here in KL. The Mille Feuille (RM14) is a supreme example — layers of puff pastry meet the embrace of creme patissiere (pastry cream) for a crunchy-creamy delight like no other. Though we are unsure what spurred their change of name, we like to think that the popularity of their Palmiers (RM16 per pack) played a part. Shaped like a palm tree, these bite-sized caramelised puff pastries make wonderful teatime treats. Each coffee order comes with one of these goodies, but it makes much more sense to get a whole pack — they are that good! Elegant in a colonial-style setting and a laidback outdoor space, this could be your next venue for a business meeting or an afternoon with your family.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu


This dessert cafe is a sight set to swoon minimalists with its white walls, grey fleece chairs and window panels overlooking the roads below. When you visit the serene second-floor sanctuary, bring close friends who will gladly take photos with (or for) you as well as share intimate conversations over dessert. Everything on the menu is made to order, so expect oven-fresh goods! Order the Vanilla Souffle (RM15), which takes inspiration from a Taiwanese recipe and rises to the occasion with prominent vanilla and egg flavours, and served with an invigorating grapefruit sorbet and orange sauce. The other dessert that defines Wild Sheep Chase is their Crispy Waffles (RM13). The waffles rely on a perfected, gula Melaka-fragrant batter and sides of earl grey whipped cream and osmanthus maple syrup to impress. The drinks menu reveals more Taiwanese-inflected selections, such as an Earl Grey Milk Tea (RM10) and Oolong Tea Latte (RM12). Both delicately blends tea with creamy milk to create soothing sips, and both will deliver just that.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Cedric Lim


Inside Scoop may not have been the first to inject local flavours into ice-cream, but they have certainly set the bar. Each deliciously smooth scoop goes for RM7.80 (a small price to pay for happiness) with premium flavours costing an additional RM1 to 2. Making you feel like a kid again is their colourful chiller of varied ice-cream flavours, with the likes of D24 (durian) and Cempedak garnering the most attention. These are incredibly luscious, but can also be overwhelming if you're not a fan of the fruits. For something more universally pleasing, rely on the rich Valrhona chocolate or a childhood favourite, Horlicks! The ice-cream purveyors also make warm, fluffy Buttermilk Waffles (RM14.50 with one single scoop ice-cream) — a choice pairing for the cool treat. Despite scarce space, seats are strategically arranged to fashion a cosy nook for a quick dessert fix with a friend. But come busier times like weekends or after dinner on weeknights, we highly recommend enjoying your ice cream in a cone (RM2) and to go!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Foodroll _


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