10 Open-till-late-places

10 Open-till-late-places

Featuring Grafa Cafe, Moonlight Cake House (Puchong), PHIX, The Papas Kitchen+Bar (Sri Petaling), Rueben's Bistro
Erica Jioe
Erica Jioe

To satisfy those sweet tooth cravings, here's the place you're meant to be! Phix specialized in cakes, coffees and is also a vape heaven for you vapers (they sell everything vape related, e-coiling service, etc) ;)

We tried their Biscoff Cheesecake (RM14), it was superb. Based with Digestive biscuit, thick cheesecake chunk, topped with Digestive biscuit crumble and caramel sauce. It's a total soul comforting food especially when you're stressed up with study or work..

Their hot chocolate (RM9) is also wort to mention, thick and creamy, they served it without sugar (self-service). I still think without sugar is the best, won't taste too bitter, taste just nice. Pair it with the cake and you are good to go to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings 😋

They provide uninterrupted 100mbps internet for you if you want to do your assignment while savouring on their delish cakes!

P.S: they open until 12 am :)


For you that running late for dinner or just have to satisfy those midnight hunger pangs, Grafa cafe will welcome you with their comforting food!

We came for a late dinner on a rainy day, I was craving for something that can warm my tummy (a.k.a something spicy) so I ordered Chicken Olive Garlic Pasta (RM20), it's spaghetti with tender chicken breast chunks, olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, chili padi and the best thing is the whole thing is drenched in some soupy goodness , definitely not your typical aglio olio pasta eh! Portion wise is super huge that you can possibly share with your friend. Their Mee Raja (RM18) is also the bomb! Taste different from Mee Raja you can find in Murni, this Mee Raja is kinda black pepperish in taste, served with huge Pandan Chicken drizzled in Kaya sauce (yes, Kaya that you eat with bread! My first time eating chicken with kaya and I would like to give it two thumbs), it's oh-so-special!

Seafood chowder (RM25) is also something that you would like to order here if you are not that hungry, wanting something light but warm, thick and creamy. They are very generous in those seafood ingredients such as green mussels, prawns, squids, etc. Dip those garlic breads (FOC) on your soup.. yummmsss

They also have small clothes shop right infront of their cafe that you can check out after filling your tummy, it's called Deciders Plus. They sell basic T-shirts, etc.

-Opening hours: 12 pm - 12 am
-Payment: Cash only
-AC: Non-airconditioned
-Smoking area: Smoking & non-smoking seating area is available
-Parking: tough


Definitely is a place where you can drink till drop 😜 We came here to have late dinner and ordering their Chicken Chop (RM20) and Fish & Chips (RM18) couldn't go wrong.. wanted to try out their mocktails but unfortunately they didn't have it :( ended up ordering orange juice with loads of ice bits although we ordered less ice 🙄

Chicken chop and fish & chips were pretty decent in term of taste and portion, but nothing to brag about. People that come here usually indulge themselves in beers as they have crazy happy hour promotions, RM10/glass of beer. It's a great place to came for chilling out after work :)

Tip: cash and credit card payment allowed, food serving time is rather slow


One wise advice: you might not want to come here to eat a proper meal when you're really starvingly hungry. The waiting time for the food here to be on your table was more than 30 minutes!

Actually they have lots of interesting foods that categorized under their chef specials such as drunken mussels and their Italian baked rice, unfortunately many of their chef specials were not available today. So I end up trying their other chef special 400 grams Grilled Pork Chop (RM28.8). The pork chop uses US pork meat and is grilled to medium rare doneness. It was OK at first, tender, juicy meat at the side of the pork chop, but when I went to dig in the centre part, it was still so red and raw.. I decided not to finish it at last due to health concern.

Another chef special on the menu is Spicy Pork Pizza (RM24.8). The pizza was thin crusted and enough for 2 people sharing. If you are a mozzarella cheese maniac, you'll love this dish, if not, this pizza will leave you with "jelat" feeling after as they put a very thick layer of mozzarella cheese. Not to my surprise, i couldn't taste (or spot) the pork meat bits in the pizza, it's basically a spicy mozzarella pizza I would say.

Smoked Salmon Salad (RM18.8) is another chef special menu. They use balsamic vinegar as the salad dressing and topped the salad with smoked salmon slices. The salad taste was nothing special I would say, the smoked salmon smell still a bit fishy albeit they smoked it.

The drinks that they recommend to me were their Papas Classic Lime Juice (RM8.8) and Hot Chocolate (RM6.8). The lime juice is basically a glass of lemonade, kinda sweet like the sweet taste from lemonade syrup. The hot chocolate was nothing great too, not too sweet, normal chocolate drink taste.

Ambience: Smoking & pub ambience (expect to smell like cigarette smoke after your meal), air-conditioned

Tip: Cash & credit card accepted, they have reserved parking for their customers

Overall: I wouldnt come back for their proper meal. But maybe will try their cocktails and finger foods in the future.


Had this scrumptious Signature Cesar Salad at 10.30 pm! I was craving for something healthy and not too filling for a late night snack.

Moonlight Cake House in Puchong opens daily from 8 am - 2 am (Sunday closes at 12 am), perfect for those that is looking for a proper healthy choice of late night meals. They have a bakery downstairs that serves variety of breads and beautiful cakes, cold pressed juices, coffee, etc.

If you come by to Moonlight Cake House, try their Cesar Salad at only RM11.20. They serves Cesar Salad without the fattening typical Cesar Salad creamy dressing, instead it glass lettuce with olive oil, garlic, cranberries, onion and croutons. You might also want to try their Chicken Veggie Soup if you want something piping hot (RM11.90) and their White Chocolate warm drink (RM16.5).

The place has a comfortable dining ambience with lots of sofas, fully air-conditioned, child friendly, and birthday celebration friendly too!

Tip: Become their members at RM10 and get 5% off and you can collect points for every purchases :)

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