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An eclair every hour makes my Monday not sour. Well, I decided to make a pop art style shot for these fantastic eclairs from @leclairpatisserie because why not? You can never get enough of them!

I've been doing pop art style shots for a while now but have never done it for this page of mine. The results sure look sick though and I'm gonna start doing more for sure!

It’s looks pale but full with flavour...
Flat rice noodle stir fry with minced pork, hot basil and Thai's bird chilli.
📍Kra Pow.
14, Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza #03-26/27.

Pork chop fried rice @ $5 for takeaway.

As good as it used to be and still super value for money. But probably tasted better when having there. Used my own container to take away and the pork chop became a bit soggy but still tasty. Same for the fried rice, delicious too and it has the old school wokhey taste that makes it damn shiok.

50cents less if normal white rice.

Ngoh hiang @ $5.20

Love the filling in this ngoh hiang, feels very generous and satisfying. Think there's also chestnut inside so there's a bit of crunch here and there. Chili sauce is also very good and goes extremely well with the dish.

Nonya chap chye $5.80

Very delicious dish with an assortment of veggie in the dish. At first I thought they used quite a bit of seasoning to make it so tasty but after finding bits of dried shrimps in the sauce I figured that's what makes this dish so good.

The most expensive dish among the four that we ordered but it's still very cheap and reasonable compared to other tze char places that usually sell their dishes at like $8/10/12 kind of pricing.

Eggplant with minced meat @ $5.50

Love that it comes with so much onions, and the whole dish is quite good and tasty. Except that the eggplant is a bit too mushy and disintegrated and there is very little minced meat.

Probably will skip this dish to try other dishes next time.

Food is prepped quite quickly, shorter than expected waiting time.

Sesame chicken (spicy) - $5.50 (S)

Quite tasty but the sauce is a bit thinner than expected. Not much spice unless when eating with the chilli.

Will want to try other dishes next time.

Cosy place in Joo Chiat that offers affordable and good quality steak. Comes with free flow fries too. They also have an ongoing promotion- couple set with cheese fondue and dessert, which were delicious too. Very generous portion size!

Honey Cinnamon was a very comforting flavour, I felt like I was eating a cinnamon bun in ice cream form! Though, I do wish that the cinnamon could be stronger, but that might just be the greedy cinnamon fan in me talking. 😋

The parmesan cheese & cream crackers definitely stole the show. The combination of salty and sweet was executed excellently in this savoury ice cream flavour!

Unfortunately, we found that the ice cream was slightly too soft and melted even when served to us. We had it immediately after getting it but found ourselves holding cups of melted ice cream just a few moments after.

Otherwise, flavours were really nice and the owner was very friendly and helpful in recommending us flavours. We visited on a weekday evening and there was no queue or waiting!

Look at these fabulously fantastic eclairs by none other than L'eclair Patisserie!

An all-time favourite place to get deliciously unique flavoured eclairs, I couldn't help but go big and ordered all the flavours on display - for the sake of shooting of course! My wallet is crying but my stomach is satisfied.

My go-to flavours are their Ispahan and Pistachio, closely followed by their Lemon and their Vanilla & Caramelised Pecans. Delish!

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Have been wanting to try this forever since I saw it at Jewel. One éclair is around $7.50-8.50~. Decided to try it out using the 4 for 4 deal with Burpple Beyond. So the total bill was $33 for 8 pieces of the eclairs + an extra box to split them into two boxes of four.

Paid $0.50 extra for another box to split them into two boxes of fours to share them with a friend.

It was worth trying with the deal. Overall, I found the Lavender flavoured éclair to be the nicest and I would purchase that again. The other flavours I tried did not impress me.

I don’t think it is worth buying them at $8+ but definitely try it out first with the deal, if you have Burpple Beyond, and then decide if it is something you enjoy☺️

Will go back to try the other flavours (the rose lychee one looks interesting), using the burpple beyond deal of course 😋

Flavours in picture (From left to right): Lavender Milk Chocolate, Pistachio, Paris Brest, Vanilla & Caramelised Pecans

Brought my parents to eat steamboat. All their stoves were dirty, spoilt and filled with soot. After trying 4 stoves, they took out one which has gas leaking and exploded into a ball of fire. My mother fell backwards injured herself. My wife nearly got her face burnt.
Next we found dead houseflies in the vegetables.
The restaurant has no manger or Incharge, all staffs were poorly trained and have very bad service.
After speaking to manager over they phone they offered 10% discount and I thought it was April’s Fool. Did not even asked abt my mum or offer to pay for her treatment. Such unapologetic and ridiculous response I ever expected

Please dine here if you want:
1) Expensive food
2) Unhygienic food and dangerous stoves
3) Bad customer service
4) Dusty place
5) No parking lots
6 ) Small food portion

I think Tampines has a lot more to offer….