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Unlike other salted egg pork ribs that are sandy and dry, they serve buttery and creamy type of salted egg yolk sauce that comes with curry leaves and chilli. The boneless pork ribs were well coated with a good amount of buttery and creamy salted egg yolk sauce with a well fried texture outside while retaining the tender texture inside. The sauce is very savoury and flavourful yet does not leave us feeling jelak after our meal 》$12

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We came here for the popular salted egg pork rib and got this plate of sambal kang kong to add-on. It was well cooked and mildly spicy, perfect to go with the rice and complemented the salted egg pork ribs 》$8

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The sweet blend of longan and red dates is one of the popular drinks, especially during Chinese festivals. They had longan red date gelato on their seasonal menu during my visit and I knew I got to give this a try.

The longan and red dates flavour was distinct and it was something predictable. I like the flavour at first bite and it only last for a while as I felt it was too sweet for me. Thankfully we are allowed to mix 2 flavours in a cup and I got rum & raisin to the rescue. The texture of these 2 flavours are on the softer side, melts too fast and is a little too sweet in general.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Medium Cup for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P $5)

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I really enjoyed the Borscht! It was filling and flavourful

I always come back to new station snack bar for my salted egg pork ribs fix. I went to New Station Snack Bar around 6.30pm on a weekend, which is really not the wisest choice considering their rather small location and sizeable crowd. I had to wait for a while, but the guests there seem to take the initiative to leave as soon as possible once they are done with their meal, but it is also probably because it is not the best place to chill.

Their pork ribs are fried til crispy, and are then slathered with a creamy salted egg yolk sauce. I like how the salted egg yolk flavour is apparent, and that the sauce has a smooth consistency. The chilli padis in the sauce is also what gives the a slightly spicy flavour (but really nothing spicy actually), but I think what it really does is to neutralise the overwhelmingly creaminess. I enjoy dousing the sauce onto my white rice and eating it with their other ingredients as well!


Beancurd came sizzling on a hotplate when served. A decent portion size, the hotplate was served with slices of round tofu, egg, cauliflower, fishcake, prawns and sotong. I must say that there was a good amount of ingredients and seafood with the size, which I was honestly not expecting. The sauce had a good consistency — not too starchy or slimy. It had a hint of sweetness but still remained savoury.


This bowl of salted vegetables and seafood soup was an extremely appetising addition to the meal. It had a sourish savoury taste, but nothing too sour nor salty at the same time. I would however, not call it a bowl of seafood soup, because of the meagre amount of seafood inside — literally a small end of a sotong and a prawn. Other ingredients included tofu and fishcake, which came in a much decent amount. I would honestly pay a lower amount for just a bowl of salted vegetables soup with tofu instead of the non-existent “seafood”, but considering the Orchard area, this bowl of soup seems to sway towards being one of the more affordable options already. I would still give it a chance and get it again, and hopefully the next time, there’d be more seafood inside.


Tried their cny flavoured éclairs - yuzu and ispahan, and it was yums and so pretty. Paired with earl grey latte ☕

brb // food-coma-situation // all time favourite salted egg pork rice situated at far east plaza level 5! lunch/dinner crowds are a norm for this pocket-friendly Chinese eatery. will be back to try out other main dishes over here!

CNY Special
Pineapple ice-cream with pineapple jam and tart chunks

Went there on a rainy Thursday night, had the following dishes:

Dumpling platter - Was a very interesting selection of pork, beef, potato, chicken etc. Great choice for those coming for the first time! Sour cream was light and goes well with the saltier dumplings in general.

Borscht soup - Perfect for the rainy weather! Really liked this one. (:

Zharkoe - This stew will be a must order for me the next time I'm back. Really hearty dish that got me surprisingly full, and the accompanying bread was great to dip.

Medovik - Personally not a sweet tooth person so this was personally a bit too sweet for my liking but I'm sure its great for those who really like sweet desserts. Felt that the cake could be spongier in texture.

Kompot - Russian fruit punch was not too sweet, but felt it was a bit watery (maybe because it might have been diluted by ice previously). Still good though!

Overall: 4/5 stars for me - something out of the typical Singaporean foodfare for the adventurous foodie, I suppose.

Thanks so much dumplings.ru, keep up the great stuff! (: