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Top 10 places for Hidden Gem

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Hot sticky rice with fresh room temperature mango. Very nice combination.

It's apparently an excellent hangover dish in Thailand - so it was quite apposite we had it to mark the end of law school.
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One of the not bloody spicy dishes here. Legit and pretty Pad Thai with 4 fat prawn.

Been here lot of time , never bored of it , tastes really good and affordable price 馃構

it鈥檚 a lot more affordable than The Sushi Bar but the queue is always so long and slow, even though they moved to a bigger space. Seafood are very fresh and still a delicious bowl of goodness. would hope they have more sides like fried karaage or squid 馃ぃ

so spicy that it was like an edible minefield of chilli and there was either green or red chilli padi in every spoonful. they also have fried pork belly!! what even?!

Picked up some healthy takeout tonight! I got the Brown Rice and Lemongrass Tofu with Curried Cashews & the muffin of the day, which happened to be Papaya-Banana. I find it tough to enjoy brown rice, no matter how many times I try, but those curried cashews were something else! 馃構 I paid $12 in total, well worth it for an entirely vegan meal.

Served warm, with caramel sauce and a small dollop of whipped cream ($6.50). It was moist and fragrant, but way too sweet for me

One of the favourites from the meal was the Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) served with Mentaiko, Truffle Oil and toast. This was on their specials menu, which meant that it鈥檚 limited!

The combination of the perfectly seared ankimo, paired with the salty mentaiko and drizzled with truffle oil was a mini party in my mouth as the flavours were a symphony to my tastebuds.

Another must order would be their Gyusuji Daikon ($4.90) which is simmered beef tendon served with white radish. The beef tendon instantly melts in your mouth, while the daikon that is cooked with the stew absorbs the remaining juices, allowing for sweet bites in between.

Apart from that, the potato mochi was another addictive snack which I鈥檇 call dips for the next time I head there.

Lastly, the Salmon Butter Gohan ($18.90) comes with salmon sashimi, butter, mentaiko and soy sauce served in a hot stone bowl. Feel free to mix it up on your own or get the staff to help you with it and enjoy the aroma and of course, the taste of the finished product.

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Assam Curry Fish Head is Zai Shun Curry Fish Head's signature fish. The wild-caught red snapper's head is sweeter than it's body. It's flesh is softer at the front of its head and firmer towards the back. So fresh, it is absent of fishiness. The tangy gravy is robust with strong notes of tamarind with a lighter.consistency than your regular curries. Drench your rice over with its addictiveness, with the flavours of pineapples, okra and brinjal and tomatoes stewed in. The fish meat doesn't absorb the curry's essence, however, and is denser and tougher than expected. Perhaps that explains why most tables ordered steamed fish instead.
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If you need a green dish at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, this Salted Egg Bitter Gourd is recommended. Chicken eggs, bitter gourd and chopped bits of pre-cooked duck egg harmoniously brings this dish to flavour. Amazingly fragrant are the scrambled eggs. Seasoned and savoury, they retain moisture while fully exuding wok hei. The thin slices of gourd, still firm, are moderately bitter. White bits of salted duck egg white lend a sharp, salty edge, highlighting the main ingredient. A well-executed dish this is.
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