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At L5 of the once hipster fareast plaza before the bloom of online blogshops.
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Each visit to @tomspalettesg reminds me of the university days when @ntudac occasionally hang out at the cozy shop and I enjoyed myself each time with their quirky ice cream flavours. There’s probably no other ice cream parlour as bold in flavour creation as them.

Apple pie and rum and raisin have always been my comfort flavours. Though I stuck to rum and raisin which was still as consistent over the years, I decided to give their pistachio a try. Not overly nutty, but lusciously rich and creamy. The boy had hazelnut latte and peanut butter brownie. Coffee lovers would surely be delighted by the hazelnut latte. The intense roasted note well complemented by the hint of nuttiness, as if sipping from a cup of hazelnut latte itself. We didn’t quite like the peanut butter brownie on the other hand, somehow tasted like a moon cake with egg yolk. Each set comes with 2 slices of waffles, a small jar of honey and strawberry sauce.

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got the double scoop — vietnamese coffee and hazelnut. the vietnamese coffee was rather disappointing, it had fairly strong hints of coffee but paled in comparison to the hazelnut, which was rich and really smooth

Trust this 15-year Shaw Tower resident for some of the tastiest gelato around. You're in for a treat with the wacky and unapologetic flavours here, like the White Chocolate Nori ($3.60) – think nori (Japanese seaweed) infused into a creamy milk based ice cream with white chocolate-coated almond chunks tossed in. The Parmesan Cheese ($3.60), made with parmigiano reggiano and cream crackers, is another fun flavour to try.
Photo by Burppler D & N

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Simply excellent

Every bite was so tasty.

Highly highly recommended Thai food


This is the best roasted pork belly in all of Singapore. Crunchy, salty crackling; gooey, tasty fat; tender, juicy pork.... worth the queues. Also try the amazing wanton mee (wet) here.

we tried some flavours that were pretty interesting like rosemary lemon tart and toasted milk. Ice creams melted really fast and the taste was pretty meh. The waffle was soft and had a strange sour aftertaste. Pretty disappointed as it looks really nice. The drinks we tried (matcha latte and yuzu chrysanthemum) were also diluted and missed the mark 😫 #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplesg

Small cup 3oz ($4)
This is a Saturday (18 May) Game of Thrones (GoT) inspired special flavour
Froyo with dragonfruit swirl
The froyo was really milky and the addition of dragonfruit swirl provided a nice touch of sweetness
#burpple #sgicecream #gameofthrones #got #inspired #froyo #milky #dragonfruit #swirl #sweet #tomspalette #beachroad

Lighter and slightly more watery than most, this was still delicious though

Surprised to really enjoy the Pulut hitam as I initially thought the combination was really weird. The mango blends in well with the thick texture and richness of the black glutinous. Typically love all the diary flavors they come up with like Kinako, Soy bean etc and this is no exception!! Ceylon tea (also diary free) is good too!

Quite saddened to hear that the building will be torn down mid of next year and there are no plans yet to relocate at the moment. Devastating news in fact. Tom’s palette has been around for 15 years, taking us on so many innovative and adventurous ice cream journeys one can only dream of.

Where will you ever find bold ice cream flavors like Pi Pa Gao, Rojak, Lei ca (Thunder tea rice), Tau Cheong Rocky Road, Chee Cheong Fun 😢

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This place is actually a sake bar that has limited lunch sets which have to be booked in advance! 5 of each, if I'm not mistaken. The chirashi bowl was huge, there was more fish than rice! I suppose it qualifies as bara chirashi, with some of the fish smoked and others marinated. Set comes with pickles, a fish croquette and miso soup. Dessert was refreshing yuzu sorbet! Sadly it will be converting into a teppanyaki joint at the end of the month.

Everything tasted really good but I need to build up my spicy tolerance!!!