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A lovely bowl! Priced at SGD 4.50, it came with nice amount of char siew
wantans were decent, the noodles were flavor and texture wise great, although I’s still prefer them to be less oily.
They are more known for their sio baks, but they char siew was delicious!
It wasn’t the fibrous meaty type but more to the hard type typical of char siews, but not hard to chew at all thanks to the nice fat-meat ratio that was enough to make it conveniently chewable without adding too much unpleasant fattiness

Underestimated how good this would be! Though called soba, the texture leaned closer to that of ramen. They were very springy and had a great bite, without being doughy at all. The pork based broth was lightly creamy and just amazingly comforting. Pork chunks were tender too!

Thank you @nirai_kanai20200129 and @jpassportsg for having us! ✨


Didn’t expect myself to enjoy this, but I did! Here you’ll get a good portion of Okinawan traditional brown sugar crepe, along with a cup of whipped cream for dipping. The whipped cream was surprisingly fragrant and milky, which we thought paired well with the subtly sweet crepe. The crepe texture is more soft and chewy - I’d imagine that it also may not be for everyone, but we liked this as a lovely end to our meal.

Thank you @nirai_kanai20200129 and @jpassportsg for having us! ✨


Pork belly braised in Okinawa brown sugar, soy sauce and awamori - an Okinawa distilled liquor. This was tender while retaining a nice bite, and was very well braised! It had a light sweetness to it and wasn’t oily.

Thank you @nirai_kanai20200129 and @jpassportsg for having us! ✨


Had sea grapes the first time few years back. I remember them saltier, while the ones here are more mild. Served with ponzu sauce, they were fun to have for its crunchiness and pops of light savouriness.

Thank you @nirai_kanai20200129 and @jpassportsg for having us! ✨


These were so unique! I'm mad about pancakes so this is right up my alley. These were cooked right in front of us on the griddle and there was cheese sprinkled in the middle with a glorious golden drizzle of gula melaka sauce.

There is a nice brown crisp exterior and the center is foamy and fluffy without being too sweet and there isn't an eggy taste at all. The melty cheese gives that salty, slightly savory pop and the gula melaka truly shines with a rich coconutty flavor. It is truly the epitome of fuwa-fuwa. I got to flip my own pancakes and then eat it with tiny spatulas. It's just so cute and fun. ❤️

Not saying it's the best pancake I've eaten, but it was really about the experience. And I really enjoyed myself here.

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An entire grilled squid ($12)! The whole thing was cooked in generous amounts of butter which perfumed the squid and gave it a lovely, rich, salty flavor. The squid itself is generously sized and has quite a nice bouncy texture, and it wasn't chewy nor did I have to break my jaw trying to chew it into pieces, which I appreciated. I also liked that I got to try different parts of the squid like the legs and head, etc.

Monjayaki is a runnier version of okonomiyaki (think melted cheese consistency). You scrape it hot and gooey off the griddle with tiny spatulas. The mixed monjayaki ($16) has bacon, prawn and squid mixed in, and I recommend it because it means each bite has the texture of gooey monjayaki, crunchy prawn, bouncy squid and savory pork.

It's got a totally different mouthfeel and a starchier taste compared to okonomiyaki, but really fun to eat. Towards the end, the monjayaki gets caramelized on the grill, which results in being ridiculously crispy and delicious. Add a tiny dab of okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes for that final dash of seasoning.

I came here once and fell in love with it. You know you've found a legit place when you're basically the only English-speaking individuals in the restaurant. It was just an incredibly fun experience for my dining partner and I. 😊

I love the okonomiyaki here. It is certainly equivalent to the ones I've had in Japan, in fact I might prefer these because they're just so super thick. These have a cabbage, dashi batter, egg and red ginger base and are freshly cooked on the griddle. You can dress them up as you please with extra okonomiyaki sauce, seaweed powder and bonito flakes.

I love how satisfying, creamy and chunky these pancakes are. They take a long time to cook as a result (the staff will help you with that), but really worth it. The premium okonomiyaki ($20) comes with four large prawns and more chopped up prawns in the batter.

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Satisfying portion of sliced tender pig trotter with skin, fried egg cover fluffy rice.
Highly recommended!

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Beautifully crafted eclairs; good selections of tea and coffees to spend the afternoon away from the busyness of Orchard room. Free wifi too. Super worth it! 1for1.

Dark chocolate (~$8)🍫 didn’t have the typical dark chocolate bitterness, but I still preferred this bc it was less sweet and bolder in taste , and the contrast w the slightly salty biscuits made it work☺️

Ig @goodfomood