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omg this was so tasty 😙 the crunchy garlic slices and the sauce underneath made the whole bowl so creamy and delectable without feeling ‘gelak’. fish was also really fresh and cut into reasonably sized cubes and slices. staff were also really friendly!

A spot that often comes to mind when I think of getting some solid and unique gelato flavours with an Asian spin, Tom's Palette’s offerings were as good as I remember. At $5.20 for a single (small) cup, I had the Taiwanese Sesame Brittle and Kueh Bangkit.

Fragrant and nutty, the black sesame gelato was spot on with the lingering toasty flavour. The texture was also rich and smooth. Love that added crunch as well as aromatics from the studded black and white sesame brittle. A little milder in flavour but just as lovely, the Kueh Bangkit was right up my alley. The churned Thai coconut cream, pandan and tapioca flour combo tasted like the real deal. A more melty version of the CNY snack. The delicate coconut flavour was surprisingly refreshing - none too decadent or cloying but deliciously creamy.

wok-fried rice noodle with secret blend of spicy tamarind juice, fresh tofu cube, egg and dried shrimp

stir-fried glass noodle with homemade suki sauce and shrimp

Paying for the quality & quantity of the food here. Very fresh and good for sharing for the huge amount of portion. Worth it for gatherings.

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tried their Lychee Oolong💗 which is their new flavor. Both lychee and oolong is more of an after taste which i think they used lychee oolong tea to make the creme 🤔

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Their Chicken Bacon Pie surprised me by how good it is💯 It’s meaty inside with cookie crust outside💗 served with salad as well 😋

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We also chose the 𝗥𝗼𝘀é𝗲 ($8.50), which looks like a teardrop with rose petals on top. The rose and lychee flavours combined well, but the soft, sticky skin wasn’t to my fancy.

Although the tarts weren’t perfect, I’m still inclined to return because of the 1-for-1 Tart + Drink deal on Burpple Beyond.

Fang Patisserie is a hidden gem. Located in a mall that isn’t near to any MRT station and doesn’t see a lot of human traffic, its tranquility provides the perfect backdrop for a quiet afternoon.

Among the gorgeous tarts on display, we picked the 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗺 ($8.50), which looked like a tree without leaves standing on a patch of grass. The tangy yuzu interior tasted great, though the matcha was very faint.

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head is Michelin Guide Restaurant for their curry fish head. I had their curry fish head for takeaway before, and it was nothing fantastic.

But what they are truly famous for, and what u can see being eaten at almost every table, is their HK style steamed fish.

Theres already a long queue forming way before lunch time, at around 11am. Once our turn was reached, we were brought to the side to choose the fish that we wanted to eat and what style we wanted to cook it in.

Their HK style sauce that we chosen was flawless, and as usual, the fish was damn fresh, with a tofu like texture that just breaks apart so easily.

This dish is a must have here at Zai Shun.

When I ordered this, I had no idea what I was in for. I saw it on the menu and I just ordered Coz it looked good.

The sauce was like a type of bean paste, with lots of park lard and spring onions. Tasted very old school, like something my parents will surely like.

The fishes used here are damn fresh for sure. It's like eating fish that has tofu texture. damn fresh.

This is by far the best braised Dong Po Rou I ever had.

The braised sauce tastes excellent. Flavourful, thick and tasted so decadent.

What's even more decadent than the sauce, is the fatty meat, meat was so tender and damn high fat ratio.

So sinful and yet so damn good.

A must order when u come to Zai Shun.