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I remember eating this very affordable Korean food during uni and though the prices have inflation a bit, they still provide value for money Korean cuisine. The kimchi beef soup is comforting and warms your body on a cold day. Saba fish is over cooked and dry, don’t recommend it.

Expected Damage: $10/set

Read plenty of good reviews on this place, but have always been skeptical of this due to how dry and ordinary the pork chops look in all those reviews.

But I was so wrong. The Pork chop was very good. It was crispy, it was flavourful, it was tender.

The fried rice was served with coleslaw and a sunny side up. Auntie was generous enough to give me a spoon of mixed vegetables as she was low on coleslaw.

Fried rice was fairly ordinary, like something my army canteen cook up.

But the star or the show is definitely the pork chop.

I will return again to try their chicken chop and fish, read many good reviews on them as well.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has been operating since 1991, so surely their food won't go wrong.

Cheap, filling and affordable.


This Halal Turkish chicken kebab wrap is bursting with flavour! So delectable, so mouth watering! There’s a good variety on the menu - kebab salad, kebab butter rice, kebab marcoroni, falafel plate, hummus plate … will go back to try them all!

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My second visit here for their high tea set!

The Degustation High Tea Set consists of the following items:
6 assorted mini eclairs
2 mini chicken bacon pie
4 assorted quiches
2 mini savoury scones
2 Parmesan Onion Crostini
2 Egg Mayo Choux
2 Mushroom Vol-au-vent
2 beverages (1 per person)

For the beverage, you can choose from drinks like iced cold matcha and hot teas too!

The high tea set is only available at the Dhoby Ghaut outlet. A very lovely and nice place to chill and relax. I also like how they have high tea set timing for 12pm, great for ppl like me who love to have high tea for lunch, instead of during afternoon high tea hours.
You will need to pay in advance upon reserving your slot online though. This set for 2 pax costs $68, one of the more affordable high tea sets in Singapore, and the best in terms of taste for this price point in my opinion!

Tom’s Palette Anniversary Special
Yuan Yang (black tea and coffee) gelato packed with brown sugat moch; sprinkled with cacao nibs and coated with 56% dark chocolate

This is a Saturday (24 Sep) Special
Horlicks ice-cream with chunks of hedgehog biscuits (scotch fingers, marshmallow, dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce)

A real walk down memory lane with this cafe. I have been meaning to dine here for some time but it’s opening hours are very short every day and huge crowds fill up its rather limited indoor dining area very quickly. Especially weekends.

So yesterday I came at 4.45pm, a full 15 mins before it’s listed opening hours in Google. To my surprise, it was already half filled with patrons with their half finished meals. Huh?

Anyway I ordered my 3 piece plate fried chicken. 15 mins later my piping hot fried chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes was served. The coleslaw was crunchy fresh, slightly sweet and tangy. The mashed potatoes came drizzled with a sauce that is lighter in colour compared with KFC’s. But the savoury and pepper taste is similar and goes well with the silky mashed potatoes.

The star of the dish was the fried chicken. You get a drum stick, a thigh part and a chicken wing. The exterior skin were ultra crispy and the meat is impossibly juicy and tender. Much much better than KFC and this must be one of the best fried chicken in Singapore today. Coupled with chilli sauce, I polished off the plate in no time. At this moment, I was beginning to dread the moment when I will finish my fried chicken.

Yes yes it is not the most healthy food choice out there with the salt, the fats and calories. But if you can only have one sinful meal a week, I strongly recommend that you go for this.

Chirashi bowl for $24! Fishes are fresh, serving size was decent. Fills one up. Next time to try their sashimi

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Comes with 2 pieces, the skin was fried crispy but soft texture inside. Great side dish to go with your claypot meal.

This is definitely their highlight among the menu. Super love the taste with the hint of spicy, as you can find lots of chili inside.

The chicken was juicy and soft, easy to eat.

Serving all their dishes in its signature claypot, and you can find them in a few locations.

I love ladies finger so went on to try this but was disappointed in a way, that’s because in the menu it show it comes with lots of ladies finger. But when it was served to our table, it actually overwhelm with sotong instead.

There’s only a few ladies finger inside. But I still love the sambal, and of course the sotong is big and chewy as well.

This refreshing cocktail is fresh and fruity with flavours of Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin from Spain, cranberry juice, lemon juice and elderflower syrup 》$18

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