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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

🐰 Happy Lunar New Year 兔年快乐✨wishing everyone good health and fortune 🥰

Got some CNY cakes from @patisserie.cle during my impromptu holiday outing💕

🐇 Lychee Bunny ($9.50)
▫️very fragile rabbit 😂 pastel light pink with lychee infused mousse with raspberry confit filling, rose sponge based and lychee bits inside✨ refreshingly sweet 👍 with subtle taste of pure lychee freshness 💯

🥑 Avocado Kumquat ($9.50)
▫️ Fresh avocado cream, kumquat cremeux, vanilla mousse, vanilla sponge. A unique fruit mix which turns out really well💯 definitely not a common cake u can find with a smoothie-like filling 🥰

🍍 Pineapple Chrysanthemum Puff ($5.50)
▫️very surprised that the chrysanthemum can be tasted👅 due to their use of fresh pineapples! Not paste! 💯 an elevated version of pineapple tarts that is a MUST GET ‼️ not too sweet as well👍 I can have 3 🤤

By same ppl behind the better scoop, RI RI CHA is a new tea-themed gelato and tea cafe located at Sago Street, Chinatown. Went for their mochi ice cream - with roselle sour plum flavor ✨ sweet sour refreshing with nice QQ texture! Comes with a tea on the side 😊✨

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🌈 @ohmycow.sg just opened in November located right at the atrium of @marinasquaresg ✨serving both classic and interesting flavours like SOYA BEAN FRITTERS and KOCHI YUZU✨

I do like the love letter base as the edges are really crunchy ❤️ @ohmycow.sg is also on @burpple 1 for 1 😉 one of the only ice cream and waffles place in the area for your dessert fix after shopping 🛍️ 🌟

WHITE DAWN IS STILL MY FAVORITE: CHRYSANTHEMUM AND LEMONGRASS 💯👅 another new flavour is ATHENA which is olive oil with raspberry leaf, the best part of their gelato is definitely the smooth creamy texture 👍

USE FOR 10% OFF DINE-IN and ONLINE (valid till 10 Nov 2022)✨ Check out @99gelato located conveniently near Lavender MRT 💗 serving unique gelato creations like mango takin, dulcey choco whiskey, strawberry tomato 🥰 can’t wait to go back and try the rest 👅

Creme brûlée waffles 🧇✨ this is the creation of @franciswong84 , tiefunwan chef and pastry chef (specialises in ice cream desserts 🍨!) 👨🏻‍🍳

Absolutely love the torches caramelised sugar on top 😍 goes so well with the Hokkaido milk ice cream and smooth creamy custard 🥰 (not overly sweet which I like!), personally I would prefer a crispy crunchy type of waffles but if you like airy fluffy kind - this is it 😊

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@cowpressocoffeesg is a pretty new homegrown specialised coffeehouse near beauty world mrt ✨ apart from their coffee showcase and workshops, they also serve brunch and desserts! Like this beautiful solid swirl of pistachio soft serve on Very Berry brioche donut 🍩 ( they have honey and choco fillings as well!) pretty fluffy and not too sweet! Can feed 2-4 people tbh, it’s quite filing💕


The sea salt caramel is surprisingly good! Would love to have more options but they do have the key important flavors like vanilla, chocolate and cotton candy 🍭 !

🥥 coconut jelly noodles with grass jelly is refreshing jelly-licious yums💗jelly is such an underrated dessert craving😋

Colorful bowl of QQ taro ball, sweet potato ball and bottom it with puddinggggg ✨I like that the small bowl is cute and very manageable for one 👍

🍑 peach kakigori ($22.80) is blanketed with this pretty sweet peach syrup (japan-sourced) and topped with that fuwa fuwa cream ✨ there is chunks of sweet Japanese canned peach inside the sauce with each scoop of that milky ice is just 💯 satisfying 👍we added shiratama ($2) for that whole Japanese festival food experience 😂🌈

Easily my new favorite gelato place with unique flavors and minimalism interiors - open till 2am!!!!! Must get their jasmine and their blue cheese is worth a try!


Been following them since their homebaker days nearby and watch them expand! REALLT impressed with the colors and assorted flavors - super perfect as a gift!🎉 and with Burpple affordable to try!

🎅 XMAS is almost here! 🧑‍🎄@tomspalettesg got this new cute 🎄 Christmas boozy parfait collab with @fivexpsg brandy 💕 the soft serve base is brown sugar paired with almond brittle, cherries and ladyfinger biscuits 🍒 (it’s like a fruitcake “tree”)

Iris Lim

Level 9 Burppler · 1085 Reviews

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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