You can fool the eyes but not the tongue :)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

I have eaten pastas from famed Italian restaurants, handmade pastas from cafes but none can rival this .

Sad that This brand has closed its only outlet at Star Vista .

This pasta 🍝 is amazing amazing- done al dente , smooth and a right balance between tartness from the tomatoes and a slight creaminess from the carbonara .

G&B Bistro
Homemade Italian , unit 01-06
Alexandra central mall ( next to ikea )

Besides a full range of homely Italian pastas and pizzas and roasted/ grilled meats , the tiramisu here is a bomb !

Really lovely tiramisu - moist and not sweet and with strong coffee kick.

Made with a traditional Italian recipe from an Italian chef - amazing !

And so very affordable

G&B bistro
Unit 01-06

In this cosy cafe / restaurant specialising in Italian food - I found one of the best tasting arrabbiatas and it is no wonder .

For those of you whom are familiar with “ homemade Italian “ operating at the old golden shoe air conditioned food court from 2007 to 2015 which did a whole range of heathy anti pasti and ala min italian pastas using traditional Italian recipes - they are now at Alexandra central .

So glad I finally managed to find them after chasing them from Selegie to Harbourfront food junction food court and now at this sleepy Alexandra mall .

I love Their homemade pesto and arrabbiata . Prices are so affordable but you get bang for your buck because all the recipes here are from an Italian chef.

Pretty good cup of yuan yang here albeit expensive price of 2.20 for a small cup .

But you get some shade and air con from the sweltering heat .

For those of you who like all things soft and fluffy -
This is the best place to get your chiffon cakes.

They are made without additives , no artificial flavours or colouring .

Popular flavours are the D24 durian , chocolate and of course pure pandan 🥰

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Really outstanding Kuehs from the coconut club.

The kueh kosui , tapioca kueh and the kueh salat were equally excellent - probably the best I have had .

Funny how the Kuehs were better than the main courses 😆

This doesn’t look like anything but it sure tasted full of wok hei .

The salted eggs add a further level of umami to the rice and I like how the rice grains are firm.

Not something that most would order in a dim sum place - but this was really good .

Comfort food done right .


At the coffeeshop that houses the famous margret drive chicken rice is one of my most frequented places for my red bean / peanut / coconut pancakes. These tender pancakes remain soft even after a whole day 🥰.

The stall also sells the normal peanut Mian Jian Guo which is crisp at the sides and tender and soft inside . The peanuts fillings are lightly sweetened and very aromatic .

If you like all things crispy - go for their crispy Mian Jian Guo variant which is paper thin and very crispy .


This stall is situated just near the large open air carpark not too far off from AH Sxxx durians 🤣.

This is my preferred place to get msw durians.

Creamy , bitter - sweet , heavenly .

Wang family ( korean ) kitchen
Hillview community centre

Pretty sick of restaurant type food and hawker food - wanted something with a better variety , something homemade and nourishing .

So thankful for Wang family kitchen, a quaint eatery operated by a korean family .

The dishes rotate daily and today’s set had mains of beef bulgogi and sweet and sour korean fried chicken.

Everything on the plate was so delicious and faultless - special mention to the innocent looking egg sandwich which will blow your mind away with its crisp exterior and moist egg and cheese filling. I assure you that it is not a waste of stomach space .

The cabbage kimchi , radish Kim Chi , potato salad , sautéed spinach and chap Chye were all so light on the palate - very healthily prepared unlike most Korean places these days which overly indulge in the use of oil and seasoning .

The Crisp green salad was a nice way to start the meal and the hot seaweed clam soup was comforting for the stomach .

As much as the dishes are refillable , I hope most would order as much as you could handle because you don’t want to waste such high quality food - food that has so much love and time spent in preparation .

End your meal with fresh cut fruits and a rotating desert of cake or freshly baked waffle .

At 19 dollars, this was really value for money given the variety and quality of food . The service was really friendly and earnest as well .

Such sincere food lovingly made - I felt my entire being nourished and fed .

Pretty expensive at 3.50 but a quick fix if you need to fill a pizza crave while on the go .

You can ask your pastry or bread to be heated up at the bakery counter .

Grumpy and unfriendly service - probably overworked staff .

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Nothing better than an Uber fluffy Tau sar pau with generous fillings and a strong tea .

So glad that the paus here are fresh and hot .

I dream of food .

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