You can fool the eyes but not the tongue :)
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Wang family ( korean ) kitchen
Hillview community centre

Pretty sick of restaurant type food and hawker food - wanted something with a better variety , something homemade and nourishing .

So thankful for Wang family kitchen, a quaint eatery operated by a korean family .

The dishes rotate daily and today’s set had mains of beef bulgogi and sweet and sour korean fried chicken.

Everything on the plate was so delicious and faultless - special mention to the innocent looking egg sandwich which will blow your mind away with its crisp exterior and moist egg and cheese filling. I assure you that it is not a waste of stomach space .

The cabbage kimchi , radish Kim Chi , potato salad , sautéed spinach and chap Chye were all so light on the palate - very healthily prepared unlike most Korean places these days which overly indulge in the use of oil and seasoning .

The Crisp green salad was a nice way to start the meal and the hot seaweed clam soup was comforting for the stomach .

As much as the dishes are refillable , I hope most would order as much as you could handle because you don’t want to waste such high quality food - food that has so much love and time spent in preparation .

End your meal with fresh cut fruits and a rotating desert of cake or freshly baked waffle .

At 19 dollars, this was really value for money given the variety and quality of food . The service was really friendly and earnest as well .

Such sincere food lovingly made - I felt my entire being nourished and fed .

Pretty expensive at 3.50 but a quick fix if you need to fill a pizza crave while on the go .

You can ask your pastry or bread to be heated up at the bakery counter .

Grumpy and unfriendly service - probably overworked staff .

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Nothing better than an Uber fluffy Tau sar pau with generous fillings and a strong tea .

So glad that the paus here are fresh and hot .

Feeding on the industrial and casual laid back feel of this cafe .

There’s only one sushi tei outlet I would order this from - the Raffles City outlet . The rest of the sushi tei outlets just can’t make it as well .🤣

So fragrant , garlicky with a good wok hei but not greasy .

Well seasoned and not salty .


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Not exactly most value for money at 3.90 but Starbucks has some pretty good pastries and cakes .

The muffin is surprisingly Uber moist , not too sweet and very fluffy .

Their range of muffins are probably the cheapest item you could grab to just sit and rest your legs while soaking In the Xmas mood of Xmas songs.

Looking forward to try their peanut butter chocolate bunt cake and the awfully chocolate collaboration Xmas brownie .

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This is not for the faint hearted because this devils curry is so so spicy 😝.

Different from the traditional Curry that we are familiar with - this comes with a tinge of Assam more gravy , some shredded cabbage and sausages . Interesting combination I must say .

Have been wanting to try Eurasian food but hadn’t had a chance till I aimlessly ventured into this sleep Tekka food court which houses pang’s Hakka noodles as well.

The stall owners were so kind to let me request for some chap Chye in place of a portion of chicken.

This meal was so yummy and home cooked - it really made me extremely happy .

Do come by to try their dry laksa noodles and their Assam pedas and of course their devil’s curry .

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Nothing Beats a hot cup of strong tea and a fluffy banana cake .

I must say that Toast Box really does a good cup of tea and banana cake .

Having said that - the tea and coffee standards differ much from place to place .

I finally found the best spot this morning and it really made my day .

I wrote about the pound’s matcha Swiss roll in my last post but equal emphasis should be given to the handmade biscottis and their coffee .

One of the best biscottis I have eaten in a Long Long while . Crisp and aromatic with a light buttery fragrance and studded with dried fruits as nuts - not too sweet at all .

The clever lady boss packs them in a packet of 3 for 1.50. So affordable and handy - I finished all in one Go🥰.

Pair it with a smooth and Frothy cappuccino- one of the best tasting coffees I have had in a Long while . Aromatic and deep in flavour .

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Red dates walnut muffin

From across the street from the infamous Tiong Hoe speciality coffee at Stirling is this hidden bakery that does the best red dates muffin .

Uber filled with real puréed red dates and not too sweet . It’s the only place that I have come across selling this .

Sad to see that they have put up notice for let for the shop - their bakes are fresh and healthy .

The wholemeal raisin and walnut ,durian bread and yam bread (homemade purée ) are some of the house favourites 🙏

I have been constantly disappointed with pratas I have had everywhere else .

Cafe O is probably the only place that can make my prata the way I like it.

Crisp , light and not greasy .

The accompanying fish curry is always rich and tasty .

Too many disappointments from prata else where - either too greasy , not fresh ( because they were not made ala minute - usually made in stacks and pilled up ) or the curry is watered down - like curry powder with water .

I am further convinced that I should get my pratas here only - regardless of noises that say why pay more for a prata here.

It’s the quality ... Yo !

At the corner of Geylang lor 14 is this coffee shop that houses a few stalls which are not open in the day except for want kok wanton noodles.

The adventurous spirit was up today for something new and I thought why not try ? So I abandoned the idea of going to koung wanton noodles and settled for this instead while driving by.

I am Glad I stopped by . This was a truly ole school wanton mee with a springy QQ noodle and well marinated and roasted char siew . The chilli is homemade and so delicious - not the sambal kind . So those of you who Prefer a wanton mee with a savoury note - this would be it !

One mouth of the noodles and both my husband and I had our eyes meeting . We both exclaimed “ it’s that ole school flavour “.

Heard from the uncle that they used to be at Geylang lor 9 but moved here some time back .

They do a good homemade roast pork noodles as well .

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I dream of food .

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