Top 10 Places for High Tea

Top 10 places for High Tea

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for High Tea
Their croissants have been a big draw at TBB.

This roasted mushroom croissant would be recommended to those who wanted more. It was filled with roasted mushrooms and onions, as well as thick cuts of Brie cheese to make it a hearty eat.


$5.35 for these 2 macarons. Came here to get chocolate larva croissant but it's only available on weekends in limited quantity? The macarons taste great w the fresh buttercream and the texture is on point.

The Bomb

I like it is like spring onion cake but on a pizza skin. It's nice but a bit too spicy for me😅

Their scones and Madeleine are my favourite.

Their tea selection is so big, here are some teas that I always order or buy home. Happy birthday tea, Grand Jasmine tea (if you've the tea at home, add honey, it's nice!) Vanilla bourbon tea or silver moon tea💗🍵

An interesting creation named the PB Pancake Burger which wasn't Peanut Butter but Pork Belly instead.

Didn't know whether to label it sweet or savoury but it sure was a good combination.
Braised pork belly sandwiched between pancakes with bacon crisps, caramelised banana and cream, drizzled in maple syrup and caramel peanuts. Loved how they played with the fluffy, crispy, crunchy and meaty textures. A good dish for brunch and to go with a cup of coffee.

Unicorn Dreams 🦄 ✨

[Halal, Invited Tasting 4/6] One look at the Unicorn Dreams ($15.90) and you'll think it's a bubble of sweetness that's on the verge of bursting. But surprisingly, it was much more tame in that regard.

We have some buttermilk waffles here, with banana brûlée, buttered popcorn, some mini marshmallows, and finally some 'Paddlepop' fondue drizzled in serpentine over it. To complete, we also get a scoop of Summer Berries ice-cream on the same plate. 😛

The elements on the plate all sound like they'd meld into a wonderland of flavours, but they were more straightforward than I'd expected. It's unlike the nightmarishly sweet items from Sugar Lips. As mentioned earlier, this was pleasantly restrained in the amount of sweetness. That presents itself as a double-edged sword - it made it more bearable, thereby more palatable, but it also left more to be desired in terms of intensity.

Okay la, given all its merits and shortcomings, I do believe it's something I wouldn't mind finishing. However, I do think the overall gripe I have with this is the same one I have with all Hyde & Co's items – the steep prices and the quality are sadly, a mismatch. (6.5/10)

Perfect Score! I Love Tapas.

Awesome-licious! Quality ingredients used.
Nice plating and presentation of food.
My daughter said she will rate it 10/10.
Great Service too.
Nice cocktail at happy hour price of $13-15
Pricing matches food quality ranging around $16-$28 per dish.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

the bottom of the puffs kinda leaked? Wise to be careful when eating this. It can get quite messy. I got the matcha, eternal garden, earl grey and milk tea. Good to pair with a cup of tea or coffee for tea break. ✌🏻✌🏻

Banana 🍌 & Strawberries Smoothie

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