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Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

Birthdays are truly a great excuse to buy whole cakes 😆 Got @brotherbird_bakehouse's chocolate mochi cake which has valrhona manjari chocolate mousse, vanilla bean mochi, dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut crispy praline and chocolate macaron biscuit. The multiple layers made sure there were many different types of flavours that you wouldn't feel there's "too much" chocolate. There was such a variety of flavours with the mousse, chewy mochi, ganache, crispy praline and macaron biscuit too. We enjoyed this cake a lot and I'll buy this a lot more often if they're sold in slices too 😅

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Ordered @puffsandpeaks' Brown Butter Spiced Pear Chocolate cake for a gathering recently and we enjoyed it a lot! The cake is made of 70% chocolate cake layers, spiced pear filling and brown butter buttercream. The flavours were unique, with the fragrant brown butter combined with the slightly sweet chocolate and the spiced pear filling adding that savoury touch to the cake 😋

The brown sugar cake was light in texture and had a fragrant brown sugar flavour. It’s such a simple yet satisfying cake!

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The lychee cheesecake had a strong lychee flavour and the cheese was quite rich too. I prefer Japanese cheesecake but this was pretty good.

Won this from their giveaway and got the red velvet and chocolate flavoured one. The cake is 5 inches and consists of 3 layers of sponge. The cake was really moist and rich in flavour and it was good for sharing with ~15 people too!

The hei mille crepe is black sesame flavoured and it was fragrant. Flavours were light while the cake was slightly sweet. I would like it more if there was more sesame flavour in this but the texture is good, it wasn’t too creamy or too dry.

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This has lychee, wasabi, lime and mint. It sounded odd at first but the wasabi wasn’t that strong, though it was pronounced. The tea pairing for this was a spiced black tea and it did help to reduce the wasabi aftertaste as well.

This has black sesame, coconut, red currant and almond. This was like a party in my mouth with I took my first bite. There were many distinct flavours in this that complemented each other. Plus there was the almond crust at the bottom to add that extra crunch. This was paired with berries tea with cherry, lavender and bergamot.

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San Dominigue is named after the island they get their chocolate from. It’s made of dark chocolate, plantain (Caribbean bananas) and a rum chocolate on top. This was the richest in flavour and it was comforting as well. It was paired with Moroccan mint with Cambodian lemongrass tea.

This has lemongrass, apple, caramel flavours. The tea pairing for this was french rose lavender. This was a few of our favourites! The flavours were unique and the texture were very light.

The Hojicha cake was slightly sweet but rich in Hojicha flavour, coupled with the concentrated Hojicha drizzle on the cake slice too!

The cake was light in texture with a fragrant earl grey flavour. It was slightly sweet as well.

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