Taste don't swallow

Taste don't swallow

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Set meal comes with a side of Taiwanese popcorn chicken.

The Mee sua here can eat with just the spoon, and taste as good as Ay Chung, which is also served with pig Intestine.

Pop corn chicken also damn good, crispy and well seasoned. Those that once u start eating, cannot stop.


Another reason to visit Zai Shun, are their wide selection of awesome side dishes.

Har Cheong Gai(Prawn Paste Chicken) was fried to a crisp.

Hae Bi Hiam was also good, so good that I ordered 2 container boxes for takeaway.

Bitter Gout eggs were good too, my in laws absolutely loved this.

When eating at a Hainanese establishment such as here, 1 of the menu items that usually catch my eyes, is thr sweet and sour sauce dishes.

The Chicken "Chop" here is fried like machiam Cutlet. It was crispy & the chicken was tender as well.

Sauce was a little too sweet for me though.

This set comes with white rice as well.

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Taste like childhood, just like the Chee Cheong Fun from primary school canteen.

Silky smooth Chee Cheong Fun in Thick and sweet dark sauce, with sasame oil and seeds.

Chee Cheong Fun here is retro singapore style. So comes with no fillings inside.

Quite a popular store here at ghim moh.

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@60 cents per piece.

Stall owners were an elderly couple, cooking their Chwee Kueh over charcoal smoke.

Chee kueh was good.

Cai po was sweet flavoured type

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Comfort food for the wife, who likes this alot.

Fu Lin YTF original store is quite popular at East coast road, which has been around since the 1990s.

All selection of YTF are not boiled or dipped into soul, they are all fried to crisp, with a thick gravy of meat and mushroom doused over it and served to you.

Gravy was rather thick and flavourful.

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The Fried Chicken was well marinated with herb and spices. Very flavourful. And chicken was rather tender as well.

The sambal was not too spicy, tasted quite good.

The Blue Pea rice portion is rather small though.

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Quite alot of people ordered this.

Chee Cheong Fun was silky smooth, prawns were bouncy and fresh.

The egg added nothing to this chee cheong Fun, to be honest.

Overall quite nice, can order as add on if u still not full from lunch. This plate alone will not be able to fill your stomach for lunch, really is just eat shiok only.

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The original store, Jian Bo HQ.

With many outlets sprouting around SG, at shopping malls etc, Jian Bo at Tiong Bahru is the original location where it first opened a just over a decade after World War 2.

The Chee Kueh and cai po here is damn good la, everytime I hungry after a meal here at TBM, I will surely go over to get some chee kueh.

But damn sinful man, and it's very oily, keep imagine my heart get coated in oil after each bite.


Affordable Peranakan Food Alert!

Peranakan Food have a reputation of being rather expensive. But not here at Charlie's

Located at Basement Floor of Golden Mile Hawker, Charlie's looks rather old school, with a hand written menu/signboard. The lady owner was very nice and friendly.

What we had

1) Bakwan Kepiting- damn good. Absolutely love this pork/crab meat balls.

2) Ayam Rendang- Chicken was fresh. The Rendang gravy was thick and flavourful.

3) Chap Chye- Normal dish, nothing really sepcial

They have many items on their menu, next time will try their Ayam Buah Keluak


+$1 for Breast Meat

For $12.80, it is indeed very steep, but what u get here is an excellent plate of Ayam Berempah Nasi Lemak.

The Chicken Breast was very fresh, texture like steam chicken but with a fried juicy taste to it. Meat was not dry whatsoever.

Having had both the leg and breast menu item, I would still go with the leg though, its cheaper and the meat is more juicier.

The Berempah as usual, is very good here.


My go to place for fried porridge, first had this at beauty world centre, consistency still there. It taste just as good here.

Got Wok Hei, very shiok in every spoon.

Ingredient portions were rather good.

A fried porridge dish that overpowers the bak kut teh at a bak kut teh store

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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