Taste don't swallow

Taste don't swallow

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

It's my first time eating at Tasvee. Read many good reviews on Google on this place.

Decided to have the curry chicken, a safe choice for any Indian food. Surely an Indian restaurant won't go wrong on their curry yes.

And the curry here is really good, it's thick, it's flavourful, and the chicken was cooked well, meat was soft and tender.

Also had their mutton and fried fish, generally, the food served here are all quite good. Definitely can try if around here.

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Curry Chicken was thick and flavourful. Generous amount of chicken & Potatoes. Chicken was tender.

Their Oven-Baked Prata was crispy and comes in plain and spring onion flavour.

Overall quite filling.

7.5/10 for me. Will return to try their other dishes


Little Vietnam always has long queue to enter and seems like a very popular Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore. A few friends have also raved about this place and thus, decided to give it a try.

Banh Xeo is the signature, must have dish here at little Vietnam.

The Vietnamese pancake consist of sliced pork, prawns, beansprouts etc. And it's served with fish sauce.

Pancake was crispy. But the filling like not enough, feels like eating mostly beansprouts.

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Little Vietnam always has long queue to enter and seems like a very popular Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore. A few friends have also raved about this place and thus, decided to give it a try.

Grilled pork chop although not a food that is authentically Vietnamese. This is one of the must have dishes here.

Grilled Pork was grilled well and meat was tender and well marinated. Meat loaf was good as well. But overall felt a little underwhelming. Tasted just like any other grilled Pork at a korean bbq place.


Lao zhong zhong must surely serve the best Ngoh Hiang in Singapore.

Lao Zhong zhong been around since the 1950s and most of their fritters are hand made by themselves.

The fried fish and prawn fritter were surprisingly good.

It is also affordable, this entire plate cost be just $8.60.

Otah was not so good in my opinion, will skip the otah next time.

Very generous portions. And super value for money

Never ending boneless chickens pieces.

Have potato, black fungus, fried tofu, etc etc etc.

Very filling.

I seperately ordered a $5 kangkong and it was a mountain to consume.

Taste wise, it was quite good. The sauce was flavourful.

Forsee myself returning with wife to have this again.

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Located along Serangoon Road, is this hidden coffee shop that serves an array of excellent side dishes for your teochew mui.

The braised pork was fatty and meat was soft. The Hae bi Hiam portion was generous and tasted very good as well.

Also excellent was the minced pork.

Really enjoyed my lunch here, will definitely return to try their other dishes like the braised duck and otah.

All the food here looks very good. U could easily overspend here.

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This 24-hour opened handmade pau shop is located inside a coffee shop along Jalan Besar.

It is popular for serving a variety of pau and dim sum.

Decided to have a Giant Ye Zhi Mei pau, it is named as such, as the size of the pau is almost a handful. Just Google search Yi zhi mei/ Amy Yip and u will know what these pau are being compared with.

The white steam bread was firm enough to contain all the "juices" within, yet it was soft enough to eat with a subtle sweetness along with it.

The meat within was just a burst of Umami, it had lup cheong, mushrooms, pork belly, half a steam egg and of course, the minced pork. I would dare say, this is a better pau compared to Nam Kee.

Dim sum I had was nothing special to me. But it wasn't bad. Just tasted normal.

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The Hainan Colony is located at 18 Tai Seng, its serves British-Hainanese Dishes.

British-Hainanese dishes originated in Singapore when immigrants from Hainan came to Singapore and worked as chefs for Colonial British during when Singapore was under Bristish rulers.

So these dishes are the colonial times fusion dishes.

And other then oxtail stew, the hainanese pork chops are usually one of the other more popular British-Hainanese dishes.

The pork chop here was cooked to crisps and the sweet and sour sauce was certainly tasty.

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The Basmati Rice was fluffy & very fragrant. Very generous serving.

Mutton was tender and the thick curry was flavourful. Mutton had a strong gamey taste.

The queue was massively long but somewhat fast moving. This shop only opens for 3 hours a day only.

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Recently open, and currently having 10% opening promo discount.

Decided to try their Chicken Dum Briyani which cost around $8. The chicken was easy on the palate but the basmati rice really exceeded my expectations and was very fragrant with all the herbs and spices.

Will definitely return for their briyani for sure.

Seems very popular stall here at brain, with lots of people ordering their briyani.

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One of the best fried oyster I had, Lim's Fried oyster is so good, u don't have to dip it into the chilli.

The fried oyster was actually already fried with chilli in it, so the egg was crisp & spicy.

The oysters were good, it wasn't stale but u can't say its as fresh as those raw ones u eat at restaurants.

It's so good, I da pao 1 packet back for the Mrs.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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