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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Used to be 6.9 at their previous branch

The nachos sauce is a house blend of onions, cheddar and simple as it is, it definitely hit the spot. Combined with tomato sauce as well as really tender beef, youve got comfort food at an incredible value. Its suitably filling despite the seemingly Small size. And though the bread isnt crispy, it was fluffy enough

Faint garlic smell. Small pieces of shrimp. Uninspired and underwhelming

First things first don't come here thinking of using burpple beyond unless you're in a massive group since the best flavours are all excluded from the deals. I didn't check and when I was about to order, I realised our top 4 picks were all not included in the deal

Their crust is unique in that it's sort of like pressed bread. Yet it is surprisingly tough to chew; my jaws were hurting at the end of the meal.

It's really a disappointment that the barbeque sauce wasn't applied liberally because this really didn't taste like much. I usually never compare these kinds of places to chains but my friend remarked that he enjoys pizza hut better and I can't disagree

Fared much better as it was more properly set, being rather smooth and creamy. Not unlike a McDonald's cone, just not nauseatingly sweet

If you're taking away then you're limited to Thai milk tea, vanilla, or a mix of both only if I understood him correctly, while if you're dining in house u get a lot more options

This one wasn't set properly unfortunately when we were here, but massive props to the owner for not settling and working the machine over and over until he was finally satisfied with the texture. Not too bad but nothing out of the ordinary

Recommend getting the seafood rolls as it's chunkier and thus better texturally. This chili crab sauce was on point, as it was flavourful enough to go with the seafood yet doesn't mask the freshness and sweetness of the seafood. Not too spicy too which is always a plus when trying to savour the delicate lobsters

THIS PLACE IS ABOVE HAKATA IKKOUSHA. Went to the main tanjong pagar plaza block and was so lost lol

Anyway highly recommended to get one mild flavour like this one and one stronger flavour if you're using beyond since this one allows you to taste the freshness of the seafood. Pretty good!

Soup was thick but not super flavourful. Tasted quite weird with the truffle oil. Beef parts could have been cooked better, e.g. tripe was chewy to a certain extent

P.S. free flow fruit infused water is chargeable at 1.8nett

Tbh quite average. Nothing really impresses. The sauce wasn't what I expected either,but it's really familiar for some reason

With two sides of your choice. Both the coleslaw and grilled corn were average. The ribs were decently tender, juicy, and nicely charred at some crispier parts. While the hickory BBQ glaze was good, it didn't penetrate into the meat. Still, the amount slathered is more than enough and portion is quite good too, with at least 250g of meat


On Tuesdays all burgers go for 15++ except empire burger

I'm convinced this is pulled pork burger perfection as theres nothing else to ask for. Sweet, tangy and smokey, the sauce accompanied the juicy and soft pork perfectly. It was so good I decided after my first bite that using fork and knife would be an insult to this glorious burger. Couldn't even stop to taste the pickles and slaw while I was busy wolfing down this beast. And yes it is a beast despite its seemingly small portion in the picture, the meat literally falls out in dollops as u press it together. The portion of homemade slaw was super generous as well, though it's usually fries if u don't ask for a change.


Not sure if I could taste the smoke but I certainly loved the oozy peanut butter centre


Would travel for food

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