All Time Favourites

All Time Favourites

My personal list of favourites that I always go to
Sze Qi Wong
Sze Qi Wong

This was a breakfast that lasted me more than a good half of the day, and fuelled me through work on a weekend. Of all the eggs bennys i have had, this has to be the winner in my books. Eggs were executed perfectly, with runny yolk, and the dish was not drenched in hollandaise (which I really appreciated). There was a substantial amount of spinach and bacon which was enough for every bite till the end. And, let’s not forget the potatoes, those golden nuggets packed with flavour, with a slightly spicy kick to it, really elevated the whole dish and in a long time left me feeling like an eggs benny actually satisfied me.

Could really taste the POWER in this nasi lemak. Rice was very fragrant, full of lemak goodness and light and fluffy. Egg was fried to perfection, with a runny yolk and soft whites. The chicken, completed the dish. It was marinated very well, fried to a crisp, juicy but not oily, and in each mouthful you could taste the spices and seasoning that went into the marination. The chilli was sweet with a slight kick, which went nicely with all the savoury items. Overall, a solid nasi lemak, and only at $3.50 is very satisfying.


Having a teochew grandpa who loves cooking means I've eaten countless steamed fish, be it at home or in restaurants to know that THIS steamed fish really lives up to its Michelin star. The thing about steamed fish is that if it isn't fresh, you can tell right away. This was steamed to perfection, and the sauce was light, yet savoury. Honestly, this fish and a bowl of rice would be a very happy meal for me.


I had this as my main as part of the 8 course set ($32.8++). This place has totally changed my opinion about vegetarian food. It was amazing! I always thought vegetarian food lacked in depth in terms of flavour, but every dish I had in the course meal blew my mind. This man dish stood out to me.

I loved how there were a myriad of textures and flavours in a bite. The mushrooms were very flavourful and there were some crispy bits wrapped into the rice roll. It was really satisfying to eat, and I felt good knowing that everything was fresh and healthy.

It's really worth a try! It's so good it's going onto my favourites list.


Featuring wobbly, fatty, juicy meat with a mountain of bao behind. I've been eating this since I was a kid, and I kid you not, it's one of the best around, and it has been consistent all these years. The pork brisket has been braised for hours, leaving the meat tender, succulent and full of flavour. Throw in some cilantro into your pork bun for a refreshing taste in every bite.

This restaurant also serves up many of my favourite go to dishes, such as hei zo, oyster omelette and hokkien style noodles. It's a family favourite, and I hope it'll be yours too.


Go for the thick version! One of the most satisfying tom yum soups I've had - just the right amount of spicy and tang, I actually finished all the soup from the huge bowl!

Our accompanying dishes, the Kang Kong and garlic pork, completed the entire me with perfection. I like how the garlic pork has bits of crispy garlic served with it, and is slightly sweet, which was the balance to the hearty soup.

The queue speaks for its affordability and popularity! Do remember they only take cash, so bring some for your meal!

I always order this without fail. Always. What's not to like about paradise's classic dumplings with generous amount of filling, paired with springy noodles, drenched in chilli garlic vinegrette topped with spring onions??

I always feel like I've walked out of paradise eating this.


On its own, the aglio was done really well, nicely salted with a hint of spice. But when the egg was mixed in, it created a unique sauce with the olive oil and juices from the chorizo, taking it up another notch. The chicken roulade slices were crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and the mushroom filling went well with the chicken. It was a very satisfying meal and I walked out of Clifford Centre really happy and full. It looks ordinary but the flavours are solid!


Run by three ladies, the cai fan dishes here really taste like home cooked food. It's cai fan that you can eat everyday without feeling sick and tired of, and it's stuff you will crave when you are feeling down or just need a good plate of food to comfort you. A must order is the lor bak - fatty, juicy, you can tell it's a good braised meat when the flavour penetrates the meat and each bite is permeated with the sauce.

Smooth, generous serving of matcha goodness in a cone. Matcha flavour was prominent, and it was perfectly sweetened. Pretty much a go to and no frills kind of soft serve when I have a matcha craving.


Pleasantly surprised by this! Love it that they are generous with the cheese, and every fry is coated with some, without any sad ones that are bare. The kimchi was nice and added a spicy kick to the dish! The sour cream comes in handy if you're not the best at tolerating spice! Definitely one for sharing and it ranks pretty high on my Cheese fries list.

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Wolf burger patty, truffled mushrooms and onions, Swiss cheese. Sadly, it doesn't taste as good as i remember anymore. But still a very good burger for its price! Beef patty was done well.


Snapshots that fill up my stomach and fill me up with happiness

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