Desserts! 🍰🍩

Desserts! 🍰🍩

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Rowena Cheng
Rowena Cheng

The mixed berry sorbet brought a sharp tinch of sourness on the first bite, but had a very refreshing taste as you savour the grapefruit-pink scoop of goodness.

The 70% dark chocolate however, was slightly disappointing as it lacked the cocoa aroma and the richness of chocolate. The sugar & cream taste overwhelmed the cocoa flavour.

But it seemed worthy to try the Skinny dark chocolate sorbet!

Chanced upon this promotion going on in the restaurant - yummeyyyy

Choices include: chocolate, Yuzu (both in pic), passionfruit, blueberry, original, matcha green tea. (I may have missed out 1 or 2).

The cheesecake tasted light to the palette. The Yuzu had a refreshing flavour to it; while the chocolate one just tasted like a chocolate cake with mild cream cheese in it.

Been craving for matcha soft serve for the longest time. It's my first try at hvala's. When you absolutely love matcha, you love their other variations too. Got the twist cos same price more variety, why not!

I didn't rly enjoy that it was more icy than it was supposed to be a soft serve. And there weren't much matcha or houjicha taste in it, which was rather disappointing. The rice cracker that accompanied made the entire combination worse - it wasn't a plain rice cracker, it was salty and tasted completely out of combination. The only positive thing I got away from this was the generous serving. Would still turn back to Matchaya πŸ˜›

Have been bookmarking this for months and finally got to try it - thanks to my Manager! She got the mango flavour - a refreshing taste with a slight tint of sourness in that sweet treat of soft, fluffy cake layered with famous old-school cake cream. It helped to slightly neutralise the entire sweetness of the dessert in itself. Would love to try their signature kaya flavour the next time round!

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Taking the opportunity of 1-for-1 today to try my buddy's new favourite ice cream. The sea salt flavour was quite special; and blended really well with the caffe latte flavour which did not overpower the sea salt taste. Each flavour had its unique & distinct taste, and did not overpower the other flavour at all.

Tried the lime x sea salt as well, but I did not think that it tasted good nor did it go well with the sea salt. The lime flavour tasted like lime candy powder though. :/

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Back by popular demand, the wholemeal Oreo cheese was tempting for a try. First bite was: hmm maybe this was more suitable for kids. As I bite through, the Oreo was oozing out further. The block of cheese seemed like the 2nd lead instead. Overall, I'd still choose kaya cheese though. Imo oreo cheese is more suitable for kids' palette.

Love their ice cream for the slightly chewy texture like gelato, and their generous serving of scoops and drizzles. The waffles albeit small, were fragrant and chewy, with a crisp outer layer that will go extremely well when served warm into your mouth together with the scoop you order.

The pistachio came slightly heavy after awhile, maybe 2 scoops over a piece of waffle was too much to handle.


Sick of English Breakfast tea? Try some English Afternoon tea at Winnie's - one of their recommended drinks! Was pleasantly surprised as the milk tea taste was fragrant.

They alternate between honey and black sugar pearls, and they have honey ones today. They were not exactly round in shape, and taste wasn't too heavy since they were not coated with another layer of sugar over them. The honey pearls were not as chewy too, so it's kinda like a slightly different texture of pearls.

They are offering a free drink to those who are named 'Winnie' from 26 Nov to 1 Dec, so if you or your friends are called Winnie, hurry them down to Fusionopolis to grab a free bbt!

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These 2 desserts were the most appealing to us when we stood by the counter and so we got them.

To my surprise, although the cream cheese layers on the carrot cake was very thick, it was not too sweet nor heavy. It complemented really well with the cake layers and the spice in the cake was not too potent too. Sweetness was just right; not overly sweet (I'm quite sensitive to the sweetness).

I thought the apple pie would have tasted better if heated up. The apple cubes still retained their sweetness and crunch, while the crumble layer was not overly dry nor crisp.

Popped by little wimbly as we were dinnering by Chomp Chomp. Got some waffles and they came really well with the ice cream we ordered, together with a generous serving of maple syrup all over this sinful plate of goodness.

The earl grey tea had a strong, sweet scent which did not really appeal very well to me as the flavour was slightly overpowering. The chocolate truffle amazed me - the dark chocolate flavour shoots through your nose and neutralised the entire sweetness an ice cream would bring. I don't usually order chocolate ice cream, but this scoop here had my table mates all going for it over the earl grey one. Although I'm a dark chocolate lover, I can't take strong-flavoured chocolate. This scoop of chocolatey goodness brought a just right taste and punch to the tastebuds.

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Affordable egg tart at a hawker centre stall! Looks like they baked their tart shells in-house, and poured over the beancurd-textured egg mixture into the shells. If you're unsure whether to get egg tarts or beancurd tart, why not get a combination of both!


A very convenient cafe to sit down and have a chat over traditional coffee and some favourite egg tarts and pastries.

The crust was slightly too thick for my liking, taking up too much of the egg filling space (otherwise I could have had more egg filling 😒) It may taste better if toasted. Overall, it wasn't overly sweet nor heavy.

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Other than eating, it's me being hungry.

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