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Good Japanese

Good Japanese

Featuring Menya Shi-Shi Do (Jaya One), Fat Bird Ramen, Minato Yakitori
Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

When it’s pouring outside and you wish for nothing but to indulge in a piping hot bowl of ramen, head over to Menya Shi-Shi Do for the best ramen fix.
Springy noodles soaked in an unbelievably rich broth, accompanied by huge chunks of pork belly and half-boiled eggs. Every single thing in the bowl (including the spring onions) were all happily devoured!
I ordered my ramen in a black garlic broth. Might seem like a magic potion, but I promise you it was absolutely delicious.

Crispy skin, thin layer of batter and very VERY juicy meat. Not the biggest fan of fried chicken but this plate converted me. I could have this as my main any day.

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The same springy noodles soaked in aromatic garlic oil broth. The broth was filled with garlic taste, which I liked.
I enjoyed slurping up the noodles as I could really taste the effort they put into making their noodles fresh everyday!

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I appreciate the fact that they handmade their noodles, resulting in springy and al dente noodles. Huge pieces of pan fried chicken was delicious as well, although I would enjoy it more if the skin wasn’t so soggy.
Would like the clear broth to be a little more flavourful, though.

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You can't find an extensive menu of sushi platters or typical Japanese foods here at Minato Yakitori. Instead, think grilled items and affordable set meals. Located above Harbour Steamboat (they share the same owner), the cozy restaurant and open kitchen reminded me of the buzzing late night bars in Japan where you can find office workers having a drink or two along with several Yakitori dishes.
I had the cold soba set, which costed me RM10. Although the noodles were not the best soba I have ever tasted, but considering it's value, I can definitely visualise myself ordering this again and again to satisfy my thirst for cold soba noodles.
I would definitely recommend the Yakitori items! We tried the grilled squid (RM20) and some grilled pork belly (RM4/stick). One bite and it was enough to get me hooked! We will be back for more! In the meanwhile, give this humble restaurant a try. As a plus, their service was thumbs up too!


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