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Ordered the beef belly (my fav), thin pork belly and pork shoulder! As the staff cooks everything for you, you don’t have to worry about overcooked or undercooked meat! I have to say that they did an excellent job in doing so- the beef was tender and the pork was nicely charred on the outside whilst retaining its juiciness. I rly loved the rice ball as well! The slight saltiness of the fish roe along with the fragrant sesame seaweed and mayo went nicely with the smoky meats!

We got the pasta, trout, and ice cream, of which the trout stood out the most. It was sinfully buttery and absolutely delicious! The staff surprised us with a complimentary salad (which came with an AMAZING sauce) and cheesecake (it tasted like custard to us hahaha), which was really a cherry on top. Oh, and the ambience is wonderful! I loved the cute wooden clocks on the wall.

These were some of the best oysters I’ve ever eaten at this price point. At only $2 a pop during happy hour, these delicious morsels were so so fresh and plump! The oysters were big boys too! So it was super super satisfying!

Not to be missed as well are the mentaiko fries! Just look at it, how could it taste bad?

Succulent scallop with a great sear but did not enjoy the combination of scallop, cauliflower and curry


Refreshing starter. Wish the tuna was sliced more evenly and slightly thicker than they were served

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💵: $18

🤔: Not those frozen circular calamari rings, but like ACTUAL baby squids which were fried super well, recommended!

💵: $24

🤔: Generous portion of crab meat, but pasta was cooked way past al dente.

💵: $30

🤔: Meat wasn't the most tender, but is really well-marinated and tasty. Definitely worth the higher price tag it came with!