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Recommended lists for Dinner with Drinks

Recommended lists of Best Dinner with Drinks in Singapore, 2019
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Top 10 Places for Dinner with Drinks

Top 10 places for Dinner with Drinks

Latest Reviews for Dinner with Drinks

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Dinner with Drinks

Looking for a place to dine & chill out after work or over the weekends? 😎 You can now head down to @mythzmyths, just a short distance away from Clarke Quay/Raffles Place MRT! 😊
If bespoked or magical cocktails are your kind of thing, u will not be disappointed by Darren, almost the youngest bartender i've met! 😉
Expect not only whimsical & pretty drinks 🤩🤩🤩 but also a gastronomical experience with curated French-Asian cuisine & bar bites (featured: Fried Chicken Leg with Tobiko Mayo, $14), lovingly whipped up by Chef Martin Wong who has had culinary experiences at a 2-Star Michelin celebrity restaurant! ⭐
Congrats @mythzmyths on your grand opening ytd! ✌🏻 Thanks Chef for also serving us some savoury & sweet treats incl brownies, kougehouf de dulcey (mini bundt cake with caramel) & macarons! 💕
Thanks @wishuponatart for the invite! 😘

BAD!!!!!!! Went for the beyond 1 for 1 but was shocked to see that their 1 for 1 was a 9 course meal costing SGD 120???!!!! There were discrepancies btw the waiters where 1 of them said that we can order from the normal menu excluding some of the dons and drinks and the other waiter came forward shortly and mentioned about the 9 course mains that course 120++🙂

Ended up we just ordered without Burpple and paid $18 for this mentaiko pasta... Food was normal and ordered their truffle fries (very salty). Also sat in at 7pm and was told we had to leave by 7:45pm??????? Overall, not a very pleasant experience and was very disappointed. Food wasn’t worth without 1 for 1 deals.

Hope that the restaurant can make their options about the type of food that is available for 1 for 1 more clearly as it is clearly misleading from the reviews that were shown!!!

You really must try the flat iron, it's flame grilled to perfection and the taste is great! The need is tender and the portion is just right for me. The side dish - spicy sweet potato is flavourful with the right tinge of spice. The potato is not too mushy nor hard and don't miss the tiramisu, the cream and coffee blended very well, not too sweet nor bitter, highly recommend!

Pretty ordinary, but I liked how these wedges had a firmer kind of texture instead of the usual mushy and grainy potato texture most of the wedges have!

Salmon skin was perfectly crisp and so well-seasoned! Pretty generous portions too. Perhaps the chunks of salmon skin could have been smaller though, would make it easier to consume (each chunk was like at least the size of 2 of my fingers combined) All of us couldn't stop reaching for more because this was just so addictive🤭

i eat like 80% meat and 20% desserts, so if I say something non-meat is good, it is good! their classic beyond cheese burger is available at the food truck too.
(otherwise, you can also get the beyond sausage hot dogs at @oasis_sg as a complete meal with a side and dessert after tomorrow!)

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Desserts were the highlight of my 3 course lunch here. That play of textures with wild rice and crispy chocolate, and the unusual pairing of Gochujang with black sesame and green tea was just genius. So good, that it almost made me forget about the disappointing main courses.
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The squid was fresh, the serving was generous (this is half the portion), and the pasta was al dente!

Also, probably one of the better restaurants in Singapore with better than average service!

Bad bad bad experience with over an hour of waiting just for Sabu Sabu...

While we watch others diners finished their meals while we wait and wait...

The meat looks dull and not so fresh...

"So sorry for the wait, the kitchen need to make the soup.... (just a plain tasteless fish bone soup seriously )

A punishment for using Beyond during their peak hours.... None of their waitresses had a clue of this Beyond offer... Sad

💕 Don’t be SALTy k, just head down to DePizza & try this out yourself! 😉
Fans of Salted Egg Yolk (SEY) are bound to enjoy DePizza’s rendition of Golden Egg Pizza ($24+)! 🤩🤩🤩 Boasts of rich & intense SEY flavours with their homemade sauce made with real SEY, chicken & onions, topped with curry leaves & chilli padi, this pizza is deserving as one of their best-sellers. ❤
My little tip would be to devour this while it’s hot for that ideal smooth creamy consistency as the SEY can get grainy/powdery when cooled.
The young entrepreneurs & brainchild of this pizzeria are really humble folks who welcome and take customers’ feedback very seriously, constantly fine-tuning their recipes to please diners’ tastebuds. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 So u can be assured that the intensity of the SEY sauce is definitely on point! 😋

180g of Wagyu Beef nicely grilled topped with an egg, delicious.