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You would think with the brand in the name it's a signature. In fact it's damn ordinary and too sour. And it's $10!

OverEasy was one of my first bookmarks many years ago and I'm finally here. This is topped with truffle and wild mushrooms. Not the best m&c but passable lah.

I loved the warmth you get when the service crew at a restaurant is friendly and helpful, but I’d still shy away if the food fails to impress. It is a great thing that Yakizen is on Burpplebeyond, otherwise the mains might be slight pricey for the portion. My alacarte order of a set of 6 Japanese skewers was also decent but forgettable.
Don’t get me wrong, the food was no where near bad but faces tough competition with some many options around.

I love the Garlic Sauce Buffalo Wings, the chicken is tender and juicy yet crispy on the outside.
It's my first time trying something like the Original Pork Ribs and the quality of the food is really commendable. The size of the serving is generous and would be great to order and share it with friends as I would definitely not be able to finish it on my own.
Overall, the ambience is amazing, would be a place I'd love to chill and hang out with my friends after work. The staff and service are great. She made an effort to explain and recommend which dishes are more suited to our tastes and was being very patient with us.

It was the first time that I tried a duck foie gras. At first glance, this S$26.00 dish looked like two slices of cake that also came with sugar-glazed onions and four pieces of baguette toast. As much as innards might not be my preferred diet, this experience was very satisfying because the foie gras tasted really creamy and gentle after being spread evenly on the baguette. The caramelised onions might be helpful to neutralise the taste a bit, but to be honest it was kind of optional to garnish.

Fret not if you would think that the Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine came in huge portions, as it could serve at least two persons, with the baguette available as eat-all-you-want. Just be mindful that you would likely have a main course waiting for you after this.

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Available from Monday to Thursday, 5.00pm to 7.00pm, L’Entrecôte offered Fine de Claire Oysters at only S$2.95 per piece (U.P.: S$5.00). With limited stock daily, these oysters were freshly-shucked upon order and tasted really sweet, which was a beautiful contrast from the salt-water that remained on the shell.

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Both average, thank god we didn't order any ckn skewers

Average food and extremely expensive. There's no reason to come here anymore, better izakayas are everywhere. Entire staff is not japanese the day we went, and no Japanese customers as well. Service wasn't very helpful either, we asked the Filipino lady if they could cook the hotaruika for us somehow as it was really too difficult to stomach, she said there's no procedure for cooking it...

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Oh gosh this was difficult to eat

Honestly i don't rlly eat raw food normally but the aftertaste was revolting. It's fermented too which contributes to that.

The flavour was q decent tho, and there's a sweetness within(coupled w a red oil). I don't think the sliminess is optimal at all though

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Quite tender, slightly crispy, but not worth the price

Ika and noodles

It's not crispy at all but otherwise it's passable. Again nth special tho

The pic is like this cos my friend took 1 piece, there's a total of 3 pieces

Overhyped, and the price keeps hiking as well. Not to say it's not good, cos how bad can braised pork belly be, but it's not impressive. It's unique, as you can tell from the colour there's a lot of dark flavours, but the pork itself was still a bit stringy. Not too intense

Sucks. It tastes exactly like a normal tomato. The shiso pepper didn't taste like anything either. I almost thought I had covid