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Recommended lists of Best Dinner with Drinks in Singapore, 2018
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Burpple Guides, Japanese, Dinner with Drinks 15 Best Izakayas in Singapore As izakayas continue to spring up all over Singapore, we’ve realized that this might just be one of the most fun forms of dining — if you’ve yet to try, you really should. These casual, lively Japanese watering holes are meant for groups of friends to wind down over bite-sized goodies and beers after work. You can keep going for hours, ordering small bites and more drinks as your worries slip away. We've sussed out the best izakayas — from crispy chicken tails in Orchard to rosti mentai in the CBD and buta kakuni in Tanjong Pagar — start saving these places to your Wishlist!
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Top 10 Places for Dinner with Drinks

Top 10 places for Dinner with Drinks

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Following from my previous post on Westholme @true_westholme under #ACutofFreedom campaign, this is a different rendition of the lovely Australian wagyu by Executive Chef Archan Chan of @level33_sg.
It's a totally different take on the wagyu. Chef Archan first marinated the beef with soy, lemongrass and chilli, sous vide it to slightly break down the fats so that it will not be so gelat, then grilled it with a pepper and malt crust. The well-rounded flavours from Chef's creative mix of ingredient in the marinate are pretty strong, yet it doesn't distract from the Westholme's natural depth of flavours.
And that crust was another highlight in its own right - spicy, sweet and nutty, through the use of malt which is an ingredient in some beers. Level 33 is afterall the world’s highest urban microbrewery that makes outstanding craft beers, so in the same spirit, Chef Archan has incorporated craft brewery elements in her Westholme creation.
You'll be surprised this is the tri-tip, an alternative cut at the end of the sirloin. It truly shines under the hands of a good chef.
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Smoked duck, gruyere, rocket, peach & ginger relish kiap btn 2 soft rye bread 🍑

I like tt the sandwich is slightly sweet (from the peach & ginger relish I think?). Goes well with the smoked duck ❤
📍Providore is located at
- @downtowngallerysg B1-07
- @mandaringallery 02-05
- @tangssg 02-22
- 7 Raffles Place

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So insanely good! Loved the torched banana topped with crunchy pistachio, and sliced basil leaves - definitely gave the flavour of this dessert another dimension. Served with a side of delish banana choco chip gelato, looked made in house too. You'd think this combination would be really sweet but it isn't, this coming from someone who doesn't like sweet things.

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The awesomely-named Lo & Behold Group has the next trendy dining destination. Here, Chef-Owner Keirin Buck serves innovative, creative modern cuisine in a setting that is part fine-dining, part casual - a fusion fine-casual if you will.
Is this the best beef sandwich in Singapore? Possibly.
It features large, crisp outside soft inside, buttery brioche bread. Sandwiched between; mounds of thinly sliced, 3-day brine cured, succulent savoury salty fatty beef tongue slices.
Beautifully contrasted by creamy cool tangy sour gribiche, a French mayonnaise-style cold egg sauce, made with eggs, mustard, canola oil, chopped pickled cucumbers, capers, parsley, and tarragon.
Among the few staple dishes on the menu, this signature modern sandwich is generous in portion, decadent, and completely delicious. Will return for this.
Le Bon Funk
More details in profile & blog

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The chicken was marinated just right and went well with the guacamole which had bits of salsa in it too. This unassuming dish also packs a little spicy kick sure to leave your mouth tingling. The sauteed kale was a little too salty for my liking though!

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Also in bite size, piping hot when served to us. Chocolate filling not thick yet full of flavour. It is full of liquor aroma after biting into the sesame ball. Though the skin is a tad too thick but the filling is nicely done to make up for it.

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Bite size cheese tart which is one of their signature dessert. They only have 3 rounds of serving for every session. The molten cheese filling is on the sweet side and be prepared that it will flow out if you bite into half. Not too sweet and you will definitely crave for more!

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I think the general reaction on the table is “OMG so cute!” when is served to ours. Is a snail shaped pastry. Fried outer layer which has this mochi-liked texture. Inside is stuffed with escargot and cheese. But this is really too cute to put into the mouth though.

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Apparently, even though ”Thevar” is a Modern Indian restaurant, Penang-born Chef Mano cannot resist letting the flavours of his Southeast Asian roots step out to sing in a few dishes either.
His fall-off-the-bone tender Pork Ribs is a prime example of this. The slab is coated in a dark red coloured, lip-smacking glaze made from medjool dates which tastes like a cross between “char siew” sauce and “kicap manis”. Picking up the ribs to eat with your hands is the best way to enjoy it in my opinion.
I do like that Chef includes some housemade pickle on the side. Its acidity is welcome in cutting through the richness of the sticky, sweetish meat.

If you loves mild coffee with lots of milk, this is a drink you'll enjoy.
Nice location for people watching while sipping your coffee away.

This is because I am having the most expensive chicken in the world - poulet de Bresse. Accordingly to an article in CNN Travel, the chicken can cost up to $40 Euro per kilogram which is around $63 Singapore dollar per kilogram. That is an expensive chicken.
Find out more at
Bacchanalia By Vianney Massot
39 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059678
Tel: +65 69096360
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 12pm - 2pm, 6pm - 945pm
(closed on Sun-Mon)

Ordered a medium rare Angus ribeye steak and it was absolutely tender! Meat was very well cooked, with a brown exterior and pinkish interior. Milkshakes had a very interesting design and look to it, very unique. Will be nice for milkshake lovers to try out a shake or 2 at the joint.