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We checked out the relatively new @Homeground.Grill at Serangoon Road (right beside 126 Dim Sum), a casual heartland grill concept managed by three women. This Grilled Portobello Mushroom topped with raclette cheese is a good dish for a start!

Starter to all the yummy dishes so come - the Chef did it right with presenting the starter in the most beautiful manner possible. The presentation made it seem like the prawns were swimming in some sort of clean and green pond adorned w beautiful lotus flowers (edible btw) Taste wise, the ebi was a right balance between silky smooth sashimi with a tad of succulent punch. Truly impressed!

The Dragon Maki, was really underwhelming compared to the rest of the dishes I tried. Would recommend going for their lunch sets instead!⁣

The Burpple 1-1 offer came with desserts and so the low risk tolerance me decided to go for the Lemon Meringue tart which I had previously while my dining partner chose the Honeycomb. This was an extremely sinful indulgence, what with the mixture of ice cream, hot fudge and honeycomb as toppings. I like that the honeycomb was light and easy to bite, unlike some which is a little hard on the teeth. Watch out though, this dish is extremely sweet so for those who doesn’t have a sweet tooth you might wanna opt for other options! ⁣⁣⁣

The Beef Brisket is extremely tender and tears apart easily with a slice of the knife; and the layer of fat at the top was heart clogging-ly good! The portion, as you can see, is a little small so do consider getting sides to go with your meal. ⁣⁣

At first it tasted like a sugary coating on top but after the first bite melts in your mouth the savory taste of the foiegras leaves an impression

Tasting patters comprising dishes such as Pork Belly, Pan-Seared Duck, Octopus, Oat Crusted Halibut, Prawn Mousseline and Ratatouille are accompanied by access to a sumptuous buffet spread - think seafood on ice, an indulgent caviar selection and various roasts and meats - and an impressive dessert selection as well as your choice of either Bloody Mary cocktails (for tomato fetishists) or unlimited Taittinger Brut Champagne (for degenerate drunks).

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Tried this spicy pepperoni pizza but was a tad disappointed by the dough which was stretched too thin in the middle and soaked in oil (new chefs with the new menu?). Crust was still fabulous and the chilli added a nice kick to make it less jelak. The peperonicino/ salami was a little too salty for our liking though - not likely to order this again.

Gargeneli with Spanish black pork ragu. This is part of the new menu at Lino (released only this week). Wanted to have the beef ragu fettuccine from the old menu but was sad to find out that it is now a whopping $33 from $22 just last week. Decided to try the pork version and was not disappointed. There is a bit of cream in it, which makes it a nice hearty dish.

😱 Scrambled eggs with Halloumi and honey mustard mayo in croissant. Brunch is made of. New menu launched at @rookerysg and some items include:
Smashed Avocado Toast ($15)
Meatballs ($17)
Roasted Cauliflowers & Quinoa ($17)
Ebi Sakura Capellini ($14)
Crabmeat Pasta ($24)
Dark Choco Lava Cake ($14)
#rookerysg #JoEuGoEat #sgbrunch #egg

If you do not already know, saffron is a luxurious spice that makes rare appearances in dishes due to its high cost. 💰 To be honest, I still cannot pinpoint how saffron tastes like, but if the saffron is the main star in achieving the taste of this creamy pasta, I can safely say that I LOVE IT! ❤❤❤
This plate of Stracci Ai Gamberi E Capesante ($27++) was really the star of the table! ⭐⭐⭐ My first time trying a saffron cream base! Features fresh handmade pasta with scallops, prawns, green peppercorn with saffron cream sauce. 😍
I applaud the homemade pasta that is thin but with a good texture & chew so it doesn’t feel overly starchy. 😋😋😋 Smooth & luscious cream sauce coating every slice of this chewy pasta is simply heavenly. The green peppercorns are no longer spicy but add a pleasant popping sensation when you bite into them. 👍🏻
There is room for improvement in the seafood though! Both the textures of the prawns & scallops were decent but I could not taste any natural sweetness from both of them at all. 😔 It was quite a disappointment compared to the pasta & sauce that really shone!
My advice is to SHARE this plate with someone as its 100% richness might burden your palate a bit. No matter how good a food item is, it’s always best to keep it at a small portion. Otherwise, this is a MUST-TRY at Pasta Brava in my opinion! 💕 What’s more - you can enjoy this at 1-for-1 for a 3-course meal using #BurppleBeyond - so worth it! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Amazing panna cotta at forlino... unfortunately some of the other dishes werent amazing.

Worth it with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 though.