From breakfast, lunch to dinner :)
Jacelyn See
Jacelyn See

Lunch time prices make this bowl so SO worth!! The beef slices were cooked to tender perfection and infused with truffle! The onsen egg on top makes the dish a bit more wholesome together with their special rice. Truly comfort food.

Didn't get any food pictures but I really enjoyed my visit! Hidden atop OCBC's carpark, the exterior stood out. Served a dish at a time, enjoy traditional Hokkien food cooked to perfection. I enjoyed my duck and mango salad as an appetiser and the good old Kong Ba Bao that was so tender and soft. May be a bit pricey ($150++ for 5) but definitely worth a try :)

P. S. they serve the courses really quickly one after the other so you end up finishing your meal very fast.


Absolutely delicious. The chutoro just disappears when it enters your mouth and it's divine. You can taste your money's worth when you get a bite of this goodness :)


As the winner of The Great Food Truck Race in 2011, I had great expectations for this and I wasn't let down! Ordered the Taco Sampler [$24.90] which came with 5 tacos and 2 sides of your choice.

The beef rib taco was my favourite. Though the slow braised ribs were slightly tough and didn't fall apart like I hoped it would, the flavour profile was well thought through and I especially love the buttermilk fried onions!

Coming in a close second was the braised pork belly taco where it had an asian twist to it by using soy to braise the pork and sambal as the sauce!!

The barramundi and fried chicken taco tied. Felt like the chipotle honey slaw on the barramundi was pretty good though lacked a certain wow factor. Fish was definitely perfectly cooked! The fried chicken taco turned soggy because of the coleslaw 'juices' so draining that before putting it in the taco would definitely improve it as the flavours were on point.

The No. 1 Steak taco ended up last in my list. It was essentially just steak in a taco. Hoped for a bit more chimichurri as the fried wonton skin and other elements would tie really well together with more sauce to unite it all.

Overall a great meal :) Sides were pretty decent with the chips being super crisp too!

The cheapest don on the menu yet one of the most satisfying? Visited on a Monday so the sashimi wasn't the freshest (but still good!!). Definitely the most value for money chirashi dons around town. Just be prepared to wait 30-45mins for a seat.

Been here many weeks before and i must say this visit really let me down. The lu rou was really tough and it didn't fall apart and melt in my mouth like it did the first time. Beef steak was also tough and a bit over medium rare. To make things worse, I found a PIECE OF PLASTIC (size of two rings) in my rice!!! Was great when it first opened but the quality dropped so much that it wouldn't warrant another visit.

Generous portion but food was average. My salmon were terribly overdone and it made finishing the two fillets a very dreadful affair. The appetisers were decent but the meal wasn't worth it at all.

Served with a choice of herbed rice, mashed potatoes or a baguette!

Serving up a variety of great quality French cuisine at affordable prices! Go for the baguette as it soaks up the thick and flavourful stew well :) The meat fell off the bone so easily and was really tender when i bit into it. Definitely worth another visit!


This was pretty good actually. Other than the fact that the pineapple tasted like those that came from cans, the lightly toasted bun and juicy pork patty did do the burger some justice. The fries weren't crisp either but decent enough to savour.


Tender, juicy and cooked to perfection. This seared sirloin steak stole my heart. The fried garlic and cabbage hidden under the slices of beef were also a great addition in helping to add different textures to the dish.

The staff are also really friendly, definitely worth a visit :)

FYI, everything is priced $5 and $10 (including drinks) before GST and service charge!


For a dish with "bento" in its name, I was expecting a slightly different presentation. No doubt the wagyu was cooked to a pink centre and the minced beef had more than just hints of truffle but this really isn't the best around town. The cook on the beef was great but it seemed to lack flavour. The rice was also pretty lackluster (your typical white rice).

Given the ridiculous waiting time and slightly pricey menu, I'd prefer take my money elsewhere.

P.S. go early as they sell out pretty fast


For the best ribeye that you could possible taste and bite into!! Cutting into it revealed a juicy and moist center which is what you'd expect of a perfectly cooked pork rib eye. The pork tastes really good on its own and we didn't need to touch the truffle butter sauce at all (other than to taste). For the perfect ratio of fat to meat, this cut has got to be the best in terms of flavour, texture and cook.

This was only one of their stellar mains. I'll definitely be back for more :)


life's much better when you live to eat

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