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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Montana Singapore, BrotherBird mochi & softserve co., FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, NINJA CUT, Windowsill Pies (Upper Thomson), Atmosphere Bistro & Bar (Alexandra Retail Centre), Apiary, Hattendo Cafe, PasarBella (The Grandstand), KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar
Jacelyn See
Jacelyn See
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Definitely a treat! The chocolate wasn't overly rich and had a nice minty aftertaste which leaves one feeling fresh instead of super jerlat after having such sweet drinks. Would take this over a regular cup of coffee/tea/chocolate any time :)

When I tried their Blue Milk flavour over the counter, I fell in love instantly. Milky sweet with a hint of savoury from the himalayan pink salt? It's to die for. This photo was taken 5 mins after it was served and the ice cream hasn't started melting yet! Insane. Waffles weren't as crispy but the star of this cafe is really the ice cream.

Pretty decent pie! This isn't your usual crust, requiring more effort than normal to break it into small bits. However, that means the crust ends up being nice and crispy which adds a different texture to the sponge and cream. The flavour of the banana and cognac really got through without one overpowering the other too!

Excellent consistency! This thick and smooth paste caught my eye as it was delivered to the table beside mine. Taste wise, I felt like it was a tad bit too bland and would've worked better if it were slightly sweeter.

The dried beancurd with barley and ginkgo [$3.50] was excellent overall! Had the sweet soy milk taste and it's best taken cold imo :)

Truly the best cheese tarts around. Biting into the tart, I knew that this was set to be high on my lists of tarts. The tart was buttery and firm but cracks upon sinking your teeth into it!! The cheese itself oozes out yet isn't watery nor did it have the jelat/stinky cheese taste :) Something light that i didn't expect

Definitely will be back for more mmm

late to the party but this was mind blowing!!! you wouldn't be able to get this anymore but it really shows how good their soft serve creations can be. the fragrance and flavour of the earl grey reminded me so much of my favourite gong cha drink and the mango pudding surprise within just did it for me.

plus points for layering the crunch, pudding and soft serve!!!

Perhaps slightly overrated? Only chose this bun as it wasn't as soft as the rest (if i wanted soft cream buns i could go to any bakery!!).

It didn't disappoint though! I liked the cream which wasn't cloyingly sweet like other cream puffs but instead provided a subtle taste to it. The top of the bun was nice and crisp too.

Although banana tree cafe is now under new management (now called V cafe), everything's pretty much the same. Saddened that their flower pot pudding is off the menu though!

Anyway, this was amazing!!! The black bean soy milk shavings were really fine and had a milder sweetness as compared to other bingsus i've had. The black sesame ice cream was so rich in flavour and the red beans were a nice compliment :) Appreciated that they made an effort to layer the milk shavings and black sesame powder as i always had a bit of both in every mouthful. Almond flakes also adds a different texture to it too!

P.S. they say it's also a healthier option so i guess now i can binge on this without guilt 🙆🏻

essentially a giant matcha lava cake that's nicely executed! cutting into the crisp edge reveals the molten matcha lava hidden inside which just fills you with such warmth.

this dish comes with ricotta cheese, a biscuit crumble, azuki beans and yuzu peels! it gives you a lot of the japanese taste in a mouthful. the yuzu peels add a citrusy and tangy flavour which may not be to everyone's liking!

maybe i'm a prude but i would've loved the warm matcha hotcake with some cold ice cream on top instead 😅 then again, this was a really well thought out and executed dish.

I loved this but I'm biased because i'm a peanut butter fanatic. We could choose the yogurt flavour and although the lychee rose was refreshing, we thought maple lavender would compliment the PB flavour better.

The yogurt helped balanced the sweetness of the cookie and didn't melt as quick as other yogurt/ice cream! The fact that it sat atop yet another cookie (that wasn't fresh and hot) helped keep it that way :)

Gotta admit service was 11/10 but it may just be that one service staff who served us. Absolutely great experience!!! Atmosphere of the cafe was really cosy and hip too.

A quant cafe along the newly opened South Beach Road! They're rather small with highly limited seating but the atmosphere in there is great. You're treated by the aroma of coffee beans as you walk in too.

The Cioccolata [$5.50] was so rich and chocolatey! Definitely one for chocolate lovers. As for the cranberry lemon muffin [$4.50], it was a tad bit too sweet but tasty nonetheless! Loved the cranberry surprise in the middle too :)

Was pretty decent though it gets a bit Sian after some time. Id prefer if the cake wasn't so dense but that's just my personal preference! #burpplexchope