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Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Brine, Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru), Platypus Kitchen (Bugis Junction), The Big Cheese, Geylang Claypot Rice, % Arabica (Arab Street), I'm Kim Korean BBQ, Stirling Steaks (Opp Katong V), Tiew Mai Thai Boat Noodle
turtel gets rounder
turtel gets rounder
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I like eating vegetarian food once in a while, and Green Dot does a good job with vegetarian food without it screaming "vegetarian". The food here is flavourful, proving that vegetarian food does not need to be bland. My vegetarian friend from the US was pleasantly surprised by the food here.

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I like how they let you customise the ramen by choosing the toppings you wish to add. I went a little crazy and ordered 4 toppings: spicy eggplant, spicy cheese, chicken and egg. It was amazing!
This rendition tastes more like an Italian-Japanese fusion dish. The soup has a stronger tomato taste than the one at Ramen Hiiragi. Both are delicious tomato ramen worth visiting!

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If you expect this to taste like watery spaghetti, you are wrong. The tomato taste complemented the soup really well and there was a lot of depth to the flavour. The staff recommended that we add some Tabasco for a bit of spiciness, but i found that i prefer it without. After the noodles are finished, get the clam rice and enjoy it with the leftover soup. Definitely worth it.

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This restaurant is credited as the restaurant that invented Champon as its founder was supposedly the one who created this dish. I only have the one at Kouzanrou to compare it to. The broth here is lighter and the champon here has a stronger seafood taste than that at Kouzanrou. Both were great though!

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When in Nagasaki, one has to try the Champon. The ingredients are those generally found in chinese cuisine, but the overall taste is pretty Japanese. I got the more expensive champon because this is probably the only time i will eat at this restaurant. This cost a whopping ¥1,600+! But looking at the ingredients included, it is no wonder that it is so expensive. This is definitely a treasure trove of ingredients.

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We got the Pizza Romano, Linguine with White Truffle, and Sicilian Sausage with vegetables. The food here is a little expensive in terms of Philippine prices, but definitely worth a visit. You would not get these prices in Singapore

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The queue was not insane when we went at about 5pm. Waited for about 15 mins to order, then another 15 mins for the food to be ready. This was a pretty good meal.

We got the Shack Stack, a double ShackBurger, a chocolate concrete, cheese fries, and a fifty/fifty.

The burgers were amazing. The beef is of good quality and the mushroom patty was oozing with cheese.

The cheese fries were pretty good, would definitely order again.

Sadly, the concrete and the fifty/fifty were a little disappointing. The concrete came half melted with all the burgers. Fifty/fifty, which is half lemonade and half organic iced tea, was a strange combination.

I would definitely come back for the burgers and fries, but not when the queues are insane.

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The shop name is 檳城家鄉味 selling traditional penang cuising. I have never been to penang before, but my friend says it tastes exactly like the laksa she had in Penang. In any case, this was a great bowl of laksa. I could taste the fish used in this. The fresh vegetables complemented the laksa really well. Would definitely come back again

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This air-conditioned stall opened quite recently along beach road. The food was pretty good, although you have to wait about half an hour for the claypot rice. If you plan to eat this, you can call to make a reservation. The claypot rice will be ready for you at your reservation time!

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The coffee is great, but at $8 a coffee, it is definitely a little too expensive for my liking. 💸💸💸 #sgcoffee #sgfoodie #burpple

We got the fish sauce mid wings, chicken rolls and tofu sides. The food here is good, albeit a little pricey for the serving size. The serving size for the boat noodles was really pretty small.

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You wouldn't expect to find a good chinese restaurant in the middle of ITE, but this was pretty good. There were some unique dishes like salted egg yolk bittergourd and black garlic chicken soup. All the dishes were great, but the wait in between dishes was pretty long.

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