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Featuring Sunday Folks, Creamier (Toa Payoh), Kyushu Pancake Café, Matchaya (The Cathay), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, To-gather Cafe, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), habitat by honestbee, Nunsongyee (Bugis), Maccha House (Orchard Central)
Melissa Chia
Melissa Chia
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Matchaya is a green. Tea. Institution. I discovered this placed when it first opened in icon village near my office before all the hype around it skyrocketed. I’d like to call myself one of the founding supporters of this place. Hahaha. On another hand, the matcha and houjicha items here are really made with the real quality stuff, and are fragrant and refreshing.

Even better, get 1 for 1 deals through burpple beyond!

This has a total belly score of 4.5/5! 🍵

Bunny tea serves up simple yet yummy ham & cheese sandwiches in the morning which gets me ready to tackle any challenge the day might bring! The red milk tea is amazingly fragrant and I love the white pearls that are crunchy and springy, a refreshing change from the usual chewy black ones.

This has a total belly score of 4/5!

Kombucha is the latest health fad amongst millennials. Loaded with good probiotics for your gut, this drink is a healthier alternative to your regular bubble tea. We had the hibiscus kombucha and bitter orange kombucha at teabricks, where we managed to get a one for one deal through burpple beyond. The drink was sour and refreshing, which was an interesting change from the regular tea drinks I have after lunch. Do give tea bricks a try if you’re aiming to hit your new year health and fitness goals!

This has a total belly score of 2.75/5! 🥤

We originally wanted to get the matcha poofy pancakes but my mom doesn’t like matcha so we got the original poofy pancakes with berries and maple syrup. The pancakes were so soft and fluffy I just wanted to smother my face in it like a pillow. It’s so good it actually didn’t need the maple syrup, but the syrup does elevate the dish. The insides were so creamy that my parents refused to believe that these were pancakes. It was totally worth the 35 minute wait!

This has a total belly score of 5/5!

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I’m a sucker for anything milky. That’s why when I HAD to get a soft serve milk ice cream when I walked past Tokyo milk cheese factory. However, the ice cream was abit too rich for me and I couldn’t finish the dessert alone. Overall, good to share if you have a friend with you!

This has a belly score of 3/5

Came here to use burpple 1 for 1. Food was delicious and value for money. Must try the matcha lava cake which oozes with gooey goodness 🍰


Comes with matcha pudding, matcha soft serve, matcha tart, matcha tiramisu, and matcha chocolate. My favourite was the matcha pudding, which was thick and concentrated with matcha flavour. On the other hand, the matcha chocolate was abit too dark and bitter, and a little too overwhelming for a dessert platter.

Island creamery is definitely one of my go to places for good locally inspired ice cream. Light and sweet, their ice cream doesn’t leave me feeling guilty after falling into sweet temptation. Teh tarik is a must try flavour!

One of my favourite places to come for soft serve and waffles. Their waffles are soft and fluffy - just the perfect comfort food; and paired together with the light soft serve - I’m in heaven. Beware of long queues during the weekends! Better to make a reservation before coming down.! We ordered the early grey lavender and chocolate soft serve.

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 4.5/5!


The queues here are long, but at the end of the queue lies a treasure worth waiting for. I love the gelatos at birds of paradise, their flavours are innovative yet delicious - something hard to achieve and can go very wrong if not done right. The sweetness of the gelatos are also balanced to perfection. To note, the gelatos here are served on a freshly made and fragrant thyme cone which is just sooo delish.

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 5/5!

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The cupcakes here are really good! Must order the jasmine white tea with gold flakes, it is SO good! The burger on the other hand was just average.

One of the better bingsus in Sg! Tastes almost like the ones in Korea

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Fueled daily by teh c kosong peng 🥤

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