Hawker Hunts

Hawker Hunts

Featuring He Zhong Carrot Cake (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre), Whampoa Makan Place (Block 90), Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre, Sing's, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, S-11 (Ang Mo Kio 711), Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Wan Jin Coffeeshop, Xie Kee Hokkien Mee (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre)
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Absolutely a hidden gem at Beauty World Food Centre. Among the different cooking styles of chicken, soya sauce chicken has never been on the top of my favourite list. But this particular one had a perfect balance of sauce, colour, tenderness. Look at the alluring brown glaze on the chicken skin and the tender, juicy meat that fell off the bone so easily. Something that I really like about the noodles here, bouncy without a strong alkaline taste. Remember to toss some fragrant sambal chili with the noodles! Cheap and good, definitely under the radar.

Stumbled upon reviews of @bbsizzling and this signature cornflake chicken caught my eye. For a massive piece of chicken cutlet priced affordably below $10, I just had to check it out.

Easily larger than my palm, the insane crispiness of the chicken cutlet batter was further enhanced by the crunchy cornflakes added to the crust. However, it got a little too hard for biting and we were a little concerned for those with weaker teeth. Nevertheless, the flavour of the batter was actually quite tasty, which explains why their fries were so addictive since the same batter was used for both chicken and fries. This was only made possible after rounds and rounds of R&D trials.

While the marination seemed one-dimensional, we were greeted by glistening, juicy yet firm chicken thigh wrapped within. Served on the side were some vegetables and mentaiko fries. Crispy airy batter with soft moist potato filling, dipped into a tangy mayonnaise-like sauce, accompanied by beads of pinkish fish roe. Subtle hint of spices in the seasoning was a wonderful contrast to the burst of umami.

Other popular options for mains were air-flown Australia Sirloin Beef and Mixed Grill. There’s also a Mala pasta with breaded chicken. Customise your dish by first deciding on a main, pair it with carbs such as fries, olive rice or pasta and finishing it with black pepper or mushroom sauce.


Perks of checking out Yishun Park Hawker Centre on a Sunday afternoon - there’s no queue at @ahtanwings and we got our hands on those sexy wings immediately. It’s not just about the whiffs of fermented shrimps, but the flavour that permeated through the batter was strong within the juicy meat. No surprise that the marination takes at least 2 days. Every bite produced a loud crackle, as the crispy batter crumbled into tiny pieces. So glad that the lady was generous in giving us extra serving.

The chilli dip was a perfect complement to cut some grease, with its tinge of sourness, just as apt to pair with the aromatic chicken rice topped with a sunny side up. Only turn-off was the wings were already pre-fried and served cold.

One of the few stalls standing in this market on a Sunday evening. Something different in this plate from the usual char kway teow is the use of narrow kway teow instead of the usual broader ones. Personally I’d still prefer the other because it seems to be able to hold the flavour of the dish better. No lack of ingredients such as fish cake, lup cheong (Chinese sausage), cockles, egg, bean sprouts, but the overall taste was slightly sweet and lacking wok hei.

An outlet of Yi Ji Hokkien Mee hidden in Wan Jin Coffeeshop that interestingly also has a KFC kiosk. Priced at a minimum of $5, it might seem a little pricey compared to others, but the quantity of prawns might justify for that. First time seeing surimi sticks in a plate of Hokkien Mee, with some pork slices.

A mix of yellow noodles and thin beehoon fried in a pork broth; although there was obviously a lack in wok hei, but the sweetness in pork broth made up slightly (though not fully). Be warned by the lingering spiciness of the sambal chili, pretty potent.

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Boy, this chicken cutlet was probably the size of 2 of my palms combined. Perhaps the more well-known western stall at this food centre is Chef Hainan, but thanks to the review of a fellow Burppler, we decided to get this chicken cutlet from No. 1 western stall, located at the back of Chef Hainan diagonally, on the same evening to have a comparison.

This humongous piece of meat was evenly coated with bread crumbs which contributed to its crispy fragrant exterior, while retaining the juiciness of the meat underneath. The pairing sauce was special, not ketchup but rather a tomato sauce that adds a touch of tanginess and slight citrusy which cuts the oiliness. Zig zag fries were fried toll really crispy, especially the tiny ones were to my liking. Comparing the breaded crust of the 2 stalls, I would think No. 1 did a better job here. Price was wallet friendly and for this piece of oversized chicken cutlet, it’s hard to resist having on a return visit.

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A traditional Hainanese style western food tucked away in Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre, opens only from 7pm (not on time in fact) onwards at night and closes before 10pm. To our surprise, a long queue had already formed in front of the stall before it was opened and people were patiently waiting as the stall owners took their time to prepare.

This hearty plate of mixed grill came with a combination of chicken sausage, fish cutlet, chicken chop and pork chop, topped with a sunny side up and several sides including coleslaw, fries, baked beans and a baked potato. While the fish cutlet wasn’t an impresser, the chicken and pork chops were flavorfully marinated with their own secret recipe, and grilled till tender. Other than the black pepper sauce, look out for their brown sauce which, interestingly, has an underlying citrus taste. Savoury or sweet, likely polarizing as a meat pairing sauce. Fries was served soggy, disappointingly.

No doubt there were hits and misses, I was still quite satisfied with the overall taste and especially value for money with its portion. It’s still the type of old school western stalls I would patronize for a time travel in taste. However, the order and collection was quite chaotic as many orders were taken at a go, and it was hard to identify if the food that was ready belonged to you.

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1 out of the 3 stalls selling minced meat noodles at Kovan 209 hawker centre, each of which has its own queue. Other than the generous amount of ingredients such as minced meat, fish balls, fish cake slices, mushroom slices, meat ball, pork lard, the sauce that the noodles were tossed in was heavily flavored and filled about a quarter of the bowl. Their chili has quite a bit of spicy kick. However, the noodles was a little tough and the overall taste was only average, probably not worth spending time on queuing.

The long snaking queue formed beside this stall caught our attention but it moved rather quickly. Probably because there were a few helpers at the stall.

Chose the usual suspects of my plate of curry rice; cabbage, pork chop and something new, celery with tau kee (bean curd skin). While the 2 vegetable dishes were quite flavorful, diners gotta be prepared that the pork chop here isn’t like what’s served usually, the crispy battered ones. This pork chop has no breaded batter, although it still has a chewy texture. But personally I wouldn’t have it again, as I felt like without the batter, the pork chop lacks of an aroma, as well as an additional crispiness. The curry tended to the sweet, milky side.

Wouldn’t mind trying out other dishes here the next time as they have quite a variety of dishes.


This legendary dish has always been the talking point of Bedok 85, with a few similar stalls vying for the crown. I went as a Westie with no prejudice, without reading reviews of any of the stalls, and picked this stall by random as it looked like it had no queue. I thought I was lucky, until the owner told me it was a 25-minute wait. Might as well, since I have already traveled so far.

It was pretty oily, with lots of garlic oil and the fried shallots, though I wouldn’t mind as they helped to lift the overall aroma. I can’t fathom out the reason why it’s popular, perhaps the mince pork has a higher ratio of fats to meat, which personally isn’t to my liking. The egginess of the noodles was accentuated after being soaked in the soup that tasted strongly of MSG. Nothing too special about the meatballs either. Perhaps it’s just a comfort food dish, but personally I still prefer my Bak Chor Mee dry and I wouldn’t travel specially for this.


Checked out Seng Heng Fried Carrot Cake that rendered a long queue on a Saturday evening during dinner time. Waiting time was about 20 minutes. The aunty who was taking orders has a good memory of different orders but was a little hostile while interestingly, the uncle who was frying the carrot cake was neatly dressed in shirt and pants.

There was a mix of white and black carrot cake orders, despite reading that white was the more popular choice. Unlike the black, it came in pretty big blocks, draped over by the egg batter. I usually prefer my carrot cake to be the sweeter black version, so it took a little longer to have it fried. A good ratio of eggs and the carrot cake, I could also taste the wok hei but sadly, lesser preserved radish. Portion was reasonable and the dish wasn’t too oily. Downside though, I had multiple pieces of egg shell in my carrot cake.

Herbal roast duck rice for lunch? Particularly impressed with this hawker version of a Dian Xiao Er herbal roasted duck-alike as the duck meat exudes a harmonious herbal infusion, without being overwhelming or heavy on the tastebuds. Meat was tender and easily torn off the bones. Served with the herbal gravy drizzled over. The char siew, however, was a miss. Not just because there’s no fatty meat, but the lean meat was over-roasted till its edges were rock-hard. Stick to the herbal roast duck and all will be good. And not to forget their sambal chili which brings along an impression of hae bee hiam.

They have a separate outlet at Blk 323 Bukit Batok Street 33.


Foodie for life <3

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