Hawker Hunts

Hawker Hunts

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Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

If you are not as adventurous and seek for some familiar flavours, how about trying the shrimp rice noodle roll? Not only is Happy Congee generous with the rice noodle roll portion, but also the pieces of sweet prawn in each roll and the amount of sweet savoury soy sauce. Pair it together with the sambal belacan for an extra oomph of umaminess!

This is a literal fire bomb but definitely perfect for a rainy day. It might look harmless, but the pool of chili oil that the rice noodle rolls are soaked in, is not one to be belittled. Imagine eating mala the chee cheong fun way, with shredded chicken and white sesame seeds. Strong oriental twist on the rice noodle rolls. If it’s too spicy to handle, consider getting one of the smooth congee to pair with the mala shredded chicken. Definitely comforting while toning down on the spiciness!

With the opening of several outlets islandwide, it made me curious how good the congee and rice noodle rolls or chee cheong fun as we affectionately know as, are. I was extremely excited to know that one of the relatively new outlets is now in Jurong East, and walking distance from home!

One of the must tries has definitely gotta be this rice noodle roll with dough sticks, or zha liang, as the Cantonese calls it. You will be pleased, just like I did, to know that the rice noodle rolls here are made to order, hence the chunky dough sticks remain crispy and toasty when served. Definitely worth the waiting time! After the dough sticks are deep fried, the rice noodle rolls are then wrapped tightly around them in a thin layer before sprinkling some white sesame seeds above. They are then served in a light sweet savory sauce, such that as you give it a light dip, the entire roll will be slightly moist and with enhanced flavour. Don’t miss out the sambal chili here as it’s bound to give an extra kick! Indeed, one of the best zha liangs that I can ever find. At such an affordable price of $4, you get 12 pieces of quality delicious rice noodle rolls with dough sticks. I can eat it again and again!


Chanced upon @winnersfriedchicken_s1987, Malaysia’s famous fried chicken chain that saw a 45-minute queue on its opening day, while we were dabao-ing at Alexandra Village. No queue this time since dine-in isn’t allowed.

We had the combo that comprised 2 pieces of chicken breast, 1 piece of chicken thigh, drumstick and wing each. The no-frills flour-breaded chicken reminded me of an old-school taste, something that I remember fondly from my childhood. No thick batter, not overly greasy, and a touch of salt and pepper. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t marinated heavily; in fact, I thought the original taste and juiciness of the chicken meat was well exhibited. I was also surprised that the chicken retained the warmth and crisp as we brought it all the way back to Jurong. The rest of the parts were not bad except for the chicken breast which was a tad too dry. But I wouldn’t mind returning if I am in the area for some affordable fried chicken.

Read previously about @chefmonkeysg which is run by deaf chef @ken_tan_26. I didn’t do justice to his laksa in this photo because by the time I got home after running errands, it looked like dry laksa as the gravy got absorbed by the thick beehoon. 😔 However, the remaining gravy was still very lemak although leaning slightly to the sweeter side. Very simple bowl of laksa, no fanciful ingredients but the essence here was the sambal chili paste which was an umami bomb. Didn’t regret getting despite the heat was a little overwhelming for me. 🥵 In fact, I caught sweet onion slices which aren’t usually found! Other dishes that they serve include the unique nasi lemak with crispy shrimp paste chicken wing, Hakka fried pork belly etc. And thank you chef for showing me the sign language chart! ☺️

The 6ixs has been on my wishlist for a long time, for the fact that I seldom come across a coffeeshop stall specializing in Rostis. While some might find it perplexing as it is probably one of the pricier items in the coffeeshop, but comparing to those served in restaurants, it’s so much more affordable, although I was expecting a bigger portion and a friendlier stall holder.

As you could probably tell, my Rosti was served slightly burnt. The tightly packed potato strips were really crispy, but I could also taste the bitterness of the char while the interior remained moist. Still quite enjoyable, but I am unsure if this is the standard as it was my first visit. We chose the pairing with a black pepper chicken bratwurst, juicy but a little salty. Served with a dollop of sour cream and some crunch coleslaw. Wouldn’t mind coming back again for other flavours like the cheese Rosti.

I don’t know if any of you remembers the old western stall at Clementi Market & Food Centre years ago called Tanglin Halt Western Food. But it has closed for several years and I have been in the hunt for a taste similar to theirs since then. Not just because the taste of their sauce is unique, but it also brings back memories of mum delivering it to me on Friday nights when I was working part-time during my postgrad days.

When we first walked past this stall at Ghim Moh market, there wasn’t any queue at all but I caught the fragrant whiffs of fried chicken and eventually decided to try their chicken chop. While it looks really ordinary, the tender chicken chop was rather massive given the price and well-executed with some slightly charred edges. To me, the soul of this dish had to be the sauce definitely; tomato-based, zesty and tangy. *screams in excitement* Somewhat like that of the Hainanese pork chop but lighter in flavour and thickness. Served with crispy shoestring fries, baked beans and coleslaw (the only thing I dislike in the entire box).

Wouldn’t say this is up to Tanglin Halt Western Food’s standard, but at least now I know where I can find one relatively close in taste to fix my cravings!


Spotted @numberonehundred.no100 at Chinatown complex food centre last night when we in the area to dabao. The words 菜饭 were a little misleading though, and I didn’t really want to check it out cos I wasn’t in the mood for 菜饭. Turns out they have already moved away from 菜饭, and now it’s 炒饭.

Now, that’s interesting because egg fried rice seems to be a rising trend, from DTF back then to the ever-popular King of Fried rice until recently some new ones like Chef Wang. There are 3 options here; prawn, pork chop and chicken cutlet. One thing about the food here is their generosity, be it rice or protein portions. Whiffs of fragrant aroma from the rice and egg was still pretty much evident after the long distance home, while each grain was fluffy, moist and distinct. Probably so because they use freshly cooked rice. There were several salt marinated jumbo shrimps, which were really plump and juicy. Marinated with spice, the pork chop was rather tender and sufficiently flavourful though the exterior could still be slightly crispy. Be warned of their chili with a fiery kick!

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Throwback to the night when I was beaming with joy over the jumbo cockles from @streetsofbangkok.sg as I have longed to try them. First time seeing such gigantic cockles, and despite the dark colour, I would say that they were neither too bloody nor overcooked. Pretty well execution there. Before you start popping each succulent hum which bursts instantly, remember to dip it in their homemade Thai dipping sauce for a spicy yet zesty kick, good for cutting the briny taste if you find it slightly strong.

My first time trying Lechon after so long! For some crackling roasted suckling pig with a good portion of fats underneath the crispy skin, this is the place to go. Slowly roasted with a mix of their own spices, the meat was tender, extremely flavourful although came across as rather salty. I liked the addition of the Filipino spices which was strong on garlic and herbs. Their Lechon Goes definitely well with the garlic vinegar dip that adds on an extra pungency. The lechon meal was served with a portion of rice and a bowl of soup, having the non-spicy and spicy option. Good for one person as the fattiness could slowly turn jelak. Definitely one that my family really enjoyed as we returned the next day for the 1/4 Lechon this time.

A huge plate of seafood goodyness in this prawn lala white meehoon! This plate could probably be shared by 3 or 4 pax but 2 of us were too hungry and readily devoured it. 😂

Choose from the various seafood combinations such as prawn lala, fish prawn lala, crayfish prawn lala or even crab prawn lala meehoon. What’s different from the usual if you were expecting the Sembawang white beehoon kinda taste, is the seafood broth. Brimming with umami seafood sweetness and white cabbage sweetness, I just couldn’t stop drinking. They were really generous with the amount of fresh prawns and clams. What’s more, look at the heap of pork lard! Probably the first time I have had too much till I can’t deal with this sinful chap.


Seems like Pao Fan (泡饭), or so they call “submerged rice”, is marching into the local food scene pretty aggressively with several stalls opening one after another. While I have not tried the rest, I am certain to say that you should really give @kingofpaofan a try.

Not just because it’s helmed by a team of professional chefs including an ex-raffles hotel chef, but the fine quality of food given its wallet-friendly prices. Just take the seafood pao fan for example, at $7, there’s a medley of seafood consisting medium-sized prawns, fried fish and flower clams. But that’s not just it, the real star was probably the seafoody broth that was exploding with umami flavour and sweetness considering the long long hours of simmering. I couldn’t resist each comforting sip especially in this rainy season. Each bowl is also topped with fried egg floss and crispy golden fried rice puffs.


Foodie for life <3

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