Food For The Fast N Furious

Food For The Fast N Furious

My brain said crunches but my stomach autocorrected it to cupcakes
Amelia PW
Amelia PW

Finally got to try Jollibee (whooop!) and we made full use of the long waiting time by zooming in straight onto the Bundle Meal ($30) and the Fiesta Noodles + Spicy Chickenjoy ($7.20/ala-carte) just because I was really curious about the noodles.
The chicken was juicy and tender and there was actually a nice, gentle spice kick in the Spicy version!
The highly-raved spaghetti was just what I imagined it to be, noodles sitting below sweet tomato sauce and (actually really salty) melted cheese on top. I'm sure some Italian chefs will be aghast by this, but I get why this is a favourite- nothing fancy, but strangely addictive.
However, my favourite item of the night was definitely the Fiesta Noodles. Because it is quite strong in its shrimp flavours, I think it's a dish that one either loves or won't be fond of, and I certainly belong in the first camp. It reminded me of a thicker, more robust version of the Mee Soto (even the cellophane noodles used are the same).
Their other sides were nicely done too; the fries took us by surprise because they looked stale and dry but were actually crispy. And of course, I appreciated the fact that they served white rice because that's how fried chicken is served Indo fast food chains too!
The two of us couldn't finish this meal meant for 5 I reckon, but that night, we happily brought back a half filled bucket and 2 pot (bellies) home.


Honestly, I wasn't expecting much because I had bought this for breakfast the next day (refrigerated of course). So, I was really impressed how fluffy the rice had managed to remain overnight- it wasn't dry or stale tasting at all! The amount of mentaiko was also more than generous. Besides the considerable sized dollop on the edge of the riceroll, there was a good serving packed inside too! I'd love to give the other flavours a try the next time I'm around. I imagine a few would make for a night, light lunch.


We felt a little peckish so like many people there, decided to have some of this famous Korean fish cakes. It was our first time, and we bought a few consisting of: Fried Chilli Pepper ($3.50), Prawn Roll Hotdog ($3.50), Goblin's Mace ($3.50), Shrimp Tang ($2), and Green Shrimp Paprika ($2).

Pictured is the Goblin's Mace, which looked the most appealing and the first we tried. Nothing special, but you can't go wrong with fried potatoes and hotdogs! My favourite was the Prawn Roll Hot Dog, which was one of their bestsellers. Contrary to its name, it didn't actually have a hotdog, but the distinct prawn taste helped to break the slight monotony of the plainer fishcake. I liked the Fried Chilli Pepper as well, which tasted like a fried & generously stuffed Green Chilli sometimes found in Yong Tau Foo stalls. The rest frankly, was quite forgettable, though I guess it's always nice to have a choice of a different fishcake from the usual processed ones.

Honestly, the idea was very interesting, but I was slightly disappointed in its execution. I'd imagine it would taste tonnes better fresh out of the fryer when it's still crispy but the ones we've had lacked that crunch we were looking forward to in our fried fritters. However, I do believe the turnover of the croquettes is high, considering the crowd, and what that we got were very fresh. I bet it'll taste much better if you're taking it home to reheat in a toaster oven, but sadly that would defeat the idea of a street snack eaten on the go.

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A pretty decent light alternative to the other cheese tarts.
The tart base was nice and buttery, but the filling was too creamy and the cheese too subtle. If you don't like cheese you might appreciate this, but this was nowhere near the decadence I was looking for. Nonetheless, I think it would make a nice little tea time snack!
Best consumed immediately because they arrived hot, but if you're taking it to go, I think a few minutes in the toaster oven would do the trick too!


Wow Mcdonald's has certainly upped their game with this Minion edition.
Initially thought it was all very gimmicky but ended up being very pleasantly surprised.

Minion Potatoes: Adorable as these were, it was my least favourite. Wayy too salty, and aside from that, not much taste. I'll be sticking to the standard fries!

Banana Pie: This tasted like a perfectly fried banana empanada. The exterior was delightfully crunchy and banana filling was sweet and generous. Best of all, it wasn't greasy!

Banana Sundae: I agree with prior reviews that it resembled the Dutch Lady banana milk (which I love). Banana taste wasn't overpowering and it isn't too far off from their normal vanilla ice cream which melts really quickly. I enjoyed it, and it went well with the chocolate fudge.

Spicy Nuggets: I like the heat! Inititally I couldn't taste it, but it creeps up to you gently after a short while. It was quite mild to me, but I've heard others say it's pretty spicy.

Overall, yes, I am impressed!
Thanks to my big bro who brought me on this spontaenous drive-thru at 11pm and ordered everything there was in the series after he learnt that I haven't tried any of it yet... even though he just had them the day before. A few years down the road, you may have your own kids pestering you to bring them to Macs for these, but for now you're stuck with me. <3


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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