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Last but not least, their stingray is definitely a must to order here. The small size is enough for 2 person to enjoy.

The sambal remain on point and tasty.

I have to say this one of the best lady fingers I have tasted in Singapore.

The sambal was super tasty and cooked well with the lady fingers, equally blend the taste with all of them.

Get the porridge separately so you could eat it together with all the dishes you order such as the frog leg, stingray and vegetable.

I still remember passing this place and always seeing lots of people eating here.

This month I finally found the chance to see why so many people supporting this place.

A very Malaysia style of coffee shop, serving some super good foods such as their signature frog leg.

Initially I want to grab the frog porridge, but was told the taste could be even better without mixing with the porridge in the claypot.

I do agree as the sweet taste didn’t diluted with the porridge. So you could order the porridge separately instead.

Went all the way there for acai just to find out that they no longer sell acai. Please update your burpple options thanks.

Throwback to when I had to spam this after so many years on hiatus hahaha.

In terms of convenience, Heng Long Teochew Porridge definitely wins in that aspect as they have several outlets in Singapore and most opens till quite late in the evening. Pricewise, they are not the cheapest around but that is a small trade off for the variety and convenience that they offer. Over at the North Bridge Road outlet, they have a wide array of freshly cooked dishes for you to choose from even though I was there at around 8pm at night and I was told by the staff that over at the Upper Serangoon outlet, they have an even larger assortment of dishes.

Got the usual steamed fish with black beans, fish cakes, braised minced meat and salted vegetables, all perfect to go with a bowl of piping hot rice porridge. The bill came up to $20.20 for what we have ordered, which to me, is a decent price to satisfy my cravings.
✨ Heng Long Teochew Porridge
📍 809 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198777
🍴 [Self Funded]

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Not worth the calories. While there are good memories of the food in their Taiwan outlet, the one in Singapore has lousy food and services. A place to check out for supper if you have no place to go to.

The kitchen looks quite dirty as compared to the dining area with pots and pans lying askew.

Soya bean drink served in a plastic cup with cracks that it was leaking. While Lu Rou Fan was one of the worst I had. The only saving grace might be their You Tiao with Mochi. Super oily and stale, but the Mochi is a nice balance to the crunch.