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McDonald’s @mcdsg Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese has made its return! With an improved recipe, on top of the extra juicy patties are the meltier cheese with a cheesier bite, placed between a softer bun, it’s even more delicious than what I tried before! Not forgetting the NEW Chargrilled Chicken Flavoured McShakerTM Fries are now available as an exciting side for a limited-time only. Sounds good? Taste it to believe it, you should pop by to try it now!


You know what comes when CNY is here. Very peppery as usual lol not a big fan.

Ordered this yam sago ($4.80) and the yam was delicious and I like the milk sweet soup. Really nice and delicious traditional dessert

Unfortunately not a fan of this. The base was way too milky, and there was an artificial sweetness to it. The grass jelly herb did try to neutralise all of that, but was still insufficient. Nothing impressive about the fruits either.


CNY product. Be warned the filling is very strong. The moment I broke it the smell shot up. It's decent. Not classic strawberry but decent.

Loving this neighbourhood ice cream shop in Bukit Batok! Ordered the waffle with 4 scoops - ginseng chrysanthemum, oolong lavender, yakult oreo, roasted pistachio (ranked in order of our preference). The tea flavoured ice cream were really good and a must try! Scoops are generous and the owner allows tasting of the flavours. There is also a dispenser tap for water which we found quite cool! Definitely would come back!!

Miso Ramen ($8)

I went lunch for Ramen again but I decided to get another Ramen for trying it out. Miso broth was quite thick tbh and got really warmth 🥵. I always want to try their different ramen at their shop lol and hope that I can try other flavour 😅

Head over to Aphrodite Waffles & Gelato for some unique gelato ($5 for single scoop, $9 for double) flavours! These include their Thyme, Salted Honey, and Goat Cheese.

KNS Restaurant is perhaps one of the more recognisable brand names when it comes to such mamak-style establishments serving up Indian-Muslim food — with multiple outlets being situated in different parts of the island, KNS Restaurant does seem to have a stronger presence in the West, considering their only outlets out of the West would be their outlets at Woodlands and Bedok. Their Woodlands outlet has been opened for quite a while now — located at the ground floor of ACE The Place Community Centre, this outlet is easily accessible via Exit 1 of Woodlands South MRT Station and is a 24-hour establishment. Occupying a shop unit at the community centre, KNS Restaurant at ACE The Place Community Centre does have quite the shopfront — the frontage of the restaurant being full length windows that extend throughout almost the entire dine-in area. The interior would however be more functional however as one would typically find in such establishments — the wooden dining tables and simple plastic chairs form much of the look here; racks retailing snacks can also be spotted around the space. The cashier counter would also be where one can find multiple dishes displayed — much in the style of a Nasi Padang stall. Orders from patrons will be taken by their staff instead of the cashier, and payment can be made after the meal by handing over the ticket which will be presented by the staff as he serves the order. The menu at KNS Restaurant is typical of such establishments — this includes sections dedicated to Prata, Roti John, Murtabak, Chop / Steak, Thosai, Briyani, Curry, Mama Goreng, Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak and Appetisers; just to name a few. The list of beverages comprises of the usual hot and cold beverage options one would find at such establishments — includes items such as that of local coffee and tea, to concoctions mixed from syrups.

We originally had our eyes set on their Mozzarella Cheese Prata — one of the items that we especially enjoyed having at Springleaf Prata Place that we would order from time to time, but was told that the item was not available during our visit made on a weekday night past usual dinner hours (it is always a case with such establishments, however). Since that was the case, we went for the Plain Prata and the Garlic Prata instead. The two Pratas does take a while to get served up — KNS Restaurant at ACE The Place Community Centre does make their Roti Prata upon order, and this ensures that the Prata served to the patron is piping hot. Digging into the Plain Prata, there was something that was undeniably childhood for us with the Plain Prata here — the consistency of the Plain Prata was absolutely spot-on to the ones we have had as a child with a somewhat crisp exterior and a fluffy interior that comes with some tension to pull apart; not sure if this had something to do with them using packaged Roti Prata dough that already comes portioned out individually (we saw them open the cardboard box and taking the dough out), but we definitely enjoyed the texture of the Plain Prata we had. There was also a hint of fragrance with the dough here that makes it delicious to have even just on its own, though we would still dip the Plain Prata into the dish of fish curry provided by the side that was pretty flavoursome with evident hints of curry without feeling like it has been watered down. The Garlic Prata also carried a texture and flavour consistent with the Plain Prata; the only difference being how it comes with cloves of garlic within that provides an extra garlicky crunch that further gives the Garlic Prata a flavour burst that the Plain Prata did not have.

Having been to KNS Restaurant at ACE The Place Community Centre for the first time, it does seem to be a godsend to this neighbourhood considering how all of the food courts and fast food restaurants (yes, including the Golden Arches) in the nearby neighbourhood mall and the coffeeshop in the neighbouring areas closes before midnight — KNS Restaurant likely being the only establishment operating for 24 hours serving the residents in the area. That being said, KNS Restaurant isn’t quite that establishment that would suit some as a decent dining establishment to eat at — for one, there is a lack of staff actually serving the tables and thus do expect some time for tables to be cleared; the only staff clearing the tables would also be the one taking orders and bringing the food to the patrons at the table. As such, the air-conditioned establishment also seems to have a few houseflies going around the dining hall; something which we didn’t recall was too much of a problem when we visited the likes of Springleaf Prata Place, Casuarina Curry etc., or even open-air establishments like Chindamani Indian Restaurant or Al-Sahira Restaurant per se. It really did not help that the air-con was also a little leaky; felt a droplet of water from above drip on our head, though its not too bothersome since it was just one droplet throughout the whole duration we were dining there. There is also some language barrier experienced between us and the staff, though such things are pretty expected in establishments like this. Overlooking all of that though, we would think that we are ones who would return to KNS Restaurant again though — they do serve up some very decent Prata that could bring up some of our childhood memories; not quite the establishment that is meant for everyone, but definitely one that is convenient with a respectable quality that one can hit at any point of the day.

but kampong fried rice, butter chicken and naan alw slaps

Whenever u read a list of Top 5, top 10, top 12 list of teochew porridge, Joo Seng Teochew Porridge will always be in it. Google reviews though, has not been very kind to them, with a 3.5 rating only(mostly due to the staff)

As it has been raining over this pass CNY long weekend, it was also raining tonight, weather so cold, walk pass a teochew porridge place, like the best combination for a late dinner.

Place was still rather pack at 8.30pm, way pass dinner time.

-Braised duck was rather good, it wasn't hard or dry, and the sauce was rather thick and flavourful

- Braised pork was quite good, but was a little upset that it was almost 70% fats for each piece I ate.

- Cai Po Omelette was my favourite dish today. Although it was cold, it was flavourful.

- hae bi hiam, cabbage were just fillers, nothing really fantastic

- Fried small fish(Anchovies) were rather terrible, its texture was like " Lao Hong", like stale chips that have been opened for the entire day and has lost its crispiness.

Overall though, it was still a rather good teochew porridge. It is expensive here too.

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge opens till 4am daily. So it's a great supper spot if u feeling hungry at 2am in the morning.

Total Price: $21 including 1 Coca Cola