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genuinely don’t understand why will people go back to HDL after trying BITP.
literally, everything abt the steamboat was so on point. collagen soup was da bomb, xiang la soup tasted so much better than typical ma la soup. meat slices were fresh and the soft bone pork ball was SO GOOD!
but to be fair, lamian cannot beat HDL’s handpulled noodles, but trust me, it’s still rly rly rly good. just that, you know, handmade stuffs alw triumph.

tip: if you like adding alcohol to your soup, feel free to ask the waitress for a serving of huadiao wine. recommended to only pour wine into collagen broth after the meal in cause you find the taste too strong.

Surprisingly good.

Chee cheong fan(char siew) :definitely best dish i had today.

Also had the tom yam siew mai(unique) and loh mai gai, both so so only.

Har gow was bouncy and juicy. 👍

We had Mango Sticky Rice($10) together with Mookata as a side rather than dessert. 555. Fragrance warm sticky rice with got like jasmine taste was nice. Paired with sweet Thai mango then drizzle with coconut milk. I find that the mango wasn't sweet enough for me as I eaten better one before.😅
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

For the price, it isn't worth it. It fulfill the basics but not that satisfying moment when you drank it. Plus the sweetness level is still not enough. Rather off drinking their Ice Lemongrass($7) which was much more thirst-quenching and refreshing.
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

Welcome to "Thailand". 🇹🇭 555
Joining my friends for a short getaway to have some food @555villathai .🛄
The location although was quite ulu and dimly lit but the atmosphere and crowd here were vibrant and enthusiastic.🥳
We had Mookata for 4($69.90)😐 which consisted of,
- Marinated Pork(450g)
- Marinated Chicken(250g)
- Lemongrass Chicken(250g)
- Prawn(6 pcs)
- Scallops(4 pcs)
- Cheese Tofu(8 pcs)
- Vegetable Basket(1 Set) - Beancurd Skin, Glass Noodle, White Cabbage, Enoki mushroom, Corn & Watercress
- Raw Egg(2 pcs)
- Thai Mama Noodle(2 Pck)
Add On:
- Bak Kwa($10)👌
- Pork Belly($9)
- Pork Collar($10)
Meat were grilled and vegetables were boiled over charcoal stove to give its unique smokey taste. Marination was okay but meat taste boring, old & not tender. Seafood were not that fresh either. At least the soup was great. Oh and their homemade chilli sauce that helps a lot in elevating the food.😙
TLDR; food normal, portion little, price expensive.
🚩555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550
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One of the best fried chicken in Singapore. The oven baked version is crunchier and more fragrant than their fried counterpart. Definitely get this when you are here.

One of the few Korean fried chicken places in SG that actually nails it. Their oven baked chicken is fantastic, but the yang nyeom sauce provides a good alternative with a nice added spicy kick.

I was craving for fried rice, and this place suddenly came into mind. Visited it before long time ago and the taste still memorable.

Chicken Fried rice $5, I like the rice grain & how they cooked the rice. Definitely you can taste the MSG which gives this dish a punch of umami flavour. Next time, I plan to order their Tom Yum fried rice as it looks quite appetising when the waiter served it to another table.

The service is quite friendly, she asked me if I want warm or cold water as free complimentary.
Walking out from the shop with only $5 bill. What a satisfying meal.

A bowl of goodness!! Really affordable and well cooked broth. The kway chap noodles is smooth and soup is not too spicy or peppery. The accompaniments are generous for the noodles. And definitely a comfort food on rainy day!!!

Would return definitely when I crave for Thai kway chap :))))

Other must orders- fish sausage, stir fry cabbage (string wokhei taste)

I knew I had to try the mala soup from 老成都麻辣烫, a takeaway food stall (#01-K99G) outside People’s Park Complex, when I saw it in a recent vlog by #聪生家 because it simply calls out to my soul😂

I ordered a variety of ingredients for 2-3 pax and it costs $16, which is quite reasonable given the generous portion. I opted for the lowest level of spiciness (小辣) and the soup hits all the right notes for me - it is robust, spicy and numbing without throwing me off. The aftertaste can be a little salty, but the flavours made up for it. The ingredients are fresh and I thought the prawn balls and tofu (not sure why but it’s quite Q!) are better than the usual ones I have.

This is my first time venturing beyond my usual 麻辣香锅 to try a soup version of it and I really enjoyed it. Definitely can see myself ordering this again on a rainy day!

New item on the menu. Adds a spicy kick to your fries while you shake it up