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Recommended lists of Best Food & Restaurants for Supper in Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Steamboat, Supper, Rainy Day Comforts, Good For Groups Best Places for Steamboat in Singapore Six hot spots for huddling over warming hot pots when it's cold outside.
Burpple Guides, Supper Best Supper Spots in Singapore 2016 There is something strangely gratifying, and a little naughty, about supper. It's usually spontaneous and sometimes even unnecessary, but for night owls, you cannot argue with the need to quieten a growling belly at midnight. We trawled the island in search of the tastiest places to eat after dark — from back alley zi char in Geylang and Thai boat noodles in Selegie, to the spiciest Hokkien mee and the fluffiest prata in Macpherson, we have packed this guide with ideas for your next supper. Go on, live a little dangerously.
Burpple Guides, Supper, Hawker Food, Late Night 10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories From stressful and terrifying (but so worth it!) midnight yong tau fu adventures, to post-mahjong kuay chap cravings and impromptu late night prata sessions in university, these nostalgic #Hawkerpedia stories are testament to Singapore's undying love for food, any time of the day.
Burpple Guides, Supper 9 Best Steamboats in Singapore For the rare times when Singapore gets gloomy, "cold" and rains all day, there are few things as comforting and delightful as getting a bunch of friends and having a hotpot together. These 9 places are sure to warm you up and leave you feeling satisfied!

Top 10 Places for Supper

Top 10 places for Supper

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Supper

Ordered fried pork chop with rice noodle, deep fried spring roll, vietnamese sandwich with braised beef and coconut. The deep fried spring roll is very crispy yet not oily. The portion of the rice noodle is just right - but better to order one or two side dishes. Service is a bit slow given there are only 2-3 waiters. Be prepared to wait - it’s full house at 6pm on Saturday.

Sweetness from the meat of the crab; spiciness from the black pepper is not overwhelming; the roe from the crab is overflowing onto the plate and need to scoop the roe with spoon.
Done to perfection.
There is more than enough roe and pepper sauce to mix the San Lou bee hoon with.
A must try. White pepper crab is another alternate must order item.
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$10 is slightly steep for Lu Rou (though not crazy for the CBD), but the great food and free flow rice does help make up for it.

Finally tried this and boy have I been missing out! (And so are you if you haven’t tried it) This completely took me by surprise and is possibly one of Mac’s most successful innovations 😍😍 Hot oozy chocolatey goodness really explodes out when you first bite into that crispy pastry shell so be careful not to burn your lips, but wow. WOW. More lava-ey than some restaurant-grade lava cakes, this is the ultimate chocolate heaven at such an affordable price?? Pair it with a hot fudge sundae for the ultimate chocolate explosion and you will really implode from this goodness 🤤🤤

Not bad at all. Not as sweet as I feared but still on the sweet side. Quite chocolatey. Texture was thick and muddy, so no danger of flowing everywhere and making a mess. For $1.50, I couldn’t complain.

At this price and size, it was more worth it than places like Ya Kun or Toast Box. But couldn’t compare in terms of taste. Severely lacking in coffee aroma and taste. It basically was just bitter.

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Visited Xiao Jun Gan for a late dinner/supper at 10pm and it was pretty crowded on a Friday night! There are issues parking around the Beach Road eateries as it’s quite hard to find a parking lot so we ended up parking at Shaw Tower and walking across the street.

Xiao Jun Gan offers hotpot buffets for $25.90++, and $27.90++ on Friday, and weekends. We went for the yuan yang double broth - and the server recommended their signature ma la broth with the clear soup. This was a great recommendation. I loved the fiery heat and tingling numbness of the ma la broth which was just right. Not as numbing as HDL’s but this one was actually possible to drink (somewhat)! I especially enjoyed dipping the you tiao lok lok and fried mini mantous into this broth as they soaked up the ma la goodness! The clear soup was a good complement to the ma la broth as it was light, but the flavours started to get more pronounced as it boiled longer and we had a super flavourful broth by the middle of our meal. The selection of ingredients is good too - from a variety of veggies, fishcakes and marinated meats on skewers, to the MLXG/YTF-esque style ingredients where you ‘kiap’ your own veg, meat, seafood, tofu and more. They have fish roe filled tofu and fishcake available- yay! What impressed me was the seafood selection of scallops, crabs, prawns, and they even had octopus too!!!!

While you’re waiting for your ingredients to cook (which admittedly doesn’t take long), there’s appetisers that you can opt for. There’s sour and spicy chilled silken tofu and dou Gan which tasted great! There’s also fried mini mantous and watermelon and pineapples. This section doesn’t get refilled so often unlike the hotpot ingredients though.

The seasoning section is not bad, not as comprehensive as HDL but I’m happy as long as there’s chilli, sesame paste and peanuts. There’s also apparently a can of special oil that they leave at your table which you can mix in with the condiments at an extra cost but we didn’t go for that this round.

Note that the pot is quite shallow so sometimes the ingredients on skewers don’t get fully submerged, especially when the soup has evaporated. But the staff are quite attentive and come refill the soups often.

An extra plus is that the boss is super friendly and attentive. He’s on the ground helping out the rest of the staff to clear plates, refill soup broths, checking if the diners need anything, etc. He also told us that the ma la broth is customisable so we can make it more or less spicy/numbing. They also have an ala carte MLXG available - which we might just come and try next time!

This is definitely a place I would return to, and it’s a great supper place that opens till 7am! Whoop!

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🔥 🐔🔥 The garlic sauce was so sweet and spicy but the chicken was still crispy underneath. Perfect with the huge beers they serve, too! 🍺 . ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎. ‎.
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Yay. I loved this when they first introduced it last year. I'm still loving it now. Love the gooey dark chocolate filling in that familiar flaky pie crust that's given a cocoa rendition. 😘
🏠 McDonald's
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