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Walked up and down Liang Seah street, aka steamboat street now 😂, before finally settling with this place! They have an ala carte option as well but we went for the standard 90 minutes buffet (they’re quite strict during peak hours). If I didn’t remember wrongly, the premium buffet is around $32++, but it looks more worth if you take beef - we saw many tables ordering plates and plates of them! The trio soup base is an additional $8 top up per table with their mushroom base as a default. We went for tomato and ma la for the other two.

They have a good range of veg, seafood, etc. that is available for you to take, while their fish and meats are prepared on order. Ingredients were all pretty fresh I must say! Ma la broth was drinkable and the mushroom base was comforting.

Overall it’s affordable for its variety plus free flow drinks and ice cream, but it got really stuffy after awhile. Ventilation inside is not the best, it might be cooler sitting outside if you’re coming for dinner! Weekdays’ pricing per pax is $25.80++.

A craving for ice cream led me to this cosy neighbourhood gelato place where I ordered crispy waffles topped with pistachio gelato studded with chocolate bits. ($9.70) I adored the addition of the chocolate as it gave a varied texture to the otherwise one-dimensional ice cream and paired well with the nutty flavor of the gelato. However, the pistachio flavor wasn't as strong as I would have liked, it was more of an aftertaste? Also, while the waffles were freshly made, warm and made a good base to soak up the ice cream, they lacked that crispy crunch I expected. Still, craving satisfied. :)

Also, my dining partner ordered an iced mocha to go with our waffles. It tasted so bad and diluted (think melted kopitiam ice milo with a hint of coffee) we didn't take more than a few sips. And I'm the kind of diner where unfinished food is usually a travesty to me, that's how terrible that drink was. Also, the service rly wasn't as good as it could be.


My favourite dessert.
It consists of a rich soft custard base with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. It is always fun to crack through the sugar and reveal the light soft custard.
Featuring the creme brulee from @collinsgrille.sg The caramelized sugar is a bit thin. So can't really crack much. But I guess it is good that it is not overly sweet.
Blog: http://www.eatdreamlove.com
Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid for the food reviewed
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This place is famous for offering good deal for crabs, and they also have a great selection of cooking styles (chili, cereal, salted egg, kam xiang, etc..)

Preferred the salted egg over their chili sauce.
Do order the fried man tou to soak up the sauce which was thick with flavors

However, dont expect too much for the meat itself. But, at this price point, you can't expect a restaurant quality meaty crab. No issues with me since I always enjoy scooping up the gravy with fried man tou over the crab heh

The batter was thick and crispy enough, meat did not fall apart

Im quite surprised by the generosity of Mcdonald as they gave the tartar sauce in a tub.

If you looking for fish and chips in the middle of the night, this is a good alternative

There’s no need for any introduction to this place. The go to place to satisfy all your dim sum cravings or even a supper after a whole night of partying.

Yong HK Roasted Meat is one of the stall that sell roasted meat. Their char siew rice was served in sweet sauce.

The steamed chicken blended well with the chilli sauce and taste great even it served as a cold dish. The chicken was juicy and not much bone in it.

Came in huge size of dumplings with their signature spicy sauce. Each of them was filled with generous amount of meat.

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Ice cream ✕ Red Velvet Waffle ✕ ☕ + a 🐰
they're 0pen till late
great f0r sup 😉

Cheese Naan ($5.20)

Generous amount of cheese that was served hot and gooey

Sinful supper but worth it