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Recommended lists of Best Food & Restaurants for Supper in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Supper Best Supper Spots in Singapore 2016 There is something strangely gratifying, and a little naughty, about supper. It's usually spontaneous and sometimes even unnecessary, but for night owls, you cannot argue with the need to quieten a growling belly at midnight. We trawled the island in search of the tastiest places to eat after dark — from back alley zi char in Geylang and Thai boat noodles in Selegie, to the spiciest Hokkien mee and the fluffiest prata in Macpherson, we have packed this guide with ideas for your next supper. Go on, live a little dangerously.
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Supper, Desserts, Cakes, Cafes & Coffee Late Night Desserts Spots In Singapore Bring a sweet tooth, I always crave for cakes or waffle at unearthly hours. Thankfully there's a few cafes which open late especially weekends, up to 2am. Here's the list of cakes & snacks!

Top 10 Places for Supper

Top 10 places for Supper

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Supper

Tried the newly opened Ah Ter Fishball Noodle Bar near Boat Quay. If you find the name familiar, it’s the same as the famous noodle stall (which has won numerous accolades) at Amoy Street Food Centre. The air-conditioned casual dining eatery is helmed by Ah Ter’s son.
Presentation on point but I can’t say the same about the taste. I like my #bakchormee spicy and vinegary but the sweetness of the ketchup overpowered the sour and tart notes of the vinegar. Btw, I added additional 2 tablespoons of vinegar! It doesn’t help that the chilli is not spicy and that we waited 50 minutes for our food to arrive. The only saving grace is the bowl of robust minced pork and seafood soup; though not the best I have had.
I would say it’s a decent bowl of bak chor mee that doesn’t warrant a second visit. Fans of the Amoy stall might beg to differ but all I can say is “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”
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Good for that late night fix if you need. 💫
Otherwise, you may find the light peppery broth, and the meat, which could be more flavourful, better served at other stalwarts like a certain SF brand. That said, they are very generous on the broth refills.
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Tender soft braised pig trotters $6.
Seasoned with aniseed, dried chilli, garlic and long hours of watchfulness.
Bowl of fluffy rice 50 cents.
Kopi $1.10 a cup.


As featured trio meatball platter with mushroom meatball, handmade tang-o meatball and fish roe shrimp balls. Enjoyed tang-o meatball being bouncy while remained juicy. .
Read on for more deets! .
Where to dine?
Hai Xian Lao
8 Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228095

✅ Open till 5am
✅ Unique prawn soup base
✅ Wholesome, fresh ingredients

What’s not to love about Hai Xian Lao? This little gem at Wilkie Edge is one hot spot for hot pot, with numerous celebrities’ photos plastered on their walls. Fill your bellies with 7 soup bases and over 80 ingredients, freshly prepared to order. More on 😋

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😁 Saw mixed reviews about this, but got the chance to try it for myself. The tonkotsu broth was quite dilute. My friend said it "looked like water". It wasn't very tasty, apart from a slight salty taste. Didn't come with a lot of ingredients too (only beansprouts & chashu; the black fungus I added separately). But I guess for the price, you can't really complain.

Price: $6.90 + 50c for black fungus

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It was the cheapest bingsu on the menu.

Dollops of sweet red bean, sprinkled with sweet warabi powder for that light, accentuating the sweetness of the dessert. But sweet on sweet may actually be a wonderful combination, if it’s not jelak.

But the milky bingsu was delightful to eat, melting once it comes in contact with your tongue. I really enjoyed it, and I actually finished it on my own!

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I rate this as one of the best fried hokkien mee i’ve tried in Singapore so far. The noodles are so flavourful with a strong wok hei taste & the sambal chilli is so good that the whole dish is elevated to ‘must try’ category!