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Wonderful first experience. Great prices, big portion, but most importantly- awesome flavor!! We got the chicken phad thai, and basil pork. Lots of heat in the pork dish. Also great that there were plenty of Thai people eating here too.

When you can't decide between proteins, you have the best of both worlds :D My dining partner introduced me to this newly opened Thai food located in Parklane.

They have a choice between pork, chicken and seafood, and I opted to mix the chicken and seafood into one big bowl for a total of $10. Understandably and much to my delight, this resulted in the soup bowl being massive; it was the size of a huge ramen bowl.

Between the two proteins I definitely liked the flavorful chicken thigh slices better. They weren't the thickest shreds of meat but they were tender and had soaked up the tomyum soup. And the portion was so generous; I was fishing chicken pieces out of the soup for a good half hour. The seafood didn't fare too badly either; plump mussels, crunchy prawns and squid. But I just felt the chicken would have been more value for money.

The soup itself was packed with spices and seasonings; lemongrass, chilli and spring onions were just a few I saw floating in the broth. Yet it wasn't overly spicy; just enough to tickle the tastebuds and the back of my throat. It was mildly sweet; a taste not typically associated with tomyum broth but delicious regardless.

Totally delicious and value for money :) I will definitely be back :)


A twist in a classic nyonya treat with pandan mousse, sponge cake and sticky rice topped with coconut shavings.

PRICE: $14 incl. of 2 bowls of porridge, 1 bowl of rice
Good enough for two adults

WAITING TIME: 2nd in queue when we reached at 9pm on a Tuesday. Ordered and collected around less than 5 minutes later.

Every dish we ordered was good. Nothing to complain.

This dish has been on my wish list for the longest time, and I’m glad I finally got to try it today. Soup was flavourful, and really liked the super crispy roast pork. Wish the kway retained more bite and the soup could be more peppery. A decent meal to have around the area, but perhaps not mind blowing enough for me to warrant a return trip.

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Noodles in a thick gravy drizzled with fragrant vinegar and minced garlic, topped with stewed pork belly, ngoh hiang, beancurd roll with fish paste, and braised egg.

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Tenderfresh Classic (Cheong Chin Nam) has come up with a new creative fusion menu priced affordably and one of the dishes that i like is the Assam Otah Fettuccine. It is certainly spicy but as a spice lover i totally embrace it. The fragrance of the assam otah shines in this dish, and fused with fettuccine pasta. Definitely a unique and satisfying combination!


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The signature Fried Spring Chicken here is marinated for 24 hours with their secret spices and cooked fresh on the spot upon order; no wonder it tasted so yummy! The golden brown skin was very crispy while the meat was so juicy and filled with the fragrance of the spices. Served with a side of coleslaw and fries.


I’d have this on a hot day, rainy day, all day! I had this 3 times last week 🤤
Super tender braised pork with plenty of gelatinous cartilage on top of slightly chewy rice noodles and broth made from steeping fish bones, providing it with flavour, depth and they even incorporated some orange peel to brighten the broth and remove any unwanted stale fishy flavour. Turn up the heat with their dried chili oil provided on the side of every table.
Tsui Wah is also known for only seating a table when all parties have arrived, otherwise you’ll have to wait in line till that always on-my-way-friend shows up. You’ve been warned.

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Cookies and cream/Salted caramel

Taste of cookies and cream wasn’t very strong, not what I expected.

Salted caramel was me and my dad’s fave 👍🏻

Jjamppong ($14++)

Very very slight spicy only. There were mussels squid and shrimps inside.

Would like the soup base to be stronger in seafood taste and more spicy. The soup base was also a little too garlicky.

Jjajangmyeon ($12++)
Price is for dinner

Sauce is tasty and tastes great when mixed with the noodles. Slightly sweet but not jerlat.