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@uddersicecream has unveiled it’s Emperor Mao Ice Cream made from 100% highest quality Mao Shan Wang durian supplied by Royal Durian @royalduriansg. Each scoop weighs more than half its weight in pure Mao Shan Wang flesh.
What’s more? You can now enjoy Udders waffles anytime, anywhere with its new and convenient Frozen Waffles! Each box contains two delicious waffles that you can enjoy at home by simply popping them into an oven or air fryer. 
To celebrate the launch of Emperor Mao, Udders is partnering with leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee, to launch limited edition Udders X Shopee mask sets, worth S$15 a set.
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The coffee is ok but the yuzu cake is really good in my opinion. The sweet citrus taste is lovely! Paired with coffee, the cake doesn't taste jelak.

Didn’t know that Denzy had opened a new outlet in Bedok; this one opens till 2am over Fridays and weekends! Loveeee the interior decor, super chill and spacious. Denzy offers a good range of vegan options (I got the vegan (oat milk) dark chocolate sorbet and black sesame (non-vegan)) and it’s really palatable. Hope that more ice cream/dessert places will start to offer vegan options too!

Missing JB? Here’s the place you’re looking for for some Malaysian style kway chap in an old school setting. I liked that the kway had a herbal taste to it. Consider adding the duck for an extra kick!

tried the mushroom pot and signature (both non spicy) and the mushroom pot was the more popular choice at our table. think wld have been more shiok if it was just a tad spicy! skip the chicken skewers they were q dry but the lamb and pork belly ones were another fave at our table! total damage was pretty gud with burpple 1 for 1 and the staff there was pretty friendly too!

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Just me having my last few days with you.
To my beloved McSpicy Nuggets.😢
I will miss you.🤗
9 Pcs Spicy McNuggets Special Meal($8.30) change drink to Mocha Oreo Frappe Small($9.65)
On the other hand, potato wedges hello to you but you will not win me over from spicy nuggets although you have a tasty and crispy skin with a soft and mushy body. My dedicated love has and always been reserved for Spicy McNuggets.❤️
🚩McDonald's Singapore Islandwide
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Breaded prawns, egg, cabbage. This stall is hit-and-miss but this occasion was satisfying.

Treated myself with the 1 for 1 (M size) Chicken Hot Pot which comes in different flavours (in picture: Mushroom and Hot & Spicy) you can choose from. The serving for one pot is almost more than enough for 3 people, so having 2 pots was actually an overkill. It wasn’t too salty nor oily, so it was actually quite nice. 👍🏼 Will definitely be back to try their skewers!

I got a Masala Thosai [$3.00] and Tea Halia [below$2] and the mix of spices was so aromatic and delightful for me, especially after a long day at work. Imagine whole spices of cinnamon, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and other kinds of spices toasted together with potatoes. How delicious. I loved how generous they were with the masala — I felt satiated after one masala thosai.

Two savoury chicken sausage patties, crispy chicken bacon strips, egg done sunny-side up, and melted cheddar cheese — all stacked between our signature toasted muffins 》$5.30 ALC

Price was reasonable for 5 pax, ordered 30 skewers and got 30 skewers with the deal. Overall price was about $70, however food was a little oily.

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Fixed my Nasi Lemak craving at Ponggol Nasi Lemak. Set 2 ($4.70) comes with one chicken wing, sunny side up, ikan bilis and coconut rice. As usual, the rice is very fluffy and thoroughly infused with the fragrance of coconut milk, and it goes really well with the runny egg, crunchy ikan bilis with peanuts and spicy chilli. The fried chicken wing is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and so delicious.

I added two more sides: brinjal ($1.10) and ngoh hiang ($1.50). The brinjal looks like an unappetising black blob but it’s actually quite soft and tasty. The ngoh hiang is also surprisingly crispy and the minced meat filling is well-seasoned.

This is pretty much everything I need in a good plate of Nasi Lemak - craving satisfied!

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