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Burpple Guides, Supper Best Supper Spots in Singapore 2016 There is something strangely gratifying, and a little naughty, about supper. It's usually spontaneous and sometimes even unnecessary, but for night owls, you cannot argue with the need to quieten a growling belly at midnight. We trawled the island in search of the tastiest places to eat after dark — from back alley zi char in Geylang and Thai boat noodles in Selegie, to the spiciest Hokkien mee and the fluffiest prata in Macpherson, we have packed this guide with ideas for your next supper. Go on, live a little dangerously.
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Supper, Cakes, Desserts, Cafes & Coffee Late Night Desserts Spots In Singapore Bring a sweet tooth, I always crave for cakes or waffle at unearthly hours. Thankfully there's a few cafes which open late especially weekends, up to 2am. Here's the list of cakes & snacks!

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Top 10 places for Supper

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The bumper crop for durian is here again, and prices has fallen due to a huge supply from Malaysia. The low prices is expected to last for one or two more weeks, so go for it now if you like durians.
If you're a fan of Mao Shan Wang, it's selling only for $15/kg when I was at @the_durian_story yesterday. Better still, go for the Black Gold, which is a few grades higher than Mao Shan Wang, at $19/kg (price as of 15 July 2018).
So how does Black Gold taste like? What's most distinctive to me is the creamy alcoholic taste and scent. You don't always get small seed ("yew ji"), but the ones I ate all had a silky texture, and tastes buttery with a bitter aftertaste.
They were bustling with business yesterday. Reservations are strongly recommended to secure your durian.
The Durian Story
Blk 151
Serangoon North Ave 2
Unit 01-11
Singapore 550151
Tel: 8797 6699
Thanks Jonathan for jioing me down for these durians!
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The thinly sliced, tender strips of pork neck are lightly dry rubbed with star anise and black cardamom spices, then grilled till it has a smoky layer, complementing the natural savoury flavours of the pork.
A rich, thick dipping sauce of Shaoxing Chinese rice wine, black vinegar, ginger, rock sugar, and chili, is served on the side, lending a powerful tangy savoury sour spicy flavour to the meat.
Plated with a fresh mesclun salad dressed in creamy goma dare / sesame sauce. Good.
Taan / 炭
More details on blog

💸: $22
📈: 6.5/10

Service was not bad, but food was ok only. A cheap option for steamboat and barbecue buffet, especially since there was raw food, cooked food and seafood too. Chose the mala and chicken soup base, and maybe because we read many reviews of the place, we might have had expectations that were too high, thus resulting in us being disappointed in the soup bases. Chicken stock was ok, not much to shout about but mala was subpar, spicy and numbing, but did not have the fragrant mala taste, causing us to abandon it halfway and just focus on the bbq. Something to talk about would be how the crab was sweet and fresh. Meat did not stuck to the claw, unlike the prawns which were not as fresh. Mantou was great, would have been better if they were warm but fried mantous are always good so that’s that. Chicken wing was also really good after being barbecued, not sure what marinade was used but it was tasty. The pineapple there is really sweet, probably ate more of that than anything else. Would go back again if I’m in the area and am unsure of what to eat. (P.S: Student price is said to be $13.80+ everywhere but that’s not the case and it was $16.80. Second soup base was at an additional $6, something you can take note of.)

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Chanced upon knowing the existence of [红砂厘 Satay] , Nestled at Serangoon Gardens, Chomp Chomp Food Center. Having Mutton, Chicken and Pork as their Options available! Only at 60 Cents / Stick and Meat was extremely succulent and tender which marinated and charred to perfection! Definitely a must order if you're here for a feast!


chicken wing was not crispy, rice not aromatic.. very ☹️only their chili was passable. maybe if i dine there will be nicer? i don’t know but will not travel all the way to Boon lay to queue for this !

Finally went to Sinpopo after seeing it for years on my Instagram feed. Travelled quite a distance to the Katong area but boy was I glad to have made the trip! The rice was fragrant, fluffy and well infused with coconut milk and pandan. It helps that the rice here is free flow too. And the set comes with a selection of 6 side dishes! The prawn paste chicken is my favourite along with the luncheon meat slices ◡̈ .

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still overkill but not too kua zhang. egg this time round wasn't too oily which made it even better. ingredients in the tom yum soup were generous. and spicy to me.13 per pax. #koratthai #thaiczechar #shadytowers #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfood

Open late into the night, the rail mall branch serves crispy thosai, pratas and murtabak.
The menu is mind-blowing with a different twists to all their pratas. Savoury toppings like luncheon meat, chicken and mozarella cheese and eggs benedict vs sweet toppings like ice cream, chocolate sauce.... you name it!

This particular thosai had mushrooms and cheese hidden right inside and their food is absolutely affordable!

And let’s not forget the air-con and washroom where you could wash your hands at the back! :)

Will definitely be back for more :p

Pictures are deceiving... This might not look as good as it taste but damn, I would 100% patronize again. The Lu Rou really melts! 🤤 Their Large intestines were so soft and juicy as well. Last but not least, the Salted Plum Baked Potatoes was simply unique - never knew plum flavored potatoes tastes so delish!

The Ha Cheong Gai (HCG) burger was really good. Although the HCG taste was light, the chicken was actually tender and juicy, with crispy outer skin. It comes with 2 slices of crunchy cucumber and lettuces.

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The feast set comes with the burger, drumlets, criss cut fries and a drink.
The Ha Cheong Gai (HCG) burger was really good. Although the HCG taste was light, the chicken was actually tender and juicy, with crispy outer skin.
The HCG drumlets have strong HCG taste as compared to the burger. The drumlets has a crispy outer skin but the one I got was a little too dark in color (not sure if every drumlet was that dark in color).
The criss cut fries was seasoned well, eat it while is out before it turns soggy.


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The only dessert option on the menu, the Red Tea Jelly works just like a deconstructed bubble tea, with pearls and cream. The red tea jellies were absolutely delightful, with a nice aroma to it. the pearls were rather hard but still very chewy nonetheless.