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Hawker / Coffee Shop Delights

Hawker / Coffee Shop Delights

Singaporeans' comfort food at its best
Wan Ling Yeo
Wan Ling Yeo

Compared to their signature Biang Biang Noodles, this dish has more punchy flavours. Sandwiched between those nicely toasted flat bread lies a helping of heavily-seasoned pork strips, with bits of capsicum for crunch. The spices definitely shine through this dish, but it's a bit over for someone like me who has lighter palates.


A very comforting dish that's easy on the palates (great for those who are not a fan of strong flavours!). The tomatoes gave a nice tang with cucumbers that add a refreshing crunch, coupled with some chillies for a little heat. The non-meat version costs $5, but I'd recommend topping up $1 to get those savoury diced pork in. The hand-pulled noodles are cooked just right to give a nice bite, but they're just a little too broad for my liking. Overall, a satisfying dish I'll order again.


Kudos to the uncle who persisted in making muah chee the traditional way - by pinching off the muah chee pieces from the main bowl with his hands, instead of utilising a pair of scissors and tongs.

Is there a difference in texture? Not quite, as I found it equally chewy and bouncy as some other stalls. But what stood out was the flavour - both the peanut and sesame coating aren't jarringly sweet, and there was a nice, subtle fragrance in each piece of muah chee. Most importantly, I could feel the amount of hard work and love that goes into each plate.

The muah chee is sold according to size — Small ($2.50), Medium ($3.50) or Large ($5.50).


I've thoroughly enjoyed the juicy chicken thigh that's redolent of strong lemongrass. Pour over the green chilli marmalade - it gives a good spicy kick. Unfortunately, the braised egg was tasteless and the bowl of rice I've gotten was really, really hard and dry.

I've tried my friend's Miso Lu Rou Fan ($4.50) and I found it yummy! The rice grains were so much better (than mine), and the dish wasn't overly oily. More savoury than sweet when compared to the Taiwan-style lu rou fan, alongside a variety of vegetables, I can see this becoming a favourite for many.


Amp up your typical wanton mee with this - a wanton mee that sees Japanese ramen ingredients. The wanton mee elements include the al-dente HK-style noodles tossed in a rich sauce (don't forget the sambal!), the juicy wantons stuffed generously with pork and shrimps, as well as a fried version of it (only for the $11 portion).

The ramen feels come when you dig in to the ajitama and Japanese-style cha shu - both of which are marinated and cooked well. An interesting and delicious component is the potato-wrapped prawn, of which I really loved the crispy, french fry-tasting exterior. Topped with sliced scallions and chilli shreds, this is an ultimate fusion dish that's worth all the hype and calories!


Seeing my dumplings big, fat, and translucent have already hinted me at their quality. The skin is thin and perfectly chewy, but the best thing comes when you bite into these babies - there's actually soup in them! And it's not just the normal clear soup; the ones here are dark brown in colour, which are probably the result of the marinate. I'll definitely return for these flavour- and jam-packed dumplings again.


From a new popiah stall that shares the space with the dimsum stall.

• Tender and flavourful turnips
• Peanuts were crunchy and very fragrant

• Skin is tough and dry
• Too sweet for my liking (despite asking for less sweet sauce)

Verdict: 2.5/5

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I like my porridge thick and flavourful (like the one at 628 market), so the watery and slightly bland ones here didn't quite appeal to me. That being said, my Mermaid Chok came with fresh scallops, shrimps and fish slices, and a very crispy dough fritter. The side dishes weren't great on their own, but they served as excellent flavour boosters to the otherwise tasteless porridge.


I was truly drawn by the use of curry powder and prawn in this stall's carrot cake, but I wasn't too impressed after trying it. The curry flavour was very mild and it tasted just like your usual carrot cake with chilli. It's very eggy, and the carrot cake are cut into very small pieces which I ain't a fan of. Thumbs up for the novelty nonetheless, but the flavour can be improved further!

From Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee, this dish comprises springy noodles and an abundance of ingredients that make this so damn worth it. Compared to the one at Haig Road Market, the noodles here are firmer and the ingredients more varied. In fact, they resembled wanton mee's ingredients more than the actual Sarawak kolo mee's (which are mainly minced pork and char siew). There are 2 pork ribs, 2 boiled wantons, 1 fried wanton, 1 dumpling and few slices of pretty good char siew. The noodles are redolent of shallot oil, and they go really well with the homemade chilli paste. I actually enjoyed this a lot.


Whenever I want a bowl of really good porridge, I'll go to Xiang Ji Porridge at AMK 628 Market. Unlike many porridge stalls, which simply cook plain, bland porridge with the ingredients, Xiang Ji Porridge ensures that their porridge alone is sufficienctly flavourful. The ingredients are aplenty and well-cooked too, including the finicky pork liver that was cooked till just right.

Who needs dough fritters when the porridge is already tasty on its own 😌


Unlike the duck rice ($3.50), which comes with duck breast meat over rice, the duck rice set comes with a whole duck leg basking in its own glory. The meat is deliciously braised and tender, though it just needs to be cooked a little longer to achieve a fall-of-the-bone quality.

An average queueing time of 15mins is expected, so be prepared!


I bake at @ourfirstbake 😊

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