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Local Delicacies

Local Delicacies

Featuring Dahlia Cafe, Da Shi Jia 大食家大大大虾面, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Casa Verde, Hawker Chan (Chinatown), Food Republic (VivoCity), He Ji Porridge 和记粥 (Maxwell Food Centre), Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, Kopitiam (Changi Airport Terminal 3), CAFE O (Raffles Holland V)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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From Huat Huat bbq chicken wings stall. Saw a sign that stated 1 free chicken wing with purchase of carrot cake. Only after I received my order was I told that it wasn’t applicable to small size carrot cake, which I had already guessed even thot it wasn’t stated in the sign. I liked the abundance of eggs used. Sambal chili was good, but it wasn’t well distributed so the parts that didn’t get the chili was very bland. Next time I would ask for more chili so it would be bettered flavored.

From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. Their fried rice today was pretty lackluster with not much wok hei. But I forgave them bcos this sweet and sour pork was fabulous. The meat was fried till very crispy and the sourness of the sauce was just right. I couldn’t get enough of it.

From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. This tasted marvelous, bcos the wok hei was heavy and the rice was not oily. Very well seasoned too. I much preferred this cos they added scallops instead of clams. 👍🏻👍🏻

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From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. Lots of ingredients in this. The stock used was flavorful but on the peppery side. Bcos of the Mee sua and soup, the whole dish felt soft, light and mild. The peanuts provided delightful bursts of nuttiness.

Fragrant blue pea coconut rice served with beef rendang, otak otak, fried egg, Sambal, achar, fried crisps, peanuts and anchovies. The beef rendang was tender and delicious. Otak was very spicy and extremely flavorful. Fried egg was perfect with runny yolk. A bit expensive, but everything tasted good.

Thin flat rice noodles in chicken and prawn broth, topped with steamed chicken, prawns, bean sprouts and chives. Warmed up the stomach on a cool rainy afternoon!

Freshly fried so super hot. Very crispy. Paired well with their chili sauce.

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From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. It was a pretty ordinary plate of fried bee hoon. Well seasoned, got a bit of wok hei. I assumed the hefty price tag was bcos of the clams and prawns.

Since this was a set, the Yong Tau foo pcs were already decided. I really liked the fried beancurd skin. Sauce was ok not too salty. Noodles were Q, very nice with the sauce, which contained a lot of mushroom slices and minced meat. A very filling meal.

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Stall 7&8 Best Satay. Min order of 10 sticks each at $0.70. They had set but I ordered Ala carte. Beef was marinated in a sauce that tasted a tad sourish. Chicken was tougher than I expected. Not sure if it was breast meat.

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Wanted Mee Soto but it was sold out. This plate was charged as 1 meat + 1 Otah + 1 vege = $7. Add $0.70 for egg omelette. Egg was cold but it tasted so good with the Sambal chili, which incidentally was so spicy that I felt my hair was on fire. Otah was great, with big bits of fish inside that I could actually chew. Beef rendang, thou not exactly melt in the mouth, was flavorful and got delicious gravy. Sambal lady’s fingers were well seasoned and crunchy.

I enjoyed everything on my plate but the spicy level was beyond my ability to handle. Lumbered around panting like a zombie and my stomach bubbled in discomfort till the next day. But I don’t regret a thing.

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This tasted way better than I expected. Gravy was thick and flavorful, on the salty side. But paired with the bland Mee Tai Mak, it was perfect. Got 3 fresh big prawns inside. Deveined and deshelled. I was very impressed. I cleaned out the bowl. 👍🏻

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