Indonesian Inspirations

Indonesian Inspirations

Featuring IndoChili (Guoco Tower), Cookhouse by Koufu (Waterway Point), Pagi Sore (100AM)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Beef rendang slow cooked for at least 4 hrs. The gravy was flavorful, thou could get a bit oily. Some parts were a bit tough but I really liked this dish. I order it every time I come here.

Indonesian fried rice with Ayam Bumbu Rujak and Sate Ayam Madura. Essentially spicy fried rice with chicken satay and chicken drumstick in spicy rujak sauce. The egg had runny yolk. This was very delicious.

Crispy potato chips mixed with peanut and glazed in honey. Super addictive. Not spicy thou I could see slices of dried chili. Yummy.

Beef satay was well marinated with good char. A bit tough but tasty. The sauce was quite spicy. Use fork to pull the meat out of the skewer for easy eating.

I was given the breast meat portion. It was very dry. Not much seasoning, so was too bland for me.

Weekends are usually not crowded. I love their kangkong belacan and ayam Bali (BBQ chicken). The kangkong had adequate amount of garlic and chili. The sauce for the BBQ chicken was great with rice. Oh the Assam prawns! I cannot stop thinking about it. The soup was wonderful! I immersed a spoonful of rice in and stuff into my mouth. So sour and spicy and flavorful! And the prawns were fresh. This was the first time I tried their calamari. Absolutely delicious! I definitely will order it again!


This Ayam Goreng Kalasan is a grilled chicken leg marinated with coconut and various spices. Never seen a grilled meat dish using coconut before so gave it a try. Mmmm very nice! Delicate balance of sweet and savory in a gula melaka kinda way. Most of the marinate was in the skin so I was careful to mix bits of skin into each mouthful of meat. The chili was good but I felt that it covered the mild sweetness of the dish. So I only ate it with the fried tofu.

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The servers at this place deserved a special mention. They were so cheerful and friendly. Since it was my first visit, they patiently explained how to order and answered my every question with a smile. They even arranged the dishes around so I could take a nice pic! I ordered the beef and chicken satay, chicken soup, beef rendang and sambal kangkong. The chili and koropok shown in the pic came with the order of chicken soup. First, the beef satay. Not as tender as I would have liked, but passable. The sauce marinate was very flavorful. Then I tried the chicken soup. I had expected the typical mee soto taste from Malay stalls but this tasted nothing like that! The fragrance of lemongrass permeated the soup and every slurp was so warm and comforting. They put tang hoon and a boiled egg inside. The tang hoon absorbed the soup and when I bit into it, the lemongrass flavor burst in my mouth. Perfect for a rainy day. Oh be careful of the sambal chili. I dipped the koropok into it and it was so spicy my ears starting ringing. Then my tongue fainted and it was a while before I could taste anything again. Luckily I ate this last. Sambal kangkong was ok. Nothing to shout about. The beef rendang was very delicious. The serving was generous and the sauce was thick and the spices shone thru with every bite. Bcos the meat was big, I cut it into smaller pieces and there was enough sauce to coat each small pc of meat, which was very important to me. Some places were stingy with the sauce and the meat ended up being stringy and dry. Finally I tried the chicken satay. I had wondered why no peanut sauce but it was hidden underneath the satay. What a nice surprise! The meat was well barbecued and tender. Not only that, the peanut sauce was creamy and thick. Combined with the marinate sauce, it was heavenly! Truly the best chicken satay I have ever tasted! I would come back for this dish alone. All these for almost $60. I did over-order so I couldn't complain.

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