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Pub Grub

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Benjamin Sim
Benjamin Sim

Gut-Filling Coffee shop fish and chips! Although these are basa fillets (I.e nowhere as flaky as higher quality white fish like cod/haddock), you get good value for the portions. As an adult male on an empty stomach I am ashamed to say that I could not finish the fries and coleslaw. I had them once at POMO under the old moniker “Cafe Wok-Inn”. It’s the same good value in a coffeeshop setting. Hurry now whilst you get 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond!


Tomato sauce, mozzarella,Parma ham and rocket. I feel obliged to list the ingredients because of the unconventional numerical convention behind each pizza. I like the bite of sourdough pizza! The more you masticate the stronger/sharper your jawline maybe? In that case just order more pizza to hit your Hyun Bin fanboy/girl goals.

Smoked salmon and sour cream on pizza? That’s like bagels and lox- flatbread version. The numerical naming convention at Plank is simple-y confusing. I guess it helps them in the order-taking. Pick-up your pizza yourself after ordering from Food Panda and you get almost 20% off! Why the extra egg you ask? We thought this was the Parma Ham one number you see. Good things wasted on stupid people. Lol 😂

Four types of eggs = four types of cholestrol? This is absolutely eggy. A good table snack to have! Sharing a chawanmushi is always interesting. Everyone has to use that same teaspoon.

Came for the skewers...stayed for the Tau Pok. Look at how they plated that tau pok!? Sauce on the side for real. Work of art. Stuffed tau pok with mozzarella. Fusion food wor.

The Skewer Bar is always crowded on weekends! Great place to enjoy beer and kushiyaki without breaking the bank! You can literally just go crazy on their $1.50/$1.60 chicken/pork teriyaki skewers. With so much meat on the menu we need our vege-compensation and this huge KIO(茄子🍆) is awesome. It’s charred, spicy and garlicky. Definitely something to re-order every time you go back.

Who says you can’t have a meal under $20 along Ann Siang? :) This vindicates all breast men out there- the chicken meat is tender, whilst retaining that toasty kerisik (desiccated coconut) exterior. They are generous with the peanuts and ikan bilis. Did I say that all 5/5 plates of nasi lemak our group had on the table had runny egg yolks? That’s some mad consistency there. Props to the chirpy kitchen and service crew! Have this for dinner and you are SET for your night out at Ann Siang! Eat it for lunch and you roll the red carpet out for Mr Food Coma.

One of the few white pizzas (garlic and béchamel) on the menu! They managed to keep the yolk runny and unbroken during the delivery...Props! There was a dark age of grab/foodpanda deliveries where your pizza would arrive turtle in the box lol. The bacon (panchetta?) was not as smoky as I had hoped...but there’s a good portion of meat in there. Still a competent option for your pizza party.

If you’ve made it your life’s mission to order every pizza order-able in Singapore, you can try Nickeldime’s rendition of a pepperoni pizza. The difference is in the dough! You get a tougher bite (borders on a load of bread here), but the flavour profile is richer. Fair warning about keeping the pizza overnight tho (it gets HARD). Cheese and preserved meat is heart to beat! :D

This order’s a mouthful of words when you tell it to the counter. But a mouthful is what you’ll get! The smoky chicken stands out, and though I was apprehensive about the whole “tempura” fries ordeal, this loaded fries dish came together perfectly- better than nachos! Best for sharing amongst 2-3 pax. I suppose you could make this a meal of your own. You do you.

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$9 for this salty and greasy Izakaya staple. Goes well with a dry and malty ale. The Sapporo or Asahi on tap will do!

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We had the courage to try the karaage (pun?) @ $10. This had some har cheong gai nostalgia to it. Almost at the level of Public Izakaya’s ginormous balls but not quite. Deep fried stuff with beer and saké. #Phase2

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I can eat Nasi Lemak 3 times a day for a month.

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