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Local Eat SG

Local Eat SG

Featuring The Roti Prata House, NOW Noodles +, Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Upper Serangoon Road), Gourmet Paradise (HDB Hub), Teochew Handmade Pau (Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre), Food Junction (Junction 8), WOK HEY (Bugis Junction), Rochor Beancurd House (Upper Thomson), PappaRich (Suntec City), Beach Road Home Made Pau Dian
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

Slightly too sweet for our liking (maybe the red bean portion is too much in the mixture)
The 10% service charge and 7% GST make it not that cheap meal.

One of us love their Assam Laksa but another not so much. In general, this dish should be a crowd pleaser with the tangy broth and all herbs. 🌿 a great alternative from nasi lemak. 🤟

When you are not immuned to Hepatitis, cockles are not your best friends!!...🦐🦞🦀😆 so this no-hum request will go on for a while when ordering CKT unless I miss it so bad. Got a few prawns hidden beneath the noodle. The aroma of CKT is there albeit not so strong compared to other places. It is a fuss free lunch dish that I always go for here. 👌😁

The second nasi Padang dish we tried here look very packed (but no chilli was added to this dish). I haven’t tried this dish but my foodie pal said that most components are undercooked (broccoli, ladies’ Fingers). Batang Fish is good though it’s normal to encounter many bones in this type of fish. 🤓
If you pick 2 seafood + 2 sides, you pay $9.50 so do pick wisely to fit your taste bud else you might feel that it’s quite pricy for a nasi Padang.
Tips 💡 We would recommend: the tofu /tempeh and curry veg that we order in the first dish. The rest we ordered didn’t hit us yet. Get your chilli fix near the counter as it elevates the dish to x10 times 🙌

A few days ago we are craving for for Nasi Padang in Ang Mo Kio and stumble upon this Asam Cafe in our search. We finally decided to give it a try this weekend as it’s nearby compared to our favourites in Bugis. 😁
First dish we went for 👉
1 seafood (sotong) + 2 veg (stir fried tofu, tempeh & long bean | Vegetable curry)
The sotong with white onion is sweet and not too chewy (not all sotongs got equal love though).🦑
The champion is stir fried tofu, tempeh & long bean. The dark tempeh looks dodgy but once tried, we are converted. It is a good veg dish!! 💚🥒
The veg curry is also nice. One thing we think the visitor to this cafe should try is their chilli (next to cashier counter). We can never have enough of that!! #sedap 🌶

It will be a miss if not trying for their crispy chicken wing which remains juicy & crispy skin after transit.
🔸Chicken wing $1.70
🔸French beans $1.00
🔸Ladies’ Fingers $1.00
🔸 coconut rice $1.00
🔸Ikan Billis $1.00
The only thing we wish they will change is a foam container they have. The plastic container is also available with additional $0.20. Hope they change their container to be more earth friendly as the foam is not a good choice for containing hot food (neither is the foam container good for health risk) ! 🤔
📍 3 outlets: Upper Serangoon Road, Jalan Besar & Tanjong Katong
⏰ All 3 outlets are closed on Thursday
Open until 3:30 am except Jalan Besar which close at 11 pm

It is one of the most well known nasi lemak in heartland. Atypical nasi lemak place with long queue. This upper Serangoon one has the fastest pace of nasi lemak service. Despite this, we arrived at 7:33 pm and got served at 7:55 pm (22 mins waiting time).😅
Also no need to refer the menu on their website (set 1-4 etc.), it’s a pay-as-you-pick kind of place.👉
🔸Coconut rice $1
🔸Egg $0.80
🔸Long beans $1
🔸Fish kuning ($1.30-$2) x 2 pcs
🔸Ikan Billis $1
The Nasi Lemak components like egg, long bean & kuning (crispy skin) are not dry compared to another famous place we try. The coconut rice is fragrant as well (albeit not so strong). Chilli is good and sweet. Cucumber 🥒 is added before our takeaway box is close.
The food is worth queuing for we think. What a delicious eat near Kovan MRT (Exit B) 5 mins walk👌👍

We have tried otahs from many places and this one is top 3 of our favourites so far. We grab this 4 otahs (not the premium ‘banana leaves’ wrapped) just the ‘coconut leaves’ one from their new Ion Orchard (B4 level) outlet.
🔸crab otah $1
🔸prawn otah $1
🔸 squid otah $1
🔸 original fish otah (spicy) is $0.75
The otahs are well seasoned with plenty of ingredients. We did a takeaway in the afternoon and consume at 7 pm. Warm them in the oven 10 mins at 120c. to enjoy along with our nasi lemak.
Checked at their takeaway bag, they recommend consuming otahs within 4 hours of purchase. 😄
It still tastes great afterwards though we think! 😉

First time we wanted to try this but browsed through their menu and saw no vegetarian option so we went away. This second time we checked the screen & found only fried rice for vegetarian. 🧐 We decide to ask their staff if they can do us vegetarian udon. The staff says we can go for Classics (with cabbage, onion & egg) and top up $1 for broccoli. The packaging looks good but the taste is what matters to us! 😼
The wokhei aroma is strong even after 10 mins commuting time. We try the flavour and it is far from bland (as some might suggest). It’s actually a plus point as we think we can spice it up ourselves using ground chilli 🌶.
Two things we wish from @wokheysg is a clearer menu for vegetarians & please give us some condiments so we don’t need to use our own. 😜
We can only tell for udon but will be back for fried rice when we fancy.👌

Read the review in 2017 about this place and got skeptical initially. 🧐 We went for early lunch around 11:30 am to give it a try as it is in convenient location. (Basement of HDB hub where a lot of famous eats are: Rojak, Muah Chee etc). 🤤 We order 2 thunder tea rice for takeaways. Surprised to find packed ingredients: peanuts, bean, tofu, chopped greens, anchovies and Chye poh on top of brown rice (we pick this instead of white rice). 🍃 🥜
Now comes the final say! the Tea Soup 🥣 it has a good texture not as diluted as we expect. The aroma from ground tea leaves might not come out much but it’s thick & nutty. Very good & healthy lunch find in Toa Payoh and now we can add it to the other 2 stalls in Gourmet Paradise eats!! 😇

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After finishing murtabak chicken, we are not full and pop to the next door “Ming Fa Fishball noodle” Bak Chor mee (flat noodle) to takeaway. Chilli & vinegar make this BCM not so bland after 30 mins journey. Generous amount of liver, crispy pork lard and minced pork. Nom nom 😋

Finish from our trail in Windsor Park and head to this food joint on Friday night. Quite packed and bustling. We ordered our usual Murtabak chicken (Medium size) to share 2 people. Light crispy Murtabak with turmeric chicken strips. Awesome with Teh Tarik! 👌

Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got some surprises for you on IG!! 🎄

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