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Chinese Food & Buffet

Chinese Food & Buffet

Chinese delicacy and steamboat
Siew Hing Lam
Siew Hing Lam

Prawn and meat wrap. The peanut sauce that come with wrap is nice. Dip your wrap to make it perfect. Price at $4.90 is good for such high standard.

Vietnamese pho chicken noodle. Soup is nice and not to salty. The chilli that comes with the noodle. It's red hot 🌶🌶🌶. Price at $10.90 which is affordable too.

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In Singapore most common bah kut teh found is a white soup base with peppering taste. This shop located in a heartland area is what I consider the best at least for me, elements of herbal soup base, bah kut, mushroom and tao pok complete the dish. You have plenty other side dishes to order ~ the organs and salted vegatables and braised pork belly meat. Meat is tender and melt in mouth. Highly recommended to come and try it for yourself. 4.5☆ out of 5☆.


Thai street food ~ braised beef noodles $8.90 • normally you will see a clear soup base but this authentic thai food stall located at Far East level 3 serve in dark soup base and it is surprisely good if you are a thai street food fan. Warning ~ the soup is a bit salty thou. So do not add any further ingredients to enhance. What they serve is good enough. U will feel very thai just like you are in Thailand cos you will be great by pure Thai staff in the shop. Will definitely come back again.

Not the best thai food that I had tasted. Order the Suky seafood vermicelli. The soup base was not something like tom yam. It tasted like a tomato soup that is spicy. Rate 1 ⭐ of out 5 ⭐. Maybe other items on the menu is better. Unless there is really crowded everywhere nearby if not then I will not give it another go again.

The pork belly is tender and the sauce is not too oily and sweet, taste just nice. Tried the side dishes veg and tao pok is good too. Thumb up to the 2nd generation hawker. The signage of the stall is also very unique, you can't miss it! One last point is pricing is reasonable for such a traditional pork belly rice. Hey I travel all the way from boon lay to try this, so this is no joke!

It's a thick noodle and first look you might not feel appetite. It will set you back $3.50 for the small bowl and if you want more meat then go for the upsize! After once you taste it, you will know this plain looking noodle is good. Try it! Highly recommended.

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Just $13.90 you get yourself 5 pcs of chicken/pork/prawn dumplings come with unlimited refill of rice and egg, complete with miso/vegetables soup and choices of 2 side dishes. Do expect a queue as the place is quite small. Outdoor seats is available as well. The staff here is super friendly and occasionally will joke with you too.

$3.50 a bowl. Not spicy enough but it taste sour. Not to my liking.

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This cost $15.80 and this is actually taste good. I don't mind paying for this standard and also ambience as well. It's not overly crowded and most important it's quiet here. So it will be a good place to dine and chat too.

At $13 they serve quite a good hainanese style pork chop rice, just the sauce a little bit too sweet. Other then that it's a good dish. It also come with a set include a drink of your choice, a garlic bread and mushroom soup. Quite a good deal tho.

Set me back at $4.20 which I think it's not expensive. I have never thought it will be nice till you try it. I can't locate the stall in foursquare but it's within Jurong Point near to the Hong Kong street.

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