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Food Finds

Food Finds

Eating around Singapore to educate my palette
Alexis Han
Alexis Han
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Any Starbucks / $7.90
Was hesitant to try it at first cause I’m not a big fan of overly sweetened drinks. But was craving for a caffeine-free drink. Thus, I ask for it to be less sweet and the end product was great. Light mango taste, pretty refreshing and the mango bits gave you occasional burst of sweetness.

Try it!

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Brawn & Brains
$5 // Cup of cappuccino
Select your preferred coffee blend ☕️

Coffee for enjoyment 😌

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Salted Caramel | Upper Thomson
$10.90 for 3 scoops and a waffle bowl

Got to say that Salted Caramel is one of my fave ice cream places. Not a fave of ice cream but this place has got some of the best flavours and taste.

Salted Caramel: Default must-order flavour whenever I visit this place. It’s a good amalgamation of saltiness and caramelised sweetness while not making it too ‘thick’. The ice cream is smooth and delivers each of the flavours to your tastebuds.

Earl Grey: I love tea in ice cream form. It fulfils my tea and dessert cravings all at once. The earl grey flavour is just-nice, not overpowering or too light.

Camomile honey: New flavour I think? Tried this for the first time. The honey was definitely present and not mixed into the ice cream blend. That made the texture more interesting and you could distinctly taste the honey and the camomile flavour bursting through after. I loved it.😋

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Salted Caramel | Upper Thomson

It was my first time trying out a Sorbet flavour @ Salted Caramel. Been in love with passionfruit recently and decided to go with this.

Loved the flavour mix of mango and passionfruit, resulting in a sweet yet refreshing light spoonful each time you pop it in your mouth.

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Men Men Don Don | Westmall
🍜🍜🍜 /5

Hearty clear soup base. Great for rainy weather.
Portion was good and pretty value for money.

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$4.50 per slice 🍕 (varies from pizza selection)

Disclaimer: I love Italian pizza and this is slightly different but equally yummy.

The thin crust is crispy and sturdy as it holds all the ingredients in place (not soggy at all!)

For my pizza choice,the filings are quite “Italian” which was what I was looking for. Soft & fluffy inside with burst of flavours from the mushrooms, egg and ham, topped with dried herbs.


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Thin crispy battered layer on the outside, soft succulent fish filet.

Could visibly see that the battered layer had a few types of herbs in it which made it rather aromatic with each bite.

Potato salad was alright ,not too soft or hard. Nothing too fancy

Would not recommend to have egg salad with potato salad. Way too much mayo sauce in one meal.

& egg salad was pretty meh. Egg chunks were pretty tough and would think that it might be overcooked. Nothing fancy and would preferred it chilled instead of room temperature, as it tasted quite “eggy”

Best part of the dish would be the main star - crispy fish

Would not travel for this but would drop by if I’m in the vicinity


$8 for full pork and ham sandwich. Loved the pickled vegetables stuffed in the sandwich along with the thinly sliced pork and ham. The pickled carrot/cucumber/radish made the sandwich more refreshing and complimented the meat well.

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$4.70 + $1 (cone)
Interesting gelato flavours for selection.
Vanilla fig was very smooth and rich in flavour. The thyme cone added a crisp texture and more aroma to the main star - gelato.


"Feel better, Live better, Eat better" Picky Eater//Food Lover

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