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Japanese Cuisine πŸ±πŸ™πŸ€πŸΆ

Japanese Cuisine πŸ±πŸ™πŸ€πŸΆ

Sushi. Ramen. Tonkaku. You named it, there will be a review for it.
Tiffany Lim
Tiffany Lim

@sanpoutei_ramen_singapore is famous for their concentrated simmered noodles

The beef beef (the dip) is very concentrated and towards the end, please do add some water so it doesn't taste way too salty. It has small bites of beef inside the dip!
The noodles are really chewy and the texture grab the dip so well!

This portion of noodles was their X1 portion and look at the mountain of noodles (slide left please)

The only thing is that eating this way too much of this will be sick, so highly recommended to order green tea to wash your palate

Price: $16
Satisfaction : 🀀 🀀 🀀 🀀


Always loved truffle and want to put some inside your ramen as well?

@kanshokuramen not only put truffle oil but the real truffle into your ramen broth!! I love how the truffle taste is not overpowering, which goes really well with the creamy broth 🀀

It is also insane how affordable a truffle broth ramen

While typing this, I wanna have another bowl of this again 😭😭

Taste: 🀀 🀀 🀀 🀀 🀀
Price: $17.90++

This have to be my favourite udon place located in ion basement 4!!

Marugame offers a quality and a huge hot bowl of udon at a reasonable pricing, for this is clam udon is priced at $12.90 😍 its so affordable in town area!

Also, they have tempura for you to purchase, or head to self serving counter to take the free tempura bites 🀀

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A $2 'enterance' fee for a beverage is a must due to the limited seat in the restaurant. All the seats are high seats and it's rather pleasant to see how the chef prepares the food right under your nose literally.

Had the Sanshoku Chirashi Sushi ($22) and shared the Aburi Salmon Maki ($15). It's actually more than enough to have the Chirashi if you have small appetite as I could barely finished it.

The Sashimi are all cuts to huge chunk and it's pretty fulfilling 😁

If you ain't a fan of Sashimi, fear not because my friends had grilled salmon and grilled eel which are equally nice and huge portion.

I would say the price you're paying is pretty worth it for having dinner in the town area.

Avg per pax: $26 (no gst or service charges)

I've sacrificed my calories, so you don't have to waste them on bad food. IG: @thematiccuisine

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