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Deblovesjap .
Deblovesjap .

The croissant is crispy and buttery, topped with a generous amount of scrambled eggs and bacon. I must say the egg was cooked to the right consistency, and it was creamy. Would recommend this place if you haven’t tried!

Thick brioche toast served with Nutella, maple syrup and berries. It’s as good as it looks. Generous portion, good for sharing as it can be quite jelat.
Taste: 3/5⭐️
Value: 3/5⭐️

Every time I come here, I would only order this. Not that the other items are not good, I just love how they nail the combination of the sesame bagel, smoked salmon, caramelized onions and cream cheese. I also ordered their signature hot chocolate which reminds me of the one I had in UK. This is one of the brunch places I find that is consistent in their quality of the food they serve. Worth a try even though it burns a hole on your pocket!
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 3.5/5⭐️

I was quite excited about brunch as I enjoyed the food when I was here previously. However, this time I was disappointed. Firstly, the items on the menu were lesser than the actual menu displayed on chope. I ordered the chicken with waffles, which was soft and the chicken was dry. I ordered a mocha which was normal. I liked their honey glazed bacon🥓 though, goes well with the waffles. One thing I liked about this place was that they allow bookings.
Taste: 2.5/5⭐️
Value: 2/5⭐️

Tbh I can’t remember the name of this dish but it is certainly a breakfast for champs! I love how each side goes well with each other, the crispiness of the bacon, the spices from the potatoe cubes, the tanginess of the tomato relish. A down side is that they don’t really have a system for queuing, you basically find the seats on your own before you get served.
Taste: 4/5⭐️
Value: 3/5⭐️

Back here again! I always go for their Lox even though their other flavours (primal & warthog) are just as good. I love that they have so many choices of bagels and the filling is so generous! You should definitely try it if you love a good hearty meal. It’s relatively accessible by mrt too.
Taste: 4.5/5
Value: 3.5/5

I tried the beef yakiniku, truffle salmon scrambled as well as truffle fries. Well yeah, I’m a big fan of truffle😍 And if you are, you got to try the truffle salmon scrambled - it’s creamy and creamy. If you’re afraid of too much truffle, share it alongside with another main. That’s why I got the Beef yakiniku. Even though it a tad too salty for my tastebuds, the onsen egg was a good balance to the flavors. Lastly, the truffle fries. I’ve had better:)

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Finally got to try this coffeehouse in the west! Surprisingly it wasn’t so crowded by the time we arrived, and my order came pretty quickly. Some items may take a while longer though. Portion wise, very generous, definitely enough to last you till dinner. Service was great, people there were friendly:) another recommended item would be the Atlas Butterscotch Banana pancake (15 mins wait). But good things are worth waiting right?:)


I am a foodie 🍴+ 🏋🏻‍♀️ Food makes me happy! Starting my own food diary here😋

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