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Asian Favs

Asian Favs

Anything Asian goes here!
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Wanted to have some fish and found this restaurant which specializes in fish. We ordered the fish with the pickled mustard fish pot and added enoki. Also asked for it to be the non spicy version. While the fish pot does not skimp on the ingredients (packed with fish, salted veggie, fish cake even) we found it very oily, but no doubt it was fragrant.

I think I may give this place another chance because prices are rather reasonable but they definitely need to refine their dishes a little to suit the local palette.

Ah Hua Kelong at Riang seems to have a different menu from the one at Haji Lane. We had the wings, salmon with nonya spices and salted egg calamari rice bowl for lunch. There was nothing to shout about for the food - nonya spices (spices taste not super obvious) and salted egg calamari felt that the dough was a little too much. An okay rice bowl but I liked that they used the thin asparagus which added nice texture.

However, service could really be more attentive. Asked for sharing plates, asked for water and the waiter could conveniently forget right after we asked about it (there was only one other customer in the restaurant) and we had to ask again. When we wanted to redeem the Burpple beyond deal, waiter seemed very uncertain and sulky about it as well. I will come go to the Haji Lane branch which seems much more promising with a more interesting menu.

Rich soup but I would prefer more grouper rather than the specialty meatball. The meatball was too big and had a too ‘porky’ taste for my liking. The soup (supposedly with chicken and scallop stock) was nice but erm might possibly have msg, did feel a little thirsty after the meal. But overall I guess, it’s nice to find another place for a soupy light Asian dinner in town.

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This glutinous chicken is one of the recommended items at 2.50. Very palatable and look at the large mushroom and chunks of meat given. I enjoyed this much more than my mee sua kueh which came really fast but I think it was just taken off the takeaway counter. Having said that, it’s been ages since I’ve been to swee choon and I must say business is BOOMING. I came at 5.50pm (opened at 6pm) and there was a snaking long queue of both locals and tourists. Dim sum is generally served fast and I guess the affordable meals and large variety of HK and Shanghai Dim Sum keep people going back!

Wanted a quick bite here at the EXPO but sadly not much options. Ordered this Kaya French Toast and the steamed one. The French toast was better but I really did not like the texture of the toast used here. Albeit being better, the French Toast felt really oily. More quick bite options pls EXPO!

Seriously didn’t wanna squeeze with the crowd at the local Shilin pop up so we decided to come here for a Taiwanese meal. Will be back for the 卤肉饭 which is fragrant but not too oily. I ordered the set which came with the cabbage which was a good complement for the 卤肉. Very cute deco around the shop as well, will be back to try the chicken rice.

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Love love the Peking duck here at Hua Ting. Infused with pu er, such a great fragrant smell and the skin was so crispy. We were all snatching for a bite. At 88 bucks for the full duck, I would say that this is really worth it. Other dishes that we enjoyed were the xiao long bao which came in their cute individual ‘baskets’. The XLB’s soup was so fragrant and even though the XLB was bigger than usual, it was still very palatable. Paid about 200 after discount for 5 people. We ordered a couple of Ala Carte dishes and dim sum. But I love the vibes here at Hua Ting and would return again for a nice lunch/dinner.

Founder’s did not disappoint with its peppery BKT soup and its tender pork and pork liver. Really enjoyed the mee sua as usual. Staff was attentive and refilled our soup promptly. However the veggie seriously was not well cooked and I had to soak it in the soup to ‘cook’ it further.

Look at the generous portion for this bowl of boat noodles at 6.90. Much better as compared to many other boat noodles stores. The broth is fragrant, there’s lard in it, but did not feel overly oily. Would return for this again!

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Lee Do is famous for its cold crab dish, which my cousin pre-ordered to ensure availability. Came with lots of roe for one to enjoy the fresh taste of the crabs as it is. A few other dishes like the ngoh hiang and stir fried liver that were alright but nothing to scream about. Would return only if I’m around the area as prices are reasonable and the place is spacious.

I love three meals a day but this is clearly not the best dish they have. We ordered the half half fried chicken but it’s the super flour-y type, found it super hard to savor. I would skip this and return for my usual cheesy chicken bulgogi

SBCD’s tofu is the soft silky and amazing tofu but it’s seafood pancake here is also quite a star on its own. It’s packed with veggies but doesn’t scrimp on the squid and prawns. The pancake is light and crispy on the outside, makes for a good side dish.

Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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