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Instagram Food Photo

I love to eat.. Always randomly finding food places on the web.. Love to take food photo and post on Instagram.. In short, I’m a Food fan..
Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Tomato soup & Tom yum soup taste surprisingly good & appetizing, but the mala spicy soup is a disappointment though; bland & not spicy at all.. Love the spicy version peanut dipping sauce which is more spicy than the mala soup; meat, seafood & veggies are fresh..

CHICKEN DIAVOLO: Pan-seared skinless chicken breast meat; taste surprisingly flavorful and tender; with roasted potatoes, carrot and garden salad at the side..
LINGUINE SOFT-SHELL CRAB: Fried soft shell crab with shredded real crab meat in the al-dente pasta; crab meat is fresh, no fishy taste; probably one of the tastier crab pasta I've eaten so far..
SCALLOP AGLIO OLIO LINGUINE: Al-dente pasta with scallop; scallop is fresh but very small; otherwise taste is quite good..
BRAISED PORK CHEEK: Meat is well-braised; very soft & tender; brown sauce is very flavorful; with pumpkin, asparagus and garden salad at the side..
MUSHROOM SOUP: Thick and creamy soup with chunks of mushroom inside; flavorful; with crispy and fluffy garlic bread at the side..
SEARED TUNA SAKU: Pan-seared tuna, served medium rare; coated with black pepper; served with shallot vinaigrette which is appetizing..
HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE FONDANT CAKE: Molten chocolate lava cake; chocolate is rich and not too sweet..
CREME BRULEE: Rich egg custard with crispy layer of caramelized sugar; good dessert to end the meal; not too sweet; with blueberries at the top..
Overall a satisfied meal at an underground cafe; quality > quantity; service is good; value for money with the use of chope vouchers or 1-for-1 on burpple beyond..
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POWER NASI GORENG: Fried rice with prawn and sous vide egg; fried rice itself taste quite bland if not for the addition of fried anchovies, fried shallot & spring onion; cabbage at the side add some crunch; prawn is a little overcooked but still acceptable; love the egg with oozing yolk..
AYAM "LU-ROU" DON: Braised chicken rice with sous vide egg; flavorful and homely taste (though my mommy braised meat taste nicer); chicken is tender and flavorful; a bit jelat towards the end as the sauce over the rice a little oily; cabbage at the side reduce some jelat-ness..
NGOH HIANG: 5 spices chicken roll; taste normal, nothing to shout out for; love the dipping sauce though; mild spicy, sweet and tinge of sour..
BEANCURD KING: Taste like the normal frozen product, nothing special; very crispy and with mayo dipping sauce at the side..
Overall a decent & filling meal at a cafe in a neighbourhood; pocket-friendly especially with the use of 1-for-1 promotion on Burpple beyond; no GST & service charge; probably the cheapest cafe meal I've eaten in whole of my cafe-hopping life; no pork & lard..
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FRIED SQUID: Thinly battered squid leg; not too oily; love the addition of lemon over the dish; with choice of dip; mentaiko sauce is quite thick and flavorful, reduce the "jelat-ness"; good for sharing..
POTATO MOCHI: Mashed potato mochi with oozing cheese in the centre; soft and chewy; taste a little bland but with teriyaki sauce drizzled over, add some flavor & saltiness to it..
BEEF RICE BOWL: Thick slices of beef served medium well; beef is tender, succulent & with a smoky taste; with onsen egg which has oozing yolk & pickles at the top; filling and satisfying rice bowl..
GRILLED PORK CHOP: Meat is succulent but a little hard & overloaded with fats; there's smoky taste though; the smoky garlic sauce at the side is a plus point for the dish; fries are crispy & not oily; the coleslaw tastes fresh & crunchy..
MUSHROOM CREAM SOUP: Loads of mushroom chunks inside; quite thick..
MATCHA AZUKI CAKE: Very moist and soft green tea cake; well balanced green tea and red bean taste; not too sweet; the cake is really good and tempting me to try other flavours as well; listed as 1 of my favourite place for cake..
Overall a filling and pocket-friendly meal at a cosy cafe that is super near my house; quality meal for the price paid; service is good; will be back to try other dishes..
#nuevocafe #dinner #burpple #friedsquid #mushroomsoup #potatomochi #beefricebowl #porkchop #matchacake #cake #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

MANGO PASSION FRUIT SOUFFLE PANCAKES: 2 pieces of fluffy pancakes; pancakes are wiggly and soft; taste surprisingly light and "airy" that "melted" immediately in the mouth; great combination with passionfruit compote and with fresh mango at the side; sweet and sour, appetising; with coconut sago at the top..
STRAWBERRY CHEESE SOUFFLE PANCAKES: Same pancakes but with fresh strawberries, strawberries coulis & cream cheese; good combination as well..
Overall a great sweet-ending place that I wouldn't mind coming back for; a Instagram-worthy and tastebud-worthy dessert place..
#fluffstack #burpple #dessert #soufflepancakes #pancakes #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

SMOKED HADDOCK SALAD: Smoked haddock topped with mixed cabbage, raisins & raspberry vinegar; smoked haddock is fresh; cabbage is fresh and crunchy; initially felt the taste doesn't complement each other and the kitchen gave us more raspberry vinegar to drizzle over the salad & fish which really bring out the refreshing & fruity taste; an appetising dish..
BEETROOT CARPACCIO & WILD TROUT GRAVLAX: 1 of my favourite dish for the meal; raw salmon sat on top of thinly sliced beetroot, with vodka & honey sauce; salmon is fresh and no fishy taste; beetroot is very juicy; the sauce taste sweet, sour, refreshing, with tinge of vodka which complement the whole dish really well; a very good example of appetizer..
ATLANTIC WILD COD: A piece of cod fish sat on top of barley rice risotto; fish is fresh and served with a little raw in the centre, no fishy taste; spirulina dressing that is drizzled over the fish taste sour which aids in reducing the "jelat-ness" of the dish; barley rice risotto is well-cooked and with tinge of wine taste..
BEEF TENDERLOIN CARPACCIO:My favourite main course of the meal; thin slices of beef tenderloin with wild rocket & purple sweet potato chip; beef is very fresh; love the dressing that is drizzled over the dish; olive oil, lemon skin, onion; a main course that can also be appetizer though; chips are a little tough to chew (not crispy enough)..
ROSEMARY INFUSED CHICKEN: Pieces of chicken roulade in mushroom cream sauce pasta; chicken is tender and succulent, strong rosemary taste; cream sauce is thick, creamy, strong mushroom taste with pieces of mushroom inside, felt a little jelat towards the end; mafaldine pasta is cooked al-dente..
PINEAPPLE CARPACCIO: Fresh thinly sliced pineapple with fresh & roasted coconut; a good ending of the meal; felt the cream is a little too much..
Overall a quality and filling meal at a nicely decorated cafe; a place that never fails to disappoint me; price is moderately high if not for the 50% promotion every dish for this soft opening; service is excellent..
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TURKISH EGGS: 2 poached eggs in spiced yogurt with smoked salmon and sourdough toasts at the side; yogurt taste surprisingly good and flavorful; appetising as it's quite sour; wipe clean with the sourdough; toast is crisp and fluffy..
BRULEE FRENCH TOAST: A good example of Instagram-worthy and tastebud-worthy dish; caramelized toast topped with fresh fruits; toast is crispy outside and very fluffy inside; the chantilly cream at the side is smooth and complement the toast well..
VANILLA LATTE: Equal ratio of coffee and milk; a little too sweet though..
SMOKED ERYNGII MUSHROOMS & RICOTTA: Thick brioche toast topped with house made ricotta, cherry tomatoes & slices of mushroom; toast is fluffy; ricotta is thick and creamy..
Overall a good and filling breakfast; food quality is good; service is great; value for money with the use of 1-for-1 mains using Burpple beyond; will be back to try their main course..
#elixirboutiqueroasters #burpple #breakfast #vanillalatte #turkisheggs #frenchtoast #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

STRAWBERRY LATTE: Strawberry syrup with milk and milk foam; topped with fresh strawberry slices; taste a little sweet; towards milky taste..
TRUFFLE & CHEESE RAVIOLI: Ravioli loaded with cheese and mild truffle taste; with bacon bits; tossed in carbonara sauce; good for cheese lover..
FLAT WHITE: Equal balance of coffee and milk; not too acidic taste..
GRILLED CHICKEN: 2 pieces of chicken with few pieces of crispy hash brown; chicken is tender and flavorful; garden salad tossed with balsamic vinegar at the side..
ORIGINAL PANCAKES WITH STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: Star of the day; pancake is very fluffy and soft; with maple syrup at the side; ice cream is very sweet but compatible with the pancakes; a must eat dish..
Overall a decent and filling meal in a quiet neighbourhood; flowery interior design; a very cute flurry "boss" walking around in the cafe; no GST but with service charge..
#cafedenicolesflower #nicolesflowersg #burpple #strawberrylatte #ravioli #coffee #flatwhite #grilledchicken #pancakes #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

BEANSPROUT SIDE DISH: Complimentary side dish; flavorful and crunchy..
ORIGINAL DUMPLINGS: 4 pieces of pan-fried dumplings with meat inside; taste good; similar to Japanese gyoza; with ginger & vinegar for dipping..
FRIED PIEROGI DUMPLINGS: Fried dumplings with truffle mashed potatoes & bacon; very crispy unique..
SALTED PLUM WOLFBERRY PU-ERH: Refreshing but too sweet for my liking; with loads of wolfberries inside..
LONGAN OSMANTHUS PU-ERH: Refreshing and not too sweet; with osmanthus jelly and longan inside..
MISO MUSHROOM NOODLES: Chewy egg noodles with mild miso taste; with mushrooms, minced meat, fried shallots, spring onions & dried seaweed; taste is good; complimentary ramen egg for set lunch..
SICHUAN PORK NOODLES: Chewy egg noodles tossed in mild spicy chilli oil, with minced meat, fried shallots, spring onions & dried seaweed; taste is also good; looks similar but taste is totally different from the other bowl..
Overall a decent and filling meal in a very small cafe; food portion is reasonable and quality is good; service is good; value for money with the use of 1-for-1 on Burpple beyond..
#dumplingdarlings #lunch #burpple #noodles #dumplings #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

HOT FILTERED COFFEE: Strong brew coffee; not acidic; suppose to be towards fruity side but my poor coffee taste bud cannot taste that; nonetheless a good cup of coffee..
PORTOBELLO SANDWICH: Portobello mushroom, cheese & greens sandwiched between 2 toast; simple and flavorful; thin and well-toasted bread; mushroom is juicy..
BIBIMBAP NOODLE: Cold and refreshing Korean style glass noodles; simple yet flavorful and appetising; mild spicy..
MILK OOLONG TEA: Well balanced milk and tea taste; light taste; milk fragrance and milk after-taste..
Overall a satisfied meal in a cosy and simple-looking cafe; very good place to chill during tea time instead as food portion is very small; quality > quantity; service is excellent..
#platform #burpple #coffee #tea #portobellosandwich #bibimbapnoodle #jaslynfoodinstagram

'LOCAL CATCH' BOUILLABAISSE + MINI LOBSTER SOUFFLÉ: Seafood stew; with mussels, prawn, clams, seabass; soup is flavorful but very fishy taste; felt the seafood are quite overcooked as they became dry and tough; souffle with the lobster claw on top; very mild taste of the lobster sweetness; with 3 pieces of toast at the side; toast taste better than the main course; felt the whole dish is a little disappointing..
FRAMBOISES et GLACE VANILLE: My favourite of all; baked souffle with raspberries inside; with vanilla ice cream which is very sweet..
LAKSA SOUFFLÉ: Chunks of prawn inside the souffle besides the 2 big ones on top; the laksa gravy at the side is thick & flavorful; good option for trying out western-fusion element..
BLANQUETTE de VEAU + MINI COMTÉ SOUFFLÉ: Veal stew with white wine & cream; flavorful broth that's not too creamy; appetizing with the addition of lemon; veal meat is very tender and tasted more like chicken than beef; comté souffle filled with cheese; simple and light; suitable for cheese lover..
Overall a decent meal in a cosy cafe; service is excellent; souffle is fluffy and moist; starter and dessert taste better than the main; below my expectation especially for the high end price; use the chope voucher for the meal; probably will not be back again..
#soufflesg #souffle #laksasouffle #lobstersouffle #comtesouffle #vealstew #seafoodstew #lunch #burpple #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

MUSHROOM CREAM SOUP: Big bowl of flavorful soup; not too creamy; mushroom rich taste; with 1 half-slice of crispy and fluffy toast..
SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO: Linguine tossed with squid, scallop and fresh prawn; flavorful and not spicy; linguine a little hard when chewing; otherwise a well-executed dish..
6NATURE WINGS: 6 pieces of fried mid-wings tossed with soy sauce and cashew nuts; meat is tender and skin is crispy; sauce is honey-thick, sweet but not salty; love the sauce so much that the mayo + tinge of lemon sauce at the side was forgotten; good for sharing the calories..
6-LETTER BRUNCH: Rosti with sunny side up; mushroom, 2 big piece of smoked salmon; few pieces of fresh fruits with garden salad; rosti is big, thick and slight crisp outside; appetising with the fruits at the side; plus point for the lemon which add refreshing taste to the dish..
MATCHA LATTE: Finally saw a different latte art on the drink!!!! A cute totoro sat on top of the green tea latte in a matching green cup; green tea taste > milk; except that it tastes sweet..
HAZELNUT LATTE: Rose latte art at the top; coffee taste > milk; mild hazelnut taste; my coffee buddy like it..
Overall a very satisfied and super filling meal in a small cosy cafe; quality and quantity meal; affordable especially for the students around the vicinity; no GST & service charge; more affordable with the use of chope voucher or 1-for-1 on burpple beyond; service is good; will be back to try other dishes..
#6lettercoffee #lunch #burpple #mushroomsoup #aglioolio #rosti #latte #matchalatte #hazelnutlatte #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram


Jaslyn Li

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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