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I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

They have moved from Fook Hai Building into one of the shophouse along North Canal Road, just a few mins walk from their old place across Hong Lim Park.

Expect the same menu with a much cozy space here. As for their salted egg chicken rice, I still felt the sauce wasn’t that much and a bit dry for the meat.

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There’s this Vietnamese restaurant in one of the shophouses here along Smith Street, at the middle of Chinatown Food Street.

They are very authentic considering the staffs here are all Vietnamese. Beside the usual sandwich and noodle, they also have various dishes that definitely suit your appetite.

Ordered this instant noodle with beef, while the taste was strong and delicious; you actually find lots of oil beneath the noodle. $12.90

Tok Tok is famous for their Indonesian food and they have a few outlets across the country, with one outlet at Ang Siang Hill.

Nasi Campur Bali attracted me with all the colourful items on it. Expect items like sliced dried beef tossed with sambal, Balinese style beef rendang, sambal shredded chicken, beef skewers with sambal, Balinese style stir fry long bean, sweet and spicy fried tempeh and egg tossed with sambal. Yes that’s all the items on one bowl. Definitely worth it with only $9.90!

Be prepared to challenge with the sambal spiciness here and also all the dry meats here.

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Not the usual pepper soup, this is the herbal soup base that added with dark soya sauce.

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Looking for some premium Chinese food for lunch with affordable price? Mister Wu offers their set lunch for not more than $20 that comes with main dish, dim sum and their signature tea.

This was out from the menu but definitely worth trying. Consider big portion with lots of curry gravy on top, and also the pork chop, potato and fried egg! You couldn’t ask more than this when you get to choose a dim sum and signature to compete your meal.

A cozy Japanese restaurant here at Fook Hai Building, serving authentic Japanese food and sake. They have different special offer everyday.

Go for their lunch set that is money value, comes with miso soup and salad. The unagi was cooked perfect and juicy, serving on top of Japanese rice.

Huang Yeon has opened their second outlet in Chinatown Point that attract the lunch crowd for their very valued lunch set.

I was shocked with the portion which was consider a lot to me, even as a heavy eater. For every lunch set you even entitled for unlimited flow of salad.

Each lunch set also comes with the side dishes and all of this for only $12++.

The pork itself was marinated well and every accompany dishes have their own unique taste and mix well together.

That’s have been a few new outlets of hotpot restaurants around the town, with a new addition of this one located at the basement of Chinatown Point.

A very minimalist design of restaurant, serving a few types of soup base with various ingredients options; starting from $9.90++

A entry to Maxwell Food Centre is this Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow. The legacy of Hock Lam Street Beef Kway Teow is now lives on in this hawker centre from the oldest daughter at Empress Place until their family’s new stall here.

This is definitely a bowl of beef noodles worth to try as the alternative. Strong taste of the soup together with the slices of beef.

Dang Gui Roasted Duck stall is hidden at the back of the food court, but they sell not only duck but also other meats including chicken and pork. I enjoy it because the roasted duck has taken out all the bones. $4

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Cold dishes mix with their Mala spicy sauce, you can choose from lots of items here to include in your grab and go cup.

If you have try everything here including their signature chee cheong fun, noodle and porridge, they also have 2 options of rice here.

Nothing much fancy about it actually but the chicken was crispy, curry was creamy and tasty. $7.50

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I hunt for foods.

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