I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Beside serving some of their specialty coffee, they also have some toasties available for takeaway as well.

Technically a classic tuna melt, but wasn’t sure how it related to the name. The toast itself rather crispy outside but filled with full ingredients including the tuna, parsley, pickled, red onions, tomato, cheddar, mozzarella and monterey jack. They also served together with 2 pieces of pickle and some salted potato chips.

At the basement of Cross Street Exchange hide a interesting food court concept.

They have lots of seats here but you don’t see any food stalls at all. Because you need to order your food from their self-service kiosk or through their website.

After ordering, head over you the lockers corner to collect your food. They have lots of brand to choose from, including this from Wholesome Farm.

Wholesome Farm’s food all comes with a meat together with side and greens.

The chicken tender breast was really tender and not dry at all. Although the sweet potato fries given was already cold.

The founder came from Selangor, Malaysia; which took the inspiration from the famous Village Nasi Lemak, and open a stall here at Telok Ayer.

I try Village Nasi Lemak back in Selangor many years ago so couldn’t remember the taste anymore. But this one did remind me of it.

The chicken fried perfectly with the spicy spices and they are generous with the chilli sauce. The rice sadly wasn’t lemak enough to me.

It is still worth trying especially you are looking for some Malaysia taste here. $7.50

I usually buy them as a gift to people and seldom eat it myself. This time I decided to treat myself instead.

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They gained some exposure recently on the social media, serving western foods in Hong Lim Food Centre.

They have lots of options available and customisable. For $8.50, you get a decent but not really big portion of chicken chop; together with coleslaw and corn. Below it was the mashed potato which pair well with the chicken chop as well.

Another side dish we gotten was this Chinese style century egg, but the mala sauce wasn’t strong enough and taste blend with the century egg. Probably need to improve further with the taste itself.

As they now have their own space, they also looking at offering more choices of food, including the side dishes that you could order to accompany your prawn noodle.

The crispy prawn roll was sadly wasn’t standup much and taste ordinary.

It was many years ago when I first visit their stall in Zion Road Hawker Centre, it is glad to see now they have their own space along South Bridge Road.

Not sure whether it is still new or people expecting more expensive price, it seems like the place was very empty when I came during lunch time on weekday.

They offered a few choices of prawn noodle, which I gotten the standard pork rib prawn noodle. They actually peel the prawn shell so you could enjoy it easily, while the head still intact.

The pork ribs was good and of course the broth itself was tasty, although a bit salty.

As The Feather Blade moved to another location, this space has been replaced by another restaurant that also focusing on their steaks.

The Picanhas Don comes with the 100gm of steak and blue pea rice; topped with fried garlic bits, pickled cabbage, caramelised onion and onsen egg.

Those ingredients given a strong taste to the overall meal, while the steak remain its texture that I love.

I know most people came here for their signature crab dishes, but I wanted to try their hokkien mee.

What make their hokkien mee special was the use of master broth with mud crab and prawn head; which created the umami taste that blend with the noodles.

I can say it is definite wok hey enough and worth filling your tummy, even the portion was generous and bigger than my expectation.

As I came around 8am there’s already a long queue. So for those who want to try this, make sure you make your way here early morning before they sold out pretty fast.

For only $2, you could already grab a small plate of it that comes with both chee cheong fun and yam cake.

The sweet and chili sauce mixed well for both of them.

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This stall was in spotlight recently after they announced their retirement next year and planning to sell their recipe for S$1 million.

So make sure you make your way down to taste it before they sell out and retire.

They offer a few sets for you to choose, in case you couldn’t decide what to order. Or else ala-carte is welcome here.

Every set comes with a plate of beehoon to accompany your ngoh hiang, with sweet and spicy condiment.

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I hunt for foods.

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