I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

A very old school breakfast located at Chinatown Complex, a copy from previous famous stall that has been closed down.

Only one item on the menu, I would say don’t put too much expectation to it. Taste a bit dry and you can choose either sweet or salty.

Although this is my first photo sharing from this stall, I actually have been patronising this stall for many years; since I started working in Chinatown.

I love their curry with chili paste a lot which really enhance the overall taste. That’s why I have been returning for back whenever I have the craving for it.

Sadly the announcement came, even as I hope it wasn’t the true. But the owner has decided to call it a day to retire, after serving their signature peranakan caifan for so many years here.

Closing by end of this year, I guess they worked very hard to maintain the standard of the taste. They also aged a lot since my first visit here, definitely deserve some good rest.

So you only have a few weeks left to enjoy this. Always a long queue here, with the items snapped out pretty fast. I definitely recommend you to grab their fried chicken, curry chicken, hae zou and egg.

This post would mark as a memory for me of this stall when they close permanently soon after.

I couldn’t get the chance to visit the Mirko popup as the queue is just so long and sold out very fast. So I gave up and wait for Nudedles.4 pasta instead.

They offered a few types of pasta and my first visit I ordered the fusilli pesto. It was strong in the taste and I enjoyed it much, accompanied with some cherries and mushroom.

K88 Coffee House beside the Chinatown Complex has recently revamped their space, and also completely changed their food stalls selection as well.

One of the new stall would be this ramen stall, serving ramen and rice bowl.

I want something strong so I gotten this spicy laksa. The laksa tasted spicy and addictive, as they used laksa paste and coconut milk; with some special ingredients added.

Sadly the ramen egg was a bit sour when I eat it.

For those who still remember the defunct Kure Menya, you can now continue to enjoy their signature collagen broth in their new concept store here in Chinatown Point.

I still enjoy much of its collagen broth, creamy and tasty. Comes with few pieces of prawn dumplings on the top of the noodle.

Add $3 for a side dish and drink.

You can easily find lots of breakfast option in Chinatown Complex and Chef Leung is one of them.

Serving handmade rice noodle rolls in a few different ingredients. I really enjoy the smooth and soft texture, mixing it with the sweet sauce and chilli.

Lots of prawn included as well.

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There’s a few stalls selling chee cheong fun in this food centre, and Chang Le Chee Cheong Fun is one of them.

Serving only one type of chee cheong fun on the menu, unlike the other stalls here. Offering the light, simple and traditional chee cheong fun in either small or big size.

They start selling as early as 6:30am and it was by a young hawker who his parent own a zi char stall in the food centre as well.

The rice rolls wasn’t homemade here but bought from supplier, then steam it on-site before serving it to you.

The dark and sweet sauce and chilli come separate in small cup. So you can add based on your liking.

The combination of the sauce with the rice roll wasn’t disappoint me for the taste. Simple at its best.

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A new food spot along Temple Street, which change between day and night. From morning serving coffee, tea and toast; then main dishes during daytime. But once the day turn dark, it transform into a bar.

First time here you will be greet with lots of vinyl at the shopfront. So it is very interesting cafe & bar at Chinatown.

Came during lunch time for their sabroso chicken chop. Featured pieces of juicy, tender and crunchy chicken chop, together with salad.

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A minced meat noodle stall managed by young hawkers, and expect some interesting items on the menu as well.

After started their first outlet in Tampines, they have finally opened their second outlet in Chinatown; at a coffee shop along Temple Street.

Was in for a rush meal so I go with the normal minced meat noodles, which comes with meatballs, fishball, minced meat and meat slices. The noodle has mix of vinegar and chili.

As for the soup provided, it taste very different from the usual one. They used pork bones and seafood in the stock, so you could taste some sweetness complementing with savoury as well.

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This new stall at Chinatown Complex has recently gained some media coverage. But the chef actually started his business way back at Empress Road Market but closed down quietly. And now he is back in action at this new place.

Only 2 items available from the stall, which is his signature preserved veg hor fun and prawn paste chicken.

For $6 per plate of preserved veg hor fun, I do want to warn you about the portion. I recommend you to get it as a side dish with your meal here. The portion could be very small on its own.

But I generally love the taste, the rice noodle is cooked with fluffy egg, shrimp and fried radish.

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This corner shop has changed a few times, and finally we have a new Indian restaurant right at the center of Chinatown.

Offering a wide range of Indian foods such as prata, murtabak, chapati and naan. I almost having hard time to decide what to order.

Since I need a fulfilling lunch so I went for the briyani. The mutton was super juicy and soft, pair with egg, achar, salad and cracker.

The curry also tasted great and spicy. Recommend to sit outdoor and enjoy the street vibe.


My second visit proved that their food portion always smaller.

The same goes to this one, I could easily finish within few bites of the noodles. So I would recommend you to addon the grilled pork meat. The noodles comes with a slice of fried egg as well.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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