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I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung
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At the first look, you might thought they are a Chinese stall but they actually sell Japanese maze soba.

Their signature definitely would be this one that comes with the chashu. Expect the beautifully presented side dishes like bamboo shoots, spring onion, dried shrimp and nori on your bowl.

The who ingredients mixed well with the chilli flakes and even the noodles has it own texture. $6

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Now you don’t need to go all the way to Bedok, as you can have a bowl of pork noodles right here in Chinatown.

After a major fire in this coffee shop, they have since reopened with much more interesting stalls including this one.

I could say it taste similar to those selling in Bedok, with generous amount of pork meats in the bowl.


There’s this new stall called Long Heng Hock Kian Lor Mee on the first floor selling their signature item as suggested by their name.

You get the usual lor mee here with not much special as compared to others. But I like the crispy fish skin on top, with generous portion of meats.

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Savoury Korean flatbreads from Korea, this is their first overseas outlet here at China Square Central. They serve breakfast from 8am to 11am, with only 3 items available in the morning.

Try their otah fillings and it was really spicy. I didn’t expect it at all. So for those who don’t like spicy food in early morning please don’t order this. Portion consider big if you don’t want something heavy in the morning.

It also come to my surprise when I saw the hand written note on my food packaging. Probably something to cheer my morning. $4.50

If you are looking for affordable Korean foods, there is this stall in Maxwell Food Centre. Even though there’s not much side dish and little kimchi, but the fried rice itself was tasty. $4.50


Located in one of the shophouses along the Mosque Street. No much people here when we came for lunch.

They have this lunch promotion where you can get a main dish and adding side dish for a cheaper price.

Every meal will comes with the traditional side dishes and drink.

Go for their value set which comes with the 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 2 appetisers and a drink.

A big portion that worth your money. The only down side will be the chicken cutlet which was fried very dry but still crispy anyway. Generous amount of fish maw and seafood in the soup. $15.50++

There’s many stalls in this food centre selling yong tau foo. At the other side of the food centre you can find this stall. Unlike the other famous stall, they do serve their yong tau foo with noodle.

The noodles somehow taste similar to Xiu Ji at Chinatown Complex but their Ikan Bilis is much bigger as compared.


This place always packed with people craving for their roasted meat during lunch time.


This is not the usual ramen. It is like a Chinese style ramen with peanut soup. It taste really funny but interesting. Probably for people who out for some challenge.

The bowl comes with grilled chicken on top and some fishballs. You can find this at this stall called 豚骨火丸.

Mini-Balls, a new stall here replacing the defunct sweet potato stall selling Taiwanese cuisine.

The braised pork was generous and juicy.


A take away stall in the food court under China Square. For a price tag of $10 is consider reasonable with all the things in the bento. The rice was fragrant and the fried chickens as crispy as expected.


I hunt for foods.

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