Drinks (Any Kinds)

Drinks (Any Kinds)

Featuring Takashimaya Food Hall, HEYTEA (ION Orchard), CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Steeped Tea Bar, Tiger Sugar (Capitol Singapore), LiHO (Bugis+), Milksha (Suntec City), Nayuki (VivoCity), Truedan (CityLink Mall), Xing Fu Tang (Century Square)
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Pandan fans take note! LiHO has just launched two new pandan beverages in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival 2021.

Singa-Pandan Lime (left)
Singa-Pandan Shake (right)

My personal favorite of the two is the Singa-Pandan Shake - I like how smooth and creamy it tasted! The pandan flavour is prominent, and together with the savouriness of salted caramel plus crunchiness from the caramelized biscuit, this makes for a really yummy drink! Had mine at 30% sugar level and I thought the sweetness was just nice. I wasn’t really a fan of the Singa-Pandan Lime on the other hand (taste is subjective though, maybe you guys might like it), but still kudos to them for always coming out with new drink ideas.

These new drinks are available at all LiHO outlets. Go get them if you’re keen to try!

Fans of CocoBoss take note: a 3rd outlet has opened at Jalan Besar! Here I have their Signature Roasted Coconut, which has a richer, deeper coconut flavour! I also tried their OG Coconut Shake ($5.80), which I quite liked too; it certainly makes for a good thirst quencher on a hot day! Oh and I also like that they give us an option of how we want our coconut meat (bits or chunky) too!

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If you didn’t already know, Cocomax Singapore has launched a new limited edition Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut Chendol Flavour just in time to celebrate National Day! 🇸🇬

Cocomax is the first to put one of South East Asia’s favourite and iconic desserts in a ready-to-drink bottle. Overall, I really like this drink! Loved the combination of the sweet coconut water, the aromatic brown sugar, and not to mention the familiar taste of chendol! The best way to enjoy this is to have it chilled; it's so refreshing! By the way, this is a much healthier option as compared to buying a bowl of the dessert itself, so that’s another reason to have it!

This new flavour is available exclusively at NTUC FairPrice outlets only. While stocks last, so get yours now!

It seems like everyone's coco for coconut shakes in Singapore these days and The Whale Tea has jumped on the bandwagon too to launch their Coconuts Series! Here’s featuring (from left to right):

~Coconut Avocado Shake (R-$5.90, L-$6.90)
~Coconut Mango Shake (R-$4.90, $5.90)
~Coconut Shake (R-$4.40, L-$5.40)
~Coconut Oreo Shake (R-$4.90, L-$5.90)

My favorite among the 4 is undoubtedly the Coconut Oreo Shake, which is chock full of oreos! It had a deep chocolatey flavour that complemented the nuttiness of the coconut. I also quite liked the Original Coconut Shake, which is great for anyone who likes the classic refreshing and thirst-quenching coconut flavour (I found 25% sugar level quite sweet and would advise on getting 0% instead for a healthier choice). Head down to any of The Whale Tea outlets to get your hands on these refreshing treats now!

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If you don’t already know, LiHO has launched their Sunny Side Up drinks series (available till 2nd May 2021) which features drinks with Sunny Side Up Egg topping that’s made of sweet meringue! Before you think this is one of those gimmicky stunts that’s just for the gram, I would say the ‘egg’ does add an additional dimension of texture and flavour to the drinks, and it can even be enjoyed on its own as a snack as well!

~Blueberry Eggy Da Hong Pao (my favourite)
~Strawberry Eggy Green Tea
~Lychee Oreo Eggy Latte

If you prefer to have the ‘egg’ topping with your other preferred choice of drinks, you can too! Simply purchase the topping ($1.50) separately and add it onto your choice of drink! The Sunny Side Up drinks series are only available at selected LiHO outlets, do check their page for more details.

Featuring the Kopi Shake from Singapore Coffee, their most popular creation that certainly tasted as good as it looked!

It is first pre-blended with both evaporated and condensed milk, then shaken really vigorously before being poured into a cocktail glass, and topped with cocoa powder for the finishing touch. Taste wise, it was creamy, smooth and really aromatic with a rich chocolatey aftertaste!

Really love the decor of this place too with its aesthetic interior! Definitely a nice place to chill at!

CocoCane is a local business specialising in coconut and sugarcane based drinks with no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring added. They offer an extensive range of drinks in their menu from CocoCane (coconut + sugarcane), Sugarcane Juice, Coconut Water, Coconut Snowshake, Coconut Avocado and more.

Featuring the Watermelon Lychee Sugarcane and 100% Pure Coconut Water! Both drinks were super refreshing; loved the sweet fruity taste of the former and also the natural taste of the latter that was filled with chewy coconut bits inside!

Playmade has recently launched a new limited-time only Horlicks Milk Tea and Cocoa Boba pearls! This drink is definitely one for those who love Horlicks (like me!), as the Horlicks taste is really distinctive, while blending really well with the milk tea as well! I really like the soft and chewy Cocoa Boba pearls too, which has a subtle chocolatey taste that compliments the drink really well.

Pro Tip: I’d recommend getting 25% or 0% sugar level if you do not like your drink too sweet. Available at all Playmade outlets islandwide, get yours now!

Their drinks menu offers an extensive variety ranging from milk teas, cheese teas, fresh brews to their signature yogurt fruity series that are affordably priced!

Their Yogurt Fruity Series ($4 - $5.20) is a combination of yogurt and real fresh fruits, with flavours like Strawberry, Mango, Lychee and more! My favourite is the Mango Yogurt Fruity, so smooth and refreshing! I’ll definitely be back to try their other drinks!

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Had the chance to try the Thai teas from i’M Cha Tea recently, and featured here are the:

Thai Pinkish Milky Tea
Thai Milk Tea
Thai Green Tea
Ying Yang

All their teas are 100% homemade, and are generally sweeter than usual (the owner explained that they make the sweetness level similar to ones in Thailand, so after diluting in ice, the taste of the tea still remains).

My favourites were the Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Tea! Both were really smooth, creamy and refreshing, especially the Thai Green Tea which was filled with a strong jasmine fragrance! The Ying Yang, which is a mixture of Thai coffee and Thai milk tea was really interesting too, just a tad too strong for me taste wise.

Each bottle is priced at $3, except for the Yin Yang priced at $4. Available for islandwide delivery with different delivery fees for different areas, do check out their IG / FB page (@imchatea / Imcha Tea) or WhatsApp / Call them at +65 8207 6349 to find out more.

Benefits include:
~Improve concentration during stressful and difficult working periods
~Improve physical performance and mental efficiency
~Increase in sense of well-being
~Stimulates metabolism

1) Buy 2 Cartons and get 1 Carton free
2) $48 / Carton (Usual Price $72) of 24 cans
3) $9 delivery fee applies if you only order 1 carton, free delivery for orders of 2 cartons or more

For orders, you can email [email protected] or WhatsApp to +65 9006 0825

Houjicha is known to be high in antioxidants and can help relieve stress. Enjoy the Houjicha Milk, which delights with its delicate and mildly sweet flavour, or go for the Houjicha Jelly Frost (the one on the right of my pic), an ice blended beverage with chunks of refreshing grass jelly.

Promo: 2 cups for $8 (any of the Japanese series drink) from 10 to 27 March 2020

Contest (13 to 31 March 2020): Buy any drink served in the New Seasonal Spring Cup series (like the one on the left of my pic) and stand a chance to win a unit of Nintendo Switch Lite + The Legend of Zelda game, exclusive Milksha tumblers and complimentary beverages. Simply take a pic of any Milksha beverage in their spring cup series, geotag and tag @milksha_sg then post it with #MilkshaMoment on Instagram to quality.

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