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For the love of baos, be it filled with oozing salted egg, sumptuous char siew or explosive savoury juices to whet my palette.
Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier

Runway80's take on Memphis' very own Pulled Pork Sliders ($14.80) sandwiches 8-hour slow cooked roasted pork shoulder that's hand-pulled, with onions as well as lettuce within addictively crisp fried mantou buns!

Together with mixed greens and mad tasty fried onions on the side, I really enjoyed the sliders; the pulled pork is succulent and tender, proving to be the star component of the dish with its juicy and savoury flavour. Served as a plate of five sliders, this is very ideal for a proper meal or to share over drinks!

This is part of a dinner tasting at @runway80sg hosted by! 🙏🏻

That said, this JUST Egg Sandwich ($18++), which is part of Grand Hyatt's commiment towards sustainability, green living and vegan friendliness, manages to work in favour of my tastebuds. Essentially a mung bean patty with tomato jam, avocado purée, vegan cheese and alfafa sprouts sandwiched between corn buns, I really was expecting not to like it (mainly coz alfafa) but hey, this definitely took me by surprise based on how much I actually enjoyed this! While the mung bean patty hardly resembles a meat patty (to me), it does not have a very strong flavour and thus goes harmoniously with the other components in terms of overall taste.

In summary, if you are keen on trying vegan food for the first time, this might be a good introductory item for you. I can't judge how good this is as a vegan dish, but it definitely did leave me rather impressed. 👍🏻 Thank you @grandhyattsing for the burger and experience, and @gnohznaij for the invite! 🙏🏻

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Tried the adorable Ori Octaki ($5.90) which is comprised of two components - a savoury body bread containing fresh pieces of salty tako and cheddar cheese, and sweet pieces tentacle bread on containing dark and white chocolate chips, something for those who want a bit of sweet and savoury in their lives at the same time.

Overall, the breads at MuYoo+ are really fluffy and soft, proving to be comparable or more superior to other local bread shops, while their bulky sizes and fresh ingredients instantly justify the price points for each bread, as the same can be said for their fruit teas and dirty drinks. This one-of-a-kind bread and fruit tea concept in Singapore also means a huge convenience of getting a fuller or complete quick meal from one place!

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As simple as Scrambled Egg Bacon Brioche ($8) sounds, this is far from your simple breakfast or brunch burger.

The moist and runny scrambled egg is the perfect compliment to the savoury bacon, sandwiched between toasted brioche buns. Portion is definitely enough for one, so don't be fooled by the photo (doesn't do justice the the size, honestly). Served with a side salad, this is a burger that definitely works for any time of the day!

This is part of a meal hosted by @bittersandlove. ❤️


Apart from their amazing meatball pasta which I love to death, Free the Robot whips up really kickass brunch food such as this glorious Avocado Toastie ($8) which is insanely generous with the amount of sliced avocados that is put in each sandwich!

Sandwiched with feta cheese and pesto sauce, the chunky and creamy avocado slices, to me, give off a sort of soft bite to the fluffy toastie, and balances off the strong flavours of the feta cheese and homemade pesto sauce, which to me is quite a foolproof pairing.

Thoroughly enjoyed this, though I would recommend it as a main for yourself or to be shared if you wanna order a couple of things as this can be rather filling! On that note, if you love your avocado, you are gonna love this. 🤤

This is part of a meal hosted by @bittersandlove.


Comprising of overnight marinated chicken thigh with scrambled eggs, sous vide burnt banana shallots, alfafa sprouts and sauteed beetroots, this has got to be the most delicious chicken dish I've eaten even up till now! Chicken is juicy and so tender while the bagel isn't a tough rock, and goes very well with the scramble and other components rather brilliantly together. 🤤


Thankfully though, the food here is quite on point!

Tried the Roasted Mushrooms + Crème Fraîche Open-Face Toast ($8 for single, $14 for double) and it was satisfying! The crispy toast is simple, but I suppose that is the key to making this so yummy, along with a generous spread of shrooms and melted cheese and herbs to top it off for added savouriness. 😋


😁) prior to the meal.

The whole dish comes together very well actually, but there is something that can be appreciated about the individual component that make up this dish.

Many a times we see 'truffle' (oil) on the menu and the dish comes to us with a love-or-hate pungent smell but hardly or don't taste it. This is the dish to prove otherwise; the silky and runny scramble seems to pack a punch of truffle flavour that I believe fans of truffle-infused foods would really come to appreciate.

Toast is a Danish loaf that is shockingly (in a good way) crispy despite being consumed only at least 20 minutes upon arrival, and is quite tasty on its own with the melted mozerella and cheddar.

The homemade cream of mushrooms appears heavy, but is not at all so in taste. Along with pickled mushrooms, this is a great plus for those who love fungi, but if you don't, this might not be the dish for you, but there's no harm giving it a go and perhaps you'd find yourself a convert after the experience. 😉

This is part of a hosted meal at @themassessg.


The Classic Beef Burger ($5) is not the best beef burger, and neither is it able to outshine the Crispy Pork Belly Burger, but for its price, it definitely satisfies

Hambaobao's rendition of a beef burger comprises of a homemade tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce and pickles; nothing fancy at all here, but something simple and done right. The patty is juicy and seasoned pretty nicely, and although a part of me would like to suggest that they try to further elevate the flavour of it, I believe that it is good enough and the burger ultimately delivers.

As much as I love the pork belly burger, I'd definitely opt for this instead if I'm craving for burgers yet am not in the mood to stuff myself with sinfully thick, crisp and delicious slices of pork belly sandwiched between two buns. Regardless, the burgers here are all of quality standards; after all, they aren't Burpple's no. 1 hawker stall for no reason! 😉

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Tried the Belly of Pork ($5.50) which I had regrettably huge expectations for, just because you can get an awesome kong bak pau for less than a dollar! The pork belly must be fatty, tender and melty - on a personal level, having to chew on my pork belly is super off putting - and unfortunately this really failed to impress.

On the flip side, the Namban Chicken ($5.50) fared far better. While I feared the deep fried chicken might sog a little from being sandwiched between the bread, it stayed crisp throughout and the chicken was thankfully not dry! The tartar sauce was really enjoyable as well and helped to elevate the flavour of this bao.

Hits and misses; I do find it a shame that the one I'd expect to impress the most was such a disappointment (I guess that answers my confusion as to why it's not a 'popular' option on the menu?), but thank goodness for that namban chicken tho because it really saved the reputation of the baos! 😂

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Who says you can't love food if you're so damn picky? Ig: thefussyfoodie_

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